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  1. 1. BARRY O’REILLY @barryoreilly @execcamp #leanenterprise Lean Enterprise 
 In Action 1 実践リーンエンタープライズ 日本語訳:ワイクル株式会社 角征典 @kdmsnr (※スペースの関係で、省略/意訳しているところがあります)
  2. 2. BARRY O’REILLY In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists Eric Hoffer 2 Eric Hoffer, Reflections on the Human Condition (1973) エリック・ホッファー 変化の激しい時代は学習者が未来を担う 学習が済んだ者は過去を生きる
  3. 3. BARRY O’REILLY CREATIVE DISTRUTION 3 • 57% of Fortune 500 in 1995 
 did not make the cut in 2015
 57%が2015年に存在していない • 49% of organizations have initiatives to grow via 
 cost reduction
 49%がコスト削減で成長 • 29% of organizations have initiatives to grow via 
 new product and services
 29%が新製品と新サービスで成長 Board Of Innovation, http://www.boardofinnovation.com/2015/12/21/actnow/ 創造的破壊
  4. 4. No. Sorry. No one uses APPs anymore. OUR NEW APP WILL SAVE US! http://www.wsj.com/articles/google-tests-feature-that-lets-media-companies-marketers-publish-directly-to-search-results-1461874322 我々の新しいアプリが 我々を救う! や、ゴメン、誰も使ってないわ。 Googleの検索結果に直接反映可能な新機能
  5. 5. BARRY O’REILLY How do you expect to enable high performance while individuals, functions and beliefs misaligned? MEANWHILE BACK AT BASE 5 その頃、現場では 個人も仕事も信念もうまくいってないのに、 パフォーマンスが上がると思ってる?
  6. 6. BARRY O’REILLY EMPLOYEE GAP 6 Gallup's State of the American Workplace, http://www.gallup.com/services/178514/state-american-workplace.aspx 従業員のギャップ
  7. 7. Cognitive bias impede our ability to identify knowledge gaps 
 認知バイアスが 知識ギャップの特定を妨げる WHAT COMPANIES THINK vs. WHAT CUSTOMERS SAY Bain and Company Closing The Delivery Gap http://bain.com/bainweb/pdfs/cms/hotTopics/closingdeliverygap.pdf 企業の思惑 vs. 顧客の意見 企業のパフォーマンス 顧客の同意提案がすごいと思ってる企業 「デリバリー ギャップ」
  8. 8. Developed a scientific, data-driven paradigm for business model innovation, product development and customer engagement EXPLORE 探索 ビジネスモデルイノベーション、製品開発、顧客エンゲージメントのための 先進の科学的なデータ駆動のパラダイム
  9. 9. BARRY O’REILLY Create a framework to tell your story is a systematic and structured way Quickly map out a business hypothesis Share it with stakeholders for feedback Adapt plan based on validated learning Collaborate as a cross-functional group to improve knowledge sharing Move to evidence based decision-making STOP WRITING. START LEARNING 9 Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, Business Model Generation Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 書くのをやめて 学習を開始 多機能/多様性で知識共有 実証ベースの 意思決定へ移行 話が体系的で構造的だと 伝えるフレームワークの作成 ビジネス仮説の可視化 共有とフィードバック 検証による学習にもとづく 計画の調整
  10. 10. BARRY O’REILLY What data could help us? Seek feedback from stakeholders Prioritize and sense-make What is the first experiment? Framework for evaluation of benefit What do we want to learn? HYPOTHESIS-DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT 10 Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 仮説駆動開発 利益評価フレームワーク 何を学習したいか? どんなデータが役立つ? 関係者からのフィードバック 優先順位と意思決定 最初の実験は?
  11. 11. BARRY O’REILLY DESIGN FAST FEEDBACK LOOPS 11 Eric Ries, The Lean Startup 高速フィードバックループの設計
  12. 12. BARRY O’REILLY G0 AND SEE 12 • Get Out Of The Building • User research done by the people developing the products • Challenge beliefs and underlining assumptions Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 現地現物 建物の外に出よ 開発者によるユーザー調査 信念と基本的前提に対する挑戦
  13. 13. BARRY O’REILLY Capture and publish their feedback across the team What will you do with the learning? What is the next experiment? Get Out Of The Building Test with real customers STOP TALKING. START TESTING 13 Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 議論をやめて テストをしよう 建物の外に出よ 本当の顧客でテスト フィードバックを チームで共有 次の実験は? 学習の扱いは?
  14. 14. BARRY O’REILLY CONTINUOUSLY SOURCE FEEDBACK 14 • Make it easy to collect feedback from across the entire organization • Setup a working version of the latest iteration for people to use • Ask for anonymous feedback • Make people feel included Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 継続的ソースフィードバック 組織全体からフィードバックを 最新版を使ってもらう 匿名フィードバックを求める 一体感を感じてもらう
  15. 15. 15 2 DESCRIPTION AND NOTES: write, draw or sketch how your idea works. 1 CATEGORY OPERATIONAL BENEFIT CONVERSION FUNNEL PRIMARY FOCUS STREAMLINE OPERATIONS cost reduction Acquisition Activation Retention Revenue Referral Commercial (viability, financial) process improvement CUSTOMER ARCHETYPE TYPE OF BENEFIT IMPROVE EXISTING PROPOSITION Digital Natives Family Traveller Affluent Indulger Mainstream Traveller Value Vacationer Purposeful Business High Flying Globe Trotter Flying Practitioner Air Warrior Value Business __________ __________ __________ pain relief Technology (feasibility, innovation) CREATE NEW 
 PROPOSITION gain creator Experience (desirable to customer) TITLE: http://jonnyschneider.com/blog/idea-cards CAPTURE IDEAS IN SITU ありのままのアイデアを獲得する
  16. 16. MAKE IDEAS VISIBLE Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com アイデアを見える化する
  17. 17. BARRY O’REILLY 17 Aspirational vision Customer hypotheses Design experiments Story map Data / feedback to validate Blow Up The Business Case https://barryoreilly.com/2015/04/14/blow-up-the-business-case/ ストーリーマップ 実験の設計 顧客仮説 熱いビジョン 検証するデータ/ フィードバック
  18. 18. BARRY O’REILLY • Cycle time from commit to production from 8 weeks to 11 minutes • Doubled conversion • Total transaction value per customer increased >150% OUTCOMES NOT OUTPUT 18 "This is fantastic! How do we achieve this for all our teams?” Scott Miskimens, CTO Travelocity Global 結果ではなく成果を コミットから本番までのサイクルタイム:8週間→11分 コンバージョン2倍 顧客あたりの合計売上:150%以上増加 「すばらしい!どうやってうちのチームが?」
  19. 19. Discover how to out-learn and out-execute your competition ACCELERATE 加速 競合他社よりもズバ抜けて学習し、ズバ抜けて実行する方法を見つける
  20. 20. BARRY O’REILLY “ We are doomed to failure without a daily destruction of our various preconceptions ” Taiichi Ohno 20 毎日いろんな先入観を壊していかないと失敗するだろうね(大野耐一)
  21. 21. BARRY O’REILLY DELIBERATE PRACTICE 21 Mike Rother Toyota Kata, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mrother/Materials_to_Download.html A teachable model of a scientific way of thinking and acting 意識的な練習 「改善のカタ」モデル 思考と行動に関する科学的な方法の教えることが可能なモデル
  22. 22. BARRY O’REILLY SET THE DIRECTION 22 Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com CROSS FUNCTIONAL TEAM 方向を設定する クロスファンクショナルチーム 成功要因 発見 その他の目標 主要目標
  24. 24. BARRY O’REILLY VALUE STREAM MAPPING 24 • A tool used to investigate end to end flow, cycle time, and opportunities to improve • Process steps and the people involved in each step are recorded, as well as the key metrics: • processing time • lead time • percentage accurate and complete Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com バリューストリームマッピング エンドツーエンドの流れ、サイクルタイム、改善機会を調査するツール プロセスステップと関係者が記録されている。それと主要指標: プロセスタイム、リードタイム、完成と正確性の割合(%C/A)
  26. 26. BARRY O’REILLY IMPROVEMENT KATA 26 Mike Rother Toyota Kata, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mrother/Materials_to_Download.html 改善のカタ 実際のステップ 現状 チャレンジ 実験 次のターゲット状態(期限) 知識の限界 現在の知識の限界で 前進しようとするのではなく、 前進するための実験をする
  29. 29. BARRY O’REILLY 29 SHARE AND SEEK FEEDBACK Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com フィードバックの共有と獲得
  30. 30. How we believe we can 
 move towards the target conditions What would be our measurable signal for success Design and run experiments to move towards target condition HYPOTHESIS-DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT How To Implement Hypothesis-driven Development barryoreilly.com/2013/10/21/how-to-implement-hypothesis-driven-development/ 仮説駆動開発 どうすればターゲット状態に 行けると信じられる? 成功の計測可能なシグナルは? ターゲット状態まで実験する 我々は信じている[この機能が] [この成果を]もたらすことを [計測可能なシグナル]があれば確信が得られる
  32. 32. BARRY O’REILLY HYPOTHESIS DRIVEN IMPROVEMENT 32 WE BELIEVE THAT showcasing work as soon as it is complete WILL RESULT IN reducing our work queueing time WE WILL HAVE CONFIDENCE TO PROCEED WHEN 
 we improve our cycle time by 15% in our next iteration Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 仮説駆動改善 我々は信じている[作業が完了したらすぐに展示すれば] [作業キュー時間の短縮を]もたらすことを があれば確信が得られる[次のイテレーションでサイクルタイムの15%短縮]
  33. 33. BARRY O’REILLY Later Next RADAR 33 • Map out hypotheses • People, Process, Tools and Technology • Now, Next and Later • Board vision of our direction for improvements • First experiments to start with Now レーダー 仮説をマップにする 人、プロセス、ツール、技術 現在、次、これから 方向性と改善の広いビジョン 最初に手がける実験
  34. 34. BARRY O’REILLY RUN EXPERIMENTS 34 Humble, Molesky, O’Reilly, Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate At Scale 実験
  35. 35. BARRY O’REILLY RUN EXPERIMENTS 35 Humble, Molesky, O’Reilly, Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate At Scale LIMIT INVESTMENT SET BOUNDARIES 実験 投資に制限をかける 境界線を設定する
  36. 36. BARRY O’REILLY 36 Showcase experiments, discoveries and revised current condition SHARE LESSONS LEARNT Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 教訓を共有する 実験、発見、修正した現状 をプレゼン
  37. 37. BARRY O’REILLY Later Next INSPECT AND ADAPT 37 • Evidence-based approach • Capture and share new knowledge • Identify new obstacles • Use validated learning to inform next steps • Continuously re-align direction, plan and 
 execution Now Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 検査と適応 実証ベースのアプローチ 新しい知識の獲得と共有 新しい障害物の特定 検証された学習を次のステップに 継続的に方向性、計画、実行を調整
  38. 38. Grow a highly aligned, high velocity organization by creating a culture of experimentation and learning TRANSFORM 変革 実験と学習の文化を作り、高度に連携された高速な組織に成長させる
  39. 39. Meaning everyone else needs to transform, not the executive themselves WE NEED TO TRANSFORM EVERY CXO BRIEFING… EVER Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com すべてのCXOが概要説明...延々と 我々には変革が必要 経営者「以外」 の全員が変わらないと
  40. 40. BARRY O’REILLY CHANGE THE SYSTEM OF THINKING 40 Humble, Molesky and O’Reilly Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovation At Scale (O’Reilly, 2015) 思考のシステムを変える
  41. 41. BARRY O’REILLY CHANGE THE SYSTEM OF WORK 41 How To Change Culture: Lessons From NUMMI, http://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/how-to-change-a-culture-lessons-from-nummi/ 仕事のシステムを変える
  42. 42. BARRY O’REILLY INNOVATION IS NOT BORN IN A ROOM IT IS BORN WHERE THE WORK HAPPENS 42 @barryoreilly イノベーションは会議室で生まれてるんじゃない それは現場で生まれてるんだ
  43. 43. BARRY O’REILLY 43
  44. 44. BARRY O’REILLY CHANGE THE SYSTEM OF WORK 44 Humble, Molesky and O’Reilly Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovation At Scale (O’Reilly, 2015) 仕事のシステムを変える
  45. 45. BARRY O’REILLY CHANGE THE SYSTEM OF WORK 45 Humble, Molesky and O’Reilly Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovation At Scale (O’Reilly, 2015) 仕事のシステムを変える
  46. 46. BARRY O’REILLY GREAT LEADERS DON’T HAVE BETTER ANSWERS… THEY ASK BETTER QUESTIONS 46 @barryoreilly 優れたリーダーたちは 優れた答えを持っていない…… 彼らは優れた質問をする
  47. 47. BARRY O’REILLY • What is your Target Condition? • What is your Actual Condition now? • What Obstacles do you think are preventing you from reaching 
 the target condition? What one are your address now? • What is your Next Step? [Next Experiment] What do you expect? • How quickly can we go and see what we Have Learned from that step? COACHING KATA: 5 QUESTIONS 47 Mike Rother The 5 Questions, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mrother/KATA_Files/5Q_Card.pdf and run (do model and implement (act Create (plan (check コーチングのカタ:5つの質問 ターゲット状態は何か? 現在の状況は何か? ターゲット状態を妨げる障害は?どれに取り組んでる? 次のステップは?(次の実験)何を期待してる? 何を学んだ?それをいつ見れる? 実験(do) モデルの進化 と変化の導入 (act) 結果調査 (check) 仮説立案 (plan)
  48. 48. BARRY O’REILLY VISUALIZE END TO END FLOW 48 Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com エンドツーエンドの流れを見える化
  49. 49. BARRY O’REILLY TRANSFORMATIONAL TARGET CONDITIONS 49 WE BELIEVE THAT by deploying Improvement Kata THEN WE WILL increase adaptability and resilience WE WILL KNOW THIS IS TRUE WHEN CUSTOMER ‣ 80% of our customers agree that we have improved our quality of service ‣ 80% of our customers agree that we solved their issue first time ‣ 80% of our customers score as supporters on Net Promoter Scores Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp, Transformational Target Conditions 変革的ターゲット状態 我々は信じている: それから我々は: 以下だったときにそれが真実だと知る 適応力とレジリエンスを向上させる 改善のカタを実践することにより 顧客 80%の顧客が我々のサービス品質が向上したことに合意する 80%の顧客が我々が最初に課題を解決したことに合意する 80%の顧客がネットプロモータースコアのスコアに貢献してくれる
  50. 50. BARRY O’REILLY TRANSFORMATIONAL TARGET CONDITIONS 50 WE BELIEVE THAT by deploying Improvement Kata THEN WE WILL increase adaptability and resilience WE WILL KNOW THIS IS TRUE WHEN HEALTH ‣ 80% of our teams agree collaboration has improved ‣ 80% of our teams agree transparency has improved ‣ 80% of our teams agree they have all the tools they need to perform their work to a high standard Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp, Transformational Target Conditions 我々は信じている: それから我々は: 以下だったときにそれが真実だと知る 適応力とレジリエンスを向上させる 改善のカタを実践することにより 健全性 80%のチームがコラボレーションが改善したことに合意する 80%のチームが透明性が改善されたことに合意する 80%のチームが仕事のツールが高水準になったことに合意する 変革的ターゲット状態
  51. 51. BARRY O’REILLY TRANSFORMATIONAL TARGET CONDITIONS 51 WE BELIEVE THAT by deploying Improvement Kata THEN WE WILL increase adaptability and resilience WE WILL KNOW THIS IS TRUE WHEN PERFORMANCE ‣ 80% of our teams can demonstrate meaningful progress for feedback in a timely manner ‣ 80% of our teams aim to achieve outcomes over output as a measure of progress ‣ 80% of a teams customers agree they have increased their effectiveness in serving their needs Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp, Transformational Target Conditions 我々は信じている: それから我々は: 以下だったときにそれが真実だと知る 適応力とレジリエンスを向上させる 改善のカタを実践することにより 80%のチームが期日までに意味のあるフィードバックの進捗を示す 80%のチームが進捗の計測として結果よりも成果の達成を目指す 80%のチームがニーズに答えられるようになったと合意する(原文が?) パフォーマンス 変革的ターゲット状態
  52. 52. BARRY O’REILLY IMPROVE QUALITY OF INFORMATION 52 Humble, Molesky and O’Reilly Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovation At Scale (O’Reilly, 2015) 情報の品質向上
  53. 53. BARRY O’REILLY 53 Go and See where the work happens Humble enquiry to 
 build trust and relationships Scale leadership, autonomy and reduce cognitive load 
 with the 5 Questions Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 現地現物 信頼関係を構築する控えめな調査 リーダーシップと自律性の拡大 5つの質問で認知的負荷を削減
  54. 54. BARRY O’REILLY TRUST CADENCE 54 Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com リズムを信頼する チームワークは信頼。 信頼はメンバーがデリバリーできると信じること。 信頼は何度も進捗を見せることで作れる。
  55. 55. 55 learn fast, succeed faster refine the vision through validated learning VISION OUTCOMES BELIEFS define test refine SPEAK WITH REAL CUSTOMERS Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 本物の顧客と話をする ビジョン 信念成果 洗練 定義 テスト 高速に学習、高速に成功 検証による学習でビジョンを洗練
  56. 56. BARRY O’REILLY FEED LEARNING INTO NEXT CYCLE 56 Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 学習を次のサイクルにつなげる
  57. 57. BARRY O’REILLY 57 EVOLVE Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com 進化
  58. 58. BARRY O’REILLY A MUTATION MACHINE 58 James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras, Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, Page 155 (1994) 変化するマシン
  59. 59. Transform continuously. Not transformation change CONCLUSION 結論 変化するのではなく、継続的に変化する。
  61. 61. 10 PRINCIPLES TO TRANSFORM BARRY O’REILLY 61 Barry O’Reilly, 10 Principles To Transform www.barryoreilly.com • THINK BIG, Learn fast, Start now! • Executive mandate, sponsorship and support • Right people, right place • Act our way to a new culture • Build the right thing, then build it the right way • Small, fast, frequent delivery to build momentum • Create feedback loops with our customers • Adapt our approach based on validated learning • Demonstrable evidence for future investment decisions • Scale out learnings to cross the chasm 変革のための10つの原則 大きく考え、高速に学習し、すぐに始めよう! 経営幹部の命令、助成、支援 正しい人、正しい場所 新しい文化に向かう 正しいものを作り、正しい方法で作る ビルドの瞬間まで 小さく高速に頻繁にデリバリー 顧客とフィードバックループを作る 検証による学習で手法を適応する 投資判断可能な証拠を見せる キャズムを超えるように学習をスケールアウトする
  62. 62. Barry O’Reilly, ExecCamp http://www.execcamp.com ExecCamp Break The Model. Reinvent The Business
  63. 63. BARRY O’REILLY EXECCAMP TESTIMONALS 63 “Barry was instrumental in the conception and formation of an 'innovation engine' at lastminute.com. Not only were we able to identify and develop winning ideas at pace but the whole organization was reinvigorated by an approach which delivered measurable results. Doubling revenue for the business” John Crosby Chief Product, Trading and Commercial Officer at lastminute.com and ex-CIO AutoTrader “Barry has a really synthetic view, which is key to reduce challenges to small iterations that help getting quick feedback and re-adapting to maximize value. He really understands lean and agile methodologies and sees how they can be used, not only in startups, but even in larger, more complex companies.” Samuel Lacarta Chavarrias Commercial Director, Vueling “Barry helped AIB, the largest retail bank in Ireland, achieve a step change in its digital journey. By combining his senior level communication skills with his deep insight on how to leverage technology at scale, he influenced key stakeholders across the bank to do things differently.” Allan Molloy 
 Head of Customers, Channels and Payments,
 Allied Irish Bank “Barry approach of driving very early customer testing well ahead of when it would normally be done - in parallel with developing the bigger vision - forces a focus on minimum viable product and early proof points. This proved to be very engaging in our business for stakeholders up to board level - instead of 'here is a big programme - trust us' the message was 'here is a game changing initiative and you can touch and feel the first steps of it’. Barry brings a very practical style and methodology to bear which empowered the team - so we really owned the outcome and developed both as a team and as individuals.” John Mornement Head of Sales and Distribution, British Airways.
  64. 64. THINK BIG | LEARN FAST | START NOW © 2016 ExecCamp. All rights reserved. Client Testimonials business impact by achieving outcomes “Barry is exceptionally good at leading teams in the process of new product development. He gets the team to use the lean toolkit to build and test in fast iterations, getting results that may not be achievable in other ways. Barry led a team in delivering two product development projects for me at JustGiving and helped us test our ideas very quickly and effectively. He is an excellent coach to the team, leaving everyone energised and more productive after each interaction” Anna Kuriakose Chief Product Officer, JustGiving “Barry constantly challenged what others held to be sacred in order to deliver a series of rapid proofs of totally new concepts for JustGiving; and together we explored the complex boundary between business fundamentals and software development to forge experimental new practices." Richard Atkinson CIO, JustGiving “Agility in a digital world is no longer optional and if you don’t embrace experimentation and value based decision making in your market, then someone else will. Barry can take you and your team on a journey towards disrupting the disruptors and then, like us, you will learn to use techniques such as Lean Product Development and Workload Visualisation in order to make the right "customer-based" decisions. These techniques also made us address every aspect of our thinking from just in time architecture towards continuous delivery and hence cutting cycle times in half in order to deliver new products and platforms more frequently. In fact we went from huge twice yearly releases to multiple releases per day. This way of working not only energises the team but it enables innovation though learning and more importantly builds mutual respect between stakeholders which may be broken.” Fin Goulding CIO, Paddy Power BetFair
  65. 65. THANK YOU Barry O’Reilly
 Entrepreneur and Business Advisor Author of Lean Enterprise: 
 How High Performance Organization Innovate At Scale barry@barryoreilly.com CEO and Founder, www.execcamp.com linkedin | twitter | blog Email info@execcamp.com for slides and 3 sample chapters of Lean Enterprise ありがとうございました