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Wayang kulit and Nang Shadow

According to k12 LM Music & Arts 8
For project purposes in school.

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Wayang kulit and Nang Shadow

  1. 1. Wayang Kulit and Nang Shadow Puppets Music and Arts Presentation by Gamma
  2. 2. WAYANG KULIT Indonesia
  3. 3. What is Wayang Kulit? Super Semar
  4. 4. How to make it? Wayang Kulit StarWars
  5. 5. Wayang  Wayang refer to kinds of puppet theaters, sometimes the puppet itself is referred to as wayang.  Performances of shadow puppet theaters are accompanied by a Gamelan orchestra in Java, and by Gender Wayang in Bali.
  6. 6. Wayang Kulit  Wayang Kulit, or shadow puppets, are without a doubt the best known of the Indonesian Wayang.
  7. 7. Wayang Kulit  Kulit means skin, and refers to the leather construction of the puppets that are carefully shaped with very fine tools and supported with carefully shaped buffalo horn handles and control rods.
  8. 8. Wayang Kulit  It was given recognition as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on November 7, 2003 by UNESCO and required Indonesians to preserve their heritage.
  9. 9. Epics Used in Wayang Kulit  Ramayana-the journey of Rama  Mahabharata-the great tale of the Bhārata dynasty  Serak Menak-the heroism of Amir Hamza
  10. 10. Some Wayang Kulit Characters Bima (Ramayana) Arjuna (Mahabharata)
  11. 11. Setting  Wayang Kulit Performance consists of shadow cast on a cotton screen and an oil lamp. Behind the Scenes→
  12. 12. Making the Wayang Kulit Figure  1. They start from master models (typically on paper) which are traced out onto skin or parchment, providing the figures with an outline and with indications of any holes that will need to be cut (such as
  13. 13.  2. The figures are then smoothed, usually with a glass bottle, and primed. The structure is inspected and eventually the details are worked through. A further smoothing follows before individual painting, which is undertaken by yet
  14. 14.  3. Finally, the movable parts (upper arms, lower arms with hands, and the associated sticks for manipulation) are mounted on the body, which has a central staff by which it is held.
  15. 15. Elements of Performance (Stage) Kelir Blencong Puppet Gawang Gedebo g Cempal a Kothak Dhalang
  16. 16. Elements of Performance Dhalang-puppeteer Cempala-hammer
  17. 17. Elements of Performance Kepyak-metal plates Gamelan-orchestra
  18. 18. Elements of Performance Wayang Kulit puppets Blencong-light source
  19. 19. Elements of Performance Pesindhen-female singers Penggerong-male chorus
  20. 20. Elements of Performance Gawang-frame Kelir-screen
  21. 21. Elements of Performance Gedebog-banana log Kothak-puppet box
  22. 22. NANG SHADOW PUPPETS Thailand
  23. 23. Nang Shadow Puppets  Shadow puppet (Thai: Nang) was one form of public entertainment in the south of Thailand.  It is usually performed during the country's dry season (February to August).
  24. 24. Nang Shadow Puppets  It is still very popular at village festivals, temple fairs, and celebrations such as marriages.  Its characters are made from intricately cut out and
  25. 25. Nang Shadow Puppets  They are delicately colored, but this does not show during a performance.  They are manipulated with rods that control movements of the arms and
  26. 26. Performances  Has a religious theme or has an episode from the Ramayana epic which contains dozens of individual stories. They may also be specially written to include reflections, songs, and poems about local events.  There are hundreds of characters each with a distinctive shadow, but the show will almost always include a comedian who are great favorites with the fun - loving audiences.
  27. 27. Common Themes in Nang  Family conflict  Adventures of a hero  Romantic tales  Magic  People seeking lost loved ones
  28. 28. Message  The Nang attempts to relay to the audience the importance of Thai ideologies in a changing world, however, historical events remain fundamental in performances.  The association with Karma act as
  29. 29. Two Types of Nang Nang Talung Nang Yai
  30. 30. Two Types of Nang Nang Talung Nang Yai  Made with leather  Each characters are separated  Has movable, jointed arm  50 centimeters high  Made of cowhide and/or rattan  May have decorated scenes  Doesn’t have jointed arms  Two meters high
  31. 31. Theater Troupe  Consists of 5-10 puppeteers and musicians  Nai Nang-teachers and presenters of Nang Talung  Nai Nangs hide themselves in wooden/bamboo shelters
  32. 32. Characters  Gods and goddesses  Kings and queens  Magical figures  Comedians
  33. 33. GAMMA G8-P2  Pam Ferranco  Nico Gutierrez Ignacio  Jasper Kit D. Isidro  Honey Joy Maglinao  Jan Danielle Mariano  Keith R Mesa  Mia Milanes  Gellica Naval  Josel Nelmida  Jhayron Nolledo  Kristiana Ocon