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New recipes for the ever growing content cloud


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New recipes for the ever growing content cloud

  1. New recipes for the ever growing Cédric Hüsler content cloud Business Cloud 9 Summit - Dec 2009 - London Photo CC by Zoe
  2. Cédric Cédric Hüsler Marketing Directo r of Product er Cédric Hüsl .com cedric@day @keepthebyte In Web Content Management since 1999.
  3. Headquarter in Basel [Switzerland] and Boston [US] Founded 1993 - publicly traded since 2001 [DAYN] World-wide 130 employees +200 customers
  4. Agenda 5min Agile Web Marketing 15min Live Presentation of CQ5 15min Real-world scalability challenge 15min Open Standards for the Content Cloud 10min Questions & Answers
  5. [we are talking “Websites” now] A Website should?
  6. Rock!
  7. Content Makes Leads Leverage creative freedom Accommodate user groups Agility?
  8. Less numbers
  9. ... more vanity.
  10. Site Systems Owner CMO CIO Business IT Authors Developer
  11. demo Online Customere Marketing Customernt Experienc Platform Engageme Social WCM DAM Collab Applications
  12. IRRESISTIBLE PREMIUM BRANDING MISSION 10k Authors 100 GB 53 Servers 6 TB COMPLETE SCALE REACH TRUST Migration of 14 legacy 6.7Mio Unique Users/m systems into 1
  13. 4000 mil 2000 mil 0 mil Jan April July How many do I order in January?
  14. idle=cost Nov-Dec ‘08 Nov-Dec ‘09 Keep costs in line with .
  15. Is the talking about you?
  16. Servers : Sysadmin 1:10 - 1:20 1:50 1:1000
  17. Case Studies Full slide set on: http://www.slideshare.net/meshachjackson/ignite-zurich-newsweek
  18. Price Amazon Cloud > $15k / mo + > $5k setup Data Center < $20k / mo + $300k setup Full slide set on: http://www.slideshare.net/meshachjackson/ignite-zurich-newsweek
  19. http://2010.newsweek.com - over 1M visitors in less than 20 hours since go-live - 5M page views in one day
  20. IT Procurement Process?
  21. Source datacenterknowledge.com
  22. Do you do real-world load testing? =
  23. Standardized Content Infrastructure Connector Connector Content Repository Platform JCR Compliant Connector Connector CRX cloud edition
  24. The Reality of ECM DM sWCM tatic requires websites DAM jdk1.3 Win32 1998 WF WF TCL 2000 Borlanid Java EJB 2.0 WF elph D compiler no-linux eol support Acquired requires Repository in 99’ Repository IIS 5 Repository develop 1985 Acquired left er C/C++ in 96 ’
  25. Content Management Standards - CMIS - JCR http://jonontech.com/2009/11/26/cmis-jcr-and-osgi-for-idiots/
  26. Your data model is going to be... ...WRONG. it is ju mat t st a er of time
  27. A Content Repository!? CONTENT REPOSITORY FEATURES OF AN FEATURES OF A RDBMS FILESYSTEM Transactions, Query, Structure, Integrity Binaries, Hierarchy, Locking, Access Control + ALL THE OTHER GOOD STUFF YOU ALWAYS WANTED Unstructured, Versioning, Full-text, Multi-Value, Sort-Order, Observation JSR-170 & JSR-283
  28. RESTification of Data
  29. http://maps.google.com/maps? f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode =&q=Barf%C3%BCsserplatz, +Basel&sll=47.46217,8.06375&ssp n=0.540356,1.098633&ie=UTF8&hq =&hnear=Barf%C3%BCsserplatz, +Basle,+Switzerland&z=16 vs. http://map.search.ch/basel/barfuesserplatz
  30. .../product.jsp?id=12346 Mistake 1 : Mistake 2: Mistake 3: Addressing the .jsp? What the “Script” heck? Does it have a name? /cars/audi/s4.details.html your IA what to display format - ? what a PDF?
  31. Investments in Megatrends. The Cloud Open Source Web & Content Standards
  32. What do you think? Photo by Thomas Hawk
  33. ( ...more information on http://www.day.com ) Agility Matters. For Business, For Authors, For Developers, For Infrastructure Cédric Hüsler ( cedric@day.com )