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Kelly C. Ruggles

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Kelly C. Ruggles

  1. 1. Kelly Ruggles Provides Retirement Investment Advice to Seniors
  2. 2. Kelly Ruggles is a fee-based financial advisor from Spokane, Washington. With more than two decades of experience in the field of financial planning for seniors, Kelly Ruggles provides financial planning advice to retirees and preretirees who want to live independently throughout their retirement years.
  3. 3. A well-planned retirement financial strategy commonly gives senior citizens confidence to face any financial or health issue they might encounter as they age.
  4. 4. Kelly Ruggles believes being educated and well informed about investment options and investment strategies available to seniors after retirement is the key to financial security in old age.
  5. 5. A strategy employed by Kelly Ruggles is to simplify complex retirement procedures so they easily are understood by senior citizens, thus giving seniors the best opportunity to invest their money wisely and judiciously.
  6. 6. Kelly Ruggles also has authored a book, 'Financial Concerns for Retirement,' which covers nearly everything senior citizens need to consider while planning their retirement years. The chapters from his book can be read on his Web site. Kelly Ruggles also has written several articles about retirement financial planning and had them published in reputable financial journals. They, too, can be accessed on his Web site.
  7. 7. Kelly Ruggles is an accomplished speaker who conducts workshops on the subject of retirement security and financial planning. Workshops conducted by Kelly Ruggles provide great opportunities for retirees and preretirees to learn about mutual funds, Wall Street, financial risks in old age, and how to pay fewer taxes.
  8. 8. The investment advice provided by Kelly Ruggles encompasses the financial status and financial goals of each of his clients. Only by creating a personalized retirement investment plan can a retiree fulfill his or her retirement finance aspirations while remaining debt-free throughout old age.
  9. 9. To learn more about Kelly Ruggles and the financial advice he provides, please browse through www.kellyruggles.com.
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