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Teamwork and the Basketball Coach

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Teamwork and the Basketball Coach

  1. 1.  An experienced NCAA Division I women's basketball coach, Kelly Greenberg previously served as the longtime head coach at Boston University. Her coaching background also includes a tenure as head coach of the University of Pennsylvania women’s basketball team, which she led to an Ivy League championship and an appearance in the NCAA Tournament. On the basketball court, teamwork is key
  2. 2.  Teammates need to be able to communicate with a glance across the court and respond to one another without stopping to converse. No team can do this without extensive team-building efforts. The process of team building begins with each player knowing what her role is on the court and accepting that role, which leads to a unified squad better able to play together. Similarly, good team building stems largely from good leadership. A coach should be a person that players can trust to have a fair and effective plan in place, and who rewards hard work.
  3. 3.  Five-on-five games with fellow players as coaches can help a team to better understand the relationship between player and coach while also developing a sense of the coach's role and why it is important. These exercises combine well with a coach's encouragement of team bonding and one-on-one conversations between a coach and individual players, both of which remind athletes that they are valued members of the team.