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LinkedIn Tips 2020 B2B

LinkedIn top tip 2020
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LinkedIn Tips 2020 B2B

  1. 1. LinkedInWHY ? Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  2. 2. Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  3. 3. How To Get LinkedIn All Star Status Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  4. 4. Add a high quality LinkedIn profile picture Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo A person only needs a 33 millisecond glance at your picture to form a first impression that includes evaluations of “trustworthiness, status, and attractiveness.” LinkedIn’s profile picture dimensions are 400 x 400 pixels. The maximum profile picture file size is 8mb • Headshot • Square in size • Dressed as your job culture • Smile and look dependable • No distracting background • No snapchat filters • No Selfies
  5. 5. Photofeel er.com Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  6. 6. Use a custom LinkedIn URL (with some variation of first & last name) Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Ideally, you want to use some combination of your full name. Mine is Khaled ElAhmad so any of these combos would work great: linkedin.com/in/KhaledElAhmad linkedin.com/in/KElAhmad linkedin.com/in/ElAhmadKhaled linkedin.com/in/KhaledSElAhmad
  7. 7. NameChk LookupDomainandusernameforyourBrand Source: https://namechk.com/ Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  8. 8. Customize your headline with relevant experience & keywords Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  9. 9. Fill out your LinkedIn “About” section Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo • Choose the Keywords You Want to be Found For, but Don’t use industry jargon or buzzwords • Write in a Narrative Format. ( Use "I" not "Khaled ElAhmad" ) • Mention TOP BRANDS you worked with • Mention TOP TOOLS you are expert in • What is your value proposition • End With a Call to Action • Include contact information
  10. 10. Add at least 3 positions (current + 2 previous) to your Work Experience section Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  11. 11. Connect with at least 50 people Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  12. 12. LinkedIn Tips Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  13. 13. Tip: Keep your LinkedIn profile updates to yourself Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Settings & Privacy > How LinkedIn uses your data > Share job changes
  14. 14. Tip: Let recruiters know you’re open for business Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Settings & Privacy > Job Seeking Preferences > Let Recruiters Know You’re Open for Opportunities
  15. 15. Tip: LinkedIn Cover Photo ideas To Make Your Profile Stand Out Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Data shows that humans only remember 20% of what they read, but they remember 80% of what they see our brains process visuals up to 60,000x faster than text! 90%+ of LinkedIn profiles use the default LinkedIn Cover photo. 1. Define a purpose for your LinkedIn profile 2. Use a photo that directly relates to your career or industry 3. Show off a personal accomplishment 4. Show your company pride 5. Or your city pride Text: Your elevator pitch and goals in two lines or less A link to your personal website, if you have one Links to your portfolio, projects you’ve worked on, or your resume
  16. 16. Tip: LinkedIn Stories 20 seconds length. Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo 1. Inform audiences about topics related to your industry. 2. Adapt blog content to a Stories format. 3. Share videos or Q&As featuring thought leaders in your community. 4. Sharing videos of customer testimonials. 5. Creating interactive content related to your content or industry. 6. “Live” Broadcasts from Events 7. Share Brand Announcements and Product Updates 8. A great way to promote content you posted elsewhere
  17. 17. Tip: Post Multi page Documents Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  18. 18. Tip: Turn OFF [People Also Viewed] Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo 1- Click the Me icon at top of your LinkedIn homepage. 2- Click Settings & Privacy. 3- Click the Account preferences section on the left rail. 4- Click Change next to Viewers of this profile also viewed. 5- Toggle to the left or right to select No or Yes respectively.
  19. 19. Tip: Replace CONNECT with FOLLOW Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo 1- Settings 2- Privacy 3- 'Who can follow you' Select FOLLOW
  20. 20. Tip: Tag relevant 1st Degree Connections Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  21. 21. Tip: CrystalKnows.com for Psychographics Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  22. 22. Tip: Skrapp.io for Emails Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo
  23. 23. Tip: Apply for LinkedIn Live Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/ answer/100224/applying-for-live-video- broadcasting?lang=en
  24. 24. Tip: LinkedIn Recommendations Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo How to get people to give you Recommendations on LinkedIn: My #1 LinkedIn tip is: Give recommendations to receive recommendations. LinkedIn Recommendation Template: [Descriptive Phrase] is the what comes to mind when I think about [Your Name]. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing [Your Name] for [Length of Time], during which [Description of Working Relationship]. Above all, I was impressed with [Your Name]’s ability to [Something That Makes You Stand Out]. And, of course, his/her [Personality Trait]. [Your Name] would be a true asset for any positions requiring [1-2 Skills Needed For The Position] and comes with my heartfelt recommendation. You can ask for recommendations offline: - Leaving your job? Ask people in person. - Finished a project? Send them the above template. - Had coffee with someone who asked how they can help? You got it!
  25. 25. Tip: How to engage with thought leaders Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Step 1: Search for Thought leaders in your field or Decision makers in your city
  26. 26. Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Step 2: Also look for (People Also Viewed) and open their profiles in a separate tab Tip: How to engage with thought leaders
  27. 27. Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Step 3: Check out their Activity section Tip: How to engage with thought leaders
  28. 28. Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Step 4: Check out their posts and Like then next day comment Tip: How to engage with thought leaders
  29. 29. Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Final Step: Send a connection request with a casual note praising their profile. Tip: How to engage with thought leaders
  30. 30. Free Tools: Get your profile scored by “Resume Worded” Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo https://resumeworded.com a) Open https://resumeworded.com/ and sign up here (no worries, it’s free) b) Choose LinkedIn Profile Review c) Go to your LinkedIn Profile, click “More” and “Save to PDF” d) Save it and upload to Resume Worded e) Check your Score and if somewhere it’s not 10/10 click on that block to find out what exactly should you improve
  31. 31. Free Tools: Get your profile scored by “Social Selling Dashboard” Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi
  32. 32. THANK YOU Khaled@DigiArabs.com http://www.shusmo.me http://www.facebook.com/shusmo http://www.twitter.com/shusmo Shusmo.me | Khaled@DigiArabs.com | @Shusmo Sources: https://blog.lempod.com/how-to-build-a-personal-brand-on- linkedin-in-2020/ https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ultimate-linkedin-cheat- sheet-michael-quinn/ https://cultivatedculture.com/linkedin-profile-tips/ https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/linkedin-stories