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Media kit k_cubeventures_media_eng1605

  1. 1. WishLink, Inc. was founded by two of Korea’s leading experts in online shopping. Less than 1year since the launch of its service, ‘KakaoStyle’, in May 2013, its monthly revenue reached almost $1 million. Now they terminated the contract of ‘KakaoStyle’ and transferred business rights to ‘Kakao’ . They launched the Chinese version of KakaoStyle, StyleDo, in late 2014. Chinese version of ‘KakaoStyle’, ‘StyleDo’ was started in late 2014. The services provides daily updated fashion items from the most popular Korean fashion shops. It features easy purchase system and low delivery cost to gather all user’s ordered items from multiple shops and send it with one box. Top class Korean retailers such as ‘StyleNanda’ and ‘Naning9’ are registered on the services since its launch in late 2014. ‘StyleDo’ will establish itself as a mobile fashion platform to retailers and an information service on trends to fashion-forward consumers. COMPANY SERVICE
  2. 2. The Mverse team: - Shi Hyun Joo, CEO: KAIST graduate; Consultant at Bain & Company; Co-Founder of Silicon Valley startup ‘Style Says’ - Tae Eun Kim, Executive: KAIST graduate; Winner of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept ‘Surprise’ app aggregates the latest announcements about sales at major stores such as Nike, Lacoste and Zara for easy viewing. Users can subscribe to their favorite brands, so that the mobile application remembers to notify them with coupons or deal info when passing by the brand retail stores. Shopping feed is also available, which provides various tips for high quality shopping experience. Achieved 0.3+million downloads in just 2 months since the launch in February 2014, without any advertisement expense; and the rate of revisiting is approx. 90%. Currently secured more than 300 partner brands and 0.8+ million members. COMPANY SERVICE
  3. 3. Vingle was founded by serial entrepreneurs Changseong Ho and Jiwon Moon, famous husband and wife entrepreneurs who successfully founded the Silicon Valley startup, Viki, which was acquired by Rakuten in 2013. Idea of Vingle started in November 2011, while previous work Viki got under its way. Maintaining the service successfully until now with global users. Vingle is an interest-based community platform that allows people to connect via their shared interests. Launched its web version in July 2012, Android version in March 2013, and iOS version in June; Vingle’s cumulative downloads surpass 4 million and monthly visitors has already achieved 10+ million coming from over 105 nations including U.S., Japan, Indonesia and Mexico. In March 2016, it had over 300 million page views and 800 million contents exposure on a monthly basis. COMPANY SERVICE
  4. 4. Two long-time colleagues at Korea’s largest antivirus software firm, AhnLab, Inc., combined their technical & business expertise to found Kids Note. Kids Note made the world’s first mobile platform for parents and children through closed SNS service with nursery and pre-schools. Real-time communication with their kids while they are out-of- sight provide the parents sense of comfort and assurance. Now the service is not only the first of its kind but also a clear market leader in its category showing more than 30% market share. Acquired by Kakao in January 2015. COMPANY SERVICE
  5. 5. Dunamu Founder & CEO Chi Hyung Song was designated to teach Korea’s most talented engineers as a Mentor in the Korea Software Maestro Program, a prestigious training system operated by South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. Dunamu CSO Hyung Nyun Kim is the former CEO of Futurewiz, a mobile finance information and solution company based in Korea. Dunamu raised follow-up investment of 3 billion from Kakao and signed a strategic business agreement for securities and financial services in September 2015. ‘Kakao Stock’ allows users to easily check their stock quotes in real- time through Kakaotalk. It has a social feature through which users can see which stocks their friends are keeping track of. The app was able to achieve 1.2 million cumulative downloads and 5 trillion cumulative turnover. (April 2016) The partnership with 8 major stock companies made it possible to adopt the function to trade stocks directly. They also operate ‘StockPlus Insight’, a place for professional investors and analysts to communicate and share their information. November 2015, Dunamu lunched investment consulting/advisory firm specializing in mobile and Internet. The mobile asset management services named 'MAP’ will be opened in June this year. COMPANY SERVICE
  6. 6. Seedpaper offers practical, mobile-based content of daily beauty. The company launched content brand “Self Beauty” which offers easy to follow tips and guides featuring renowned experts of various parts in beauty. Self beauty content is available on Kakao plus friend feature since July 2012, which allows users to receive special contents from artists, brands and publications. The mobile platform provides carefully selected contents curated by celebrities and well-known experts. Self Beauty has acquired its superiority with simple contents, tips easy enough for anyone to follow and achieve ‘beauty’ of their own, Contents of ‘Beauty Mate’ have been added on ‘Self Beauty’ in November 2014. This content is composed of tips from popular “Power Bloggers” of Korea, techniques and advices. The service is to enhance Self Beauty’s platform by targeting online shopping malls. COMPANY SERVICE
  7. 7. HealthWave creates animations that make it easy for patients and caretakers to understand complicated medical procedures. The CEO ‘Chung Hee Doo’ was a general surgeon at Seoul National University Hospital. Launching world’s first prescription information service, HiChart in 2011, which currently holds about hundreds of animations that explain how medical procedures are performed as well as the risks and side effects. Follow-up investment of 4 billion was made in April 2015. HiChart was conceived with patients in mind – surgery operations are broken down into easily understandable steps in a user-friendly animation, sent to their smartphones. These could easily be shared amongst their friends, family members or caretakers in order to better understand what to expect. Top hospitals in Korea and individual practicing physicians alike have been actively using HiChart’s 900+ animations; meanwhile, some of the renown institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, as well as other Japan and Singapore are currently applying animation contents for medical consulting and prescription. In August 2014, Healthwave launched their mobile version of the service, HealthBreeze. COMPANY SERVICE
  8. 8. One of Korea’s most recognized icons in fashion design and an industry expert in digital content have teamed up to found byBox, the curation commerce service for fashion. - Se Woon Jurn, CEO: Producer at Cheil Worldwide Inc., where he was recognized for his successful execution of IPTV content services - Ho Sub Kan, Chief Curator: Professor of Fashion Design at Hongik University (Korea’s top arts school); Mentor on television program ‘Project Runway Korea’ byBox is a curation commerce service for boxes of jewelry and accessories created by Korean designers and curated by major celebrities and experts such as renowned fashion stylists. This enables customers to obtain unique fashion items that are not available anywhere else, at reasonable prices. From fashion, living, to kids, byBox provides theme products throughout life-style products. ‘byBox season2’ opened with new contents and services of the brand after large renewal of its online pages in August 2014. COMPANY SERVICE
  9. 9. Vius Korea is the creator of Mr. Koon, the curation commerce service that sells high-tech digital & design products from around the world to early adopter tech-lovers faster and at lower prices than any other online commerce site. Mr. Koon scours the globe for colorful and distinctive IT, design and household items with high-tech features in categories ranging from IT, camping, leisure and household thus establishing a unique market position Korea. Exit completed by the sale of its stake in Vius Korea in October 2015 COMPANY SERVICE
  10. 10. Zai Seoul team started their first business of selling monthly print magazine targeting Chinese travelers in March 2011; total prints reached over a million in 2014. Backed with unique experience and operational know-hows, the team opened its own website in April, 2013. Zai Seoul is a O2O(Online to Offline) based travel platform service for Chinese travelers visiting Korea. Information on planning a trip to Korea, from plane tickets to hotels and shopping, are provided in Zai Seoul. The service aims to be a total integrated information & commerce platform for every tourist in Korea which can satisfy all the needs through an online medium. COMPANY SERVICE
  11. 11. Devign Lab’s employees consists of POSTECH (Top 9 Asian University) Computer Science graduates with IT competition awards and Myung Hun Cha, who was awarded 3rd place in the world’s largest hacking competition Defcon as a CEO. Devign Lab launched ‘Coinone’, a peer-to-peer marketplace for bitcoin. Coinone enables both amateur and professional bitcoin users to transact bitcoin easily through a tailored UI (User Interface) with a 0% transaction fee. It features the most advanced security system with the aid of security specialists in the IT industry and protect customer’s valued assets securely. COMPANY SERVICE
  12. 12. Companimals is dreaming of a focused, carefully curated service where owners and their companion animals can harmoniously coexist. Companimals is a compound word made up of ‘Companion’ and ‘Animal’, which means animals living together with people who think of them as companions. Mobile community platform supporting and providing online/offline activities and information relevant to their pets. The service recommends suitable community for each users based on different conditions and needs of specific breed. Companimals hopes to provide easy-to-understand information, with delicate illustrations of pets and easily recognizable infographic contents, which contains professionally supervised contents of breeding guide, healthcare, and hospital information. Special features including note function connected to animal hospital, adoption service and lost pet prevention service, which is expected to allow Companimals to become an integrated information platform on pet raising are expected in the future. Beta version of the service was launched in April 2016. COMPANY SERVICE
  13. 13. The Monaissnace team consists of the developers of SERI CEO, well known for their quality knowledge platform service in Korea with rich experience in Samsung Economic Research Institute. With extensive development experience under their belts, the team holds a wide network of professionals in various fields. They launched ‘Classic 5 Minute’, a literature contents platform in July 2015. Monaissance is a mobile literature contents platform focused on subjects of humanities, for busy modern-day people. ‘Classic 5 Minute’ offer must-know knowledge on classical literature within 5-minute videos in the form of realistic motion, conversation and animation, for educational purposes. After lunching the service at Kakao’s content distribution platform in July last year, it adds 17 Million subscribers. (February 2016) Pursuit of the humanistic Knowledge is a worldwide trend and Monaissance aims to expand the service globally in the near future. COMPANY SERVICE
  14. 14. COMPANY SERVICE Bratvillage provides overall solution for issues regarding house, from simple home care to interior service. Co-president of Limo taxi and founder of Easy taxi Seong Min Bang started the company with his team members. The whole team worked together since Limo taxi and Easy taxi. Powerful teamwork and suitable experience for the field is the key strength of Bratvillage. In September 2015, a follow-up investment from East Gate Partners and Strong Ventures was made, which was followed by 500 million investments from Coolidge Corner in May 2016. An online platform connecting users with professionals for vast range of homecare from simple repair to total interior of the house. Partnership with qualified technicians and constructing companies of each different fields of homecare enables Dr. House to service with comparative advantage. Immediate response for applied problems ad standardized price of partner companies lower than current market price, service with high quality and reasonable price could be possible. ‘Home scanning‘, the free housing inspection services was newly released in Feb. 2016. Professional manager directly visits and gives a diagnosis of condition of the living space that provides results reporting.
  15. 15. COMPANY SERVICE Applepie studio consist of team members holding work experience in app and server development for over decades, including Hokyeong Kang who had managed various parts of service including social, language and game. The team launched materializing new smart pet service, all time exposure of whom will be possible through newly adopted mobile technologies. Applepie’s smart pet service focuses on sharing feelings between users and their smart pets. Fully equipped with several technologies which were never used before in the previous smart pet market, the service maximizes contact point between pet and users without interfering user experience. Pets are to remain on top of users’ mobile screen through ‘overlay screen’ function, utilizing empty spaces of mobile for exposing pets on screen continuously. It achieved 700 thousand downloads for 6 months after the launch, now Applepie Studio is planning to aim at global market with its multi-language version.
  16. 16. COMPANY SERVICE CULTUREHERO is a startup operating a new form of contents service platform, offering informational contents closely related to daily lives of people. Team members are led by CEO Lee who formerly developed and managed Kakaostory. The team has high degree of understanding the industry and flexible ability of managing various platform. Wife's Table is food contents service run by CULTUREHERO. It provides informational food recipes and daily tips with easy accessibility combining text and images. Women in their 20-30s are a main target and are heavily consuming those contents and adapting to their daily cooking life, Last March, Wife's Table also signed a MOU with BAEMIN FRESH, a fresh food service supplier, to provide various recipes generated from its channel, now they are seeking to create branding their service while disseminating the recipes to offline business like department stores and cafes. Wife's Table will continue to transform a commerce/community platform as well as provides high quality contents after onwards.
  17. 17. COMPANY SERVICE Text Factory was founded by a former lawyer, who established and sell off ‘LAWnB’, the nation's largest legal information website. Text Factory provided a text message and KakaoTalk based personal assistant service. Character-based personal assistant service utilizing text messages and KakaoTalk. Without installing any apps, the service receives and processes user's various requests in real time. It serves a wide range of service areas such as restaurant reservations, purchasing, information retrieval, quick-service, flower delivery. Jan 2016, Munbiseo signed a MOU with six O2O(Offline to Online) startups that gives priority to introduce these startups’ service when they received customer’s requests. The service was officially opened in April, introducing a premium monthly subscription service distinct from the general membership. It pursues representative O2O service of Secretarial area revolutionizing our daily lives.
  18. 18. COMPANY SERVICE MUTzip provides Indie Fashion B2B sourcing platform 'Hot sauce‘, which means ‘Hot trend’ and ‘Sourcing’. CEO, Moon Goon, has over 18 years of experience in the indie fashion business including wholesale and retail, and export. Hot source is a mobile and web based Indie fashion sourcing platform for B2B operators that solves the traditional methods of existing deal process in the indie fashion B2B market. The service helps convenient ordering and billing management process between domestic indie fashion brands and home and foreign buyers operating their editorial fashion shop.
  19. 19. COMPANY SERVICE Startup to service ‘WebDramaBox’, the premium web drama production and distribution service for the 20-30 generation mobile users. MoMo has developed supervisory agency to recruit and train professional web drama directors and crews. Its ‘Lean production' production method drastically shorten the production time and cost compared to existing broadcasting. Crafted video contents are distributed through multi-channel platform such as Facebook, Naver TV Cast (tvcast), YouTube and etc. It generates the contents of various genres and stories eliminating limitations of those existing terrestrial and cable TV material. In fact, Web drama 「Model student」 has achieved more than 1 million cumulative views and ‘equalizer’ has achieved 1.43 million. ‘Witness’ has exceeded more than 50 million cumulative views so far.
  20. 20. Washon was founded in Dec 2014 by those who try to solve inconvenience of existing laundry washing market. The team is consist of laundry experts, customer service professionals and IT experts. Washon provides premium on-demand washing and dry cleaning service leveraging mobile based technology. It picks up the dirty duds from customers and deliver fresh, clean clothes back to them. Washon provides affordable and convenient way of getting wash, laundry and dry-clean done with prime quality. The processing of washing, laundry and dry cleaning is done in best-class setups with standardized process and inspection procedures. WahOn will introduce various services including premium laundry, wash & fold and stroller/car seat care, and expand their service regions to deliver products from Seongnam-si to the Seoul metropolitan area within the year. COMPANY SERVICE
  21. 21. Frograms’ 19 award-winning engineers and data scientists are recognized globally. - Tae Hoon Park, CEO: Attended KAIST (“Korea’s MIT”); developed new services at Korean game developer Nexon Watcha! has over 200 million stars in ratings; whereas Korea’s #1 internet portal Naver’s movie section has 5 million stars in ratings. Reaching one million users as of July 2014 , Frograms won the 2nd Place Prize in the Google K-Startup Competition 2012 for Watcha! Its very first global service, the Japanese version of ‘Watcha’ was launched while more services on various fields are being prepared. Also the PC version of ‘Watcha Play’, video streaming VOD service was released in Jan 2016. Mobile app will be available in upcoming April. COMPANY SERVICE
  22. 22. The WIV Labs team is made up of Korea’s definitive experts in search engines. Its programmers developed Korea’s #2 search engine, Daum, end-to-end from scratch. WIV Labs aims to become a leader in the social Q&A field by providing a service capable of collecting and analyzing the large- scale amounts of data produced by SNS. Right now, a huge scope of significant information is produced by users’ questions and answers on SNS, but it is difficult to search and find the specific information that you want. WIV Labs’ new service ‘Qaster’ solves this problem by collecting and analyzing data from SNS and extracting the meaningful information found in users’ questions and answers. The beta version of Qaster was launched at the end of March 2014. COMPANY SERVICE
  23. 23. Qurion creates Semantic Vertical Search Engine focused on Summarization and Personalization of User-Generated Content - Woojoo Lee, CEO: Vast experience including semanti search at Naver, #1 Search Engine at Korea. - Sam Fung, Senior Engineer: Senior Web Solutions and Applications Engineer at Google. Has 9+ years experience at Google. Existing search services for User-Generated Services and Products Review Content still stuck at Search 1.0 technology that is based on basic information retrieval technologies such as string match and link analysis. User has to read too many reviews to get useful information. Wide variety of opinions expressed in the reviews make it confusing and hard to remember. Lacking next-generation search technology with semantics-based relevancy models and analysis, clustering, summarization and personalization. COMPANY SERVICE
  24. 24. Lunit is a startup that revolutionized medical diagnosis area based on AI(Artificial intelligence) technology. The team was mainly consist of M.D. and Ph.D holders from KAIST. In 2014, Lunit took 7th place at the ‘Image Recognition Competition’, the world's most acknowledged contest for image recognition technology. Also the team ranked #2 at the object location recognition in the same competition in 2015. 2 million follow-up investment was made from Softbank Ventures, Formation8 and K Cube Ventures in Dec.2015 Lunit is a technology-based venture that concentrates in image recognition technology. By using neural network models for the recognition process, Lunit claims to have the highest accuracy in recognizing images. One area of expansion is to apply its image recognition technology to an actual medical technology like Cancer Biopsy. They helps physicians to make accurate and objective diagnosis through machine learning technology. They ultimately intended to implement a precision medicine that is tailored to each patient COMPANY SERVICE
  25. 25. Dining Code is a startup that utilizes big data technologies, which it has been building up for several years. The company uses this technology to provide a reasonable restaurant ranking system and reviews. In late 2015, raised 2 million follow-up investment from several VCs Launched in December 2013, Dining code analyzes millions of restaurants related blog entries and applies the results to its own searching mechanism of big data technology. With its own big data analyzing system and text mining technology, dining code filters advertisements and spams from the data pool and provides genuine, useful information including rankings, foods, location, and atmosphere, among many others. Filtering ads and providing blog posts with trustworthy information is the key point of Dining Code, which differentiate itself from the existing services which depended mainly on user rating or partial ads. The first web version was received with high acclaim; the service has expanded with its mobile application, with extra feature update in November 2014. The service has achieved 0.6 million monthly active user(MAU) without any marketing activities. COMPANY SERVICE
  26. 26. Stratio is a team of four members in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University who have come up with a new infrared imaging technology that works with a smartphone. This new sensor costs far less and offers much higher resolution than existing technologies. The company was selected on SBIR(Small Business Innovative Research) program which is run by US NSF(National Science Foundation) in May 2014. Stratio launches its ‘LinkSquare’ infrared scanner for food, pharmaceuticals, materials, and physical objects at the 2016 International CES. Stratio is developing the world's first portable Short Wavelength infrared (SWIR) sensors. When incorporated into handheld devices, such as smart phones, Stratio's SWIR image sensors will allow everyone to monitor their biological functions non-invasively in real- time. Furthermore, these SWIR Image sensors can be utilized in diverse fields, including automotive safety and food safety inspection COMPANY SERVICE
  27. 27. UVify is a startup developing technologies related to UAV(Drone) aiming to create new values to the world. The goal of UVify is to develop unmanned aircrafts that anyone can easily use. With its indoor autonomic flying planes, indoor GPS technology, and robot control systems, the company is targeting the personal robot market. Uvify unveiled its ongoing drone products at CES 2016. While the previously released unmanned planes are usually applicable only outdoors and normally rely on human control, UVify aims to achieve better mobility and automation by minimizing these shortcomings of current UAVs, based on its experience gained in various R&D projects. In order to operate the drone not only outdoors but also indoors, UVify plans to make an Aerial Robot that can process and move around by itself using 3 dimensional indoor positioning technology. The commercial drone of UVify featuring portability and automated function will be showcased in mid-2016. COMPANY SERVICE
  28. 28. Vitruv is made up of a mathematics teacher graduated from Hansung Science High School, a top class mathematician and a system manager. With two math majors, three people holding PhDs from SNU, the team has the highest level of professionalism. No other than online video lectures can be found in the steadily growing online education market. Vitruv is an IT startup with a mission to provide personalized online mathematics education service Personalized mathematics education service. Mata math measures the level of each students’ understanding in a mathematics curriculum through a diagnosis mock test, and determines which part of the mathematics curriculum each student needs to improve on. Then the Mata provides personalized set of mathematics problems. The service will support effective learning by repeating this process to produce accumulated results and the overall evaluation report. Vitruv has established a firm ground as a B2B service for schools, private academies and online education companies. In the second half of 2015, They open an official service to Mega-study online for high school student. Starting next year, Vitruv will expand their individual education service overseas in partnership with ‘Bank Study’, a Taiwan online education companies. COMPANY SERVICE
  29. 29. COMPANY SERVICE STANDIGM is developing a system biological model, complementing flaws of traditional biology. STANDIGM consists of professionals and experts in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. System biological model STANDIGM is working on tries to reduce the cost of developing new drugs, minimize both unnecessary but repeatedly generated process and side-effects occurring after the final development. Providing dynamic simulation predicting overall characteristic of system, system biological model improved limits of traditional biology. Peripheral models collected and extracted from various sources are going to be refined, forming basic database for final modelling. During this process, independent modelling system of STANDIGM including its core technology will be applied. Deducing models of complex/systematic regularity from fragmental patterns earned by database formation is expected to lead Standigm to creating integrated deep-learning model, the final goal of whole process. By commercializing the technology in the near future, Standigm will collaborate in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic area.
  30. 30. COMPANY SERVICE DABLE consists of team members who developed Korea’s first recommendation platform using big data technology. Moving forward from the stage of developing a certain service, DABLE have its core strength in the application and management of the service in real enterprise for over 2 years. Launching its personalized news recommendation service ‘Dable News’ in May 2015. Dable News is an intelligent news recommendation services to offer fully-optimized articles to site visitors by real-time big data analysis and natural language processing technology. The latest interests of users are analyzed in real-time to provide a list of recommended items that reflect the current needs of each individual user. The three media organizations (Hankyoreh , KBS, news1) applying the services show a 20% increase in their average page view(PV) per person from the mobile side. Monthly visitors(MAU) has already achieved 6.6 million as of Jan. 2016. Currently partnering with a total of more than 50 media companies.
  31. 31. COMPANY SERVICE Bitfinder is a Silicon valley based startup developing indoor air quality solution. Founded in 2013 by Ronald Ro, CEO and Kevin Cho, CTO. The team of software engineers, data scientists, industrial and visual designers combine a range of consumer product and technology development experience from IDEO, Boeing, Samsung, and Cisco, among others. Launching pre-order availability of ‘AWAIR,’ the first complete, smart air quality device in May 2015. AWAIR is the first product to not only track and analyze indoor air, but provide personalized solutions to improve air quality, and learn users' health conditions and preferences over time. AWAIR collects personalized data from the user's environment and then provides actionable insights and recommendations to improve air quality based on their unique lifestyle routines and health needs. It connects to smart appliances such as thermostats and vacuum cleaners, and has a solution to turn appliances like humidifiers and purifiers into smart devices to help create optimal environments that positively impact health. After successfully showcased at CES 2016, Awair was officially launched in local market In Feb. 2016.
  32. 32. COMPANY SERVICE BinaryVR was founded by Jihun Yu who worked for Industrial Light and Magic, where he did research and development on the facial motion capture technology for feature films. BinaryVR was founded by BinaryVR develops 3D avatar creation and facial expression tracking technology for VR gear, enabling users to create a personalized 3D face from 2D facial photos to track and retarget the facial animations in real-time in an avatar or any transformed CG mode. Participating in CES and MWC early this year, BinaryVR enabled facial expression tracking demo for VR in partnership with hardware startup. In June this year, their technology will be grafting for the face recognition solution for High Fidelity, and they plan to expand to mobile launching a social game applying VR technology next year. Collaboration with a VR-based online language training company is now in progress.
  33. 33. COMPANY SERVICE OBELab is a deep tech startup developing fNIRS(Functional near- infrared spectroscopy) technology based portable device detecting brain functionality. The team is led by the chief executive officer ‘Hyeonmin Bae’, a Ph.D at KAIST and experts in brain science. NIRSIT Existing fNIRS system has the constraints of limited portability, poor resolution, and hard to use. A new promising technology adopted ‘NIRSIT’ emits light into the forehead, and detects any light that passes through the cerebral cortex by using the detectors/sensors. It shows which brain region is functioning during any task performed by the users, allowing to continuously monitor brain functions in real time. With the device, a software service that can process and analyze the measured fNIRS data is currently under development.
  34. 34. The heads of each department, including development, animation and strategy, that created the hit online MMORPG ‘C9’ (which took the Grand Prize at the 2009 Korea Game Awards) formed Fincon together to make mobile RPGs. Fincon grew from 11 to 40 employees, tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Fincon’s first mobile RPG ‘Hello Hero’ was once ranked the #1 free game in the iTunes App Store and #3 popular app in Google Play. It also rose to the #5 game in the global Google Play ranking at one point. 280+ diverse collectible characters, available in about 170 countries including the U.S., U.K. and Brazil. It had over 1700 downloads and 410 Facebook fans as of February 2016. Fincon’s new promising action-RPG, ‘Agel Stone’ is a hack-and- slash action dungeon exploration RPG with emphasis on finding loot and skill stones. Angel Stone places user in control of ‘The Resistance’ humanity's last line of defense against the demonic Legion. Fincon directly services the game over 150 countries that gamers can freely connect with one another regardless of regional boundaries or device. The game was officially released on iOS/Android in July 2015, and has been awarded the '2015 Studios to Watch' in Game of the Year by Facebook and 'Best of 2015' by Apple App Store. COMPANY SERVICE
  35. 35. Neptune’s CEO Wook Jung built his team with several recognized leaders in Korea’s gaming industry. Neptune released its first game ‘Nexon Pro Baseball Master’ in 2013 and launched its upgraded version in April 2014. In April, a casual puzzle game ‘Puzzle TANTAN’ was launched in Japan, that showed robust revenue growth. Its Korean version, ‘TNTAN Sichuan‘ was launched to local market in may 2015. Accomplished 100 million downloads as of June 2015. LINE Puzzle TanTan features the adventures of Tantan the panda as he strives to recover the food stolen from his village. Players simply need to match two blocks of the same food in a line that bends twice or less to enjoy the exhilaration of eliminating them. Tantan’s cute and fantastical world is sure to captivate the hearts of all players. Two similar blocks lined up next to each other, or connectable using a straight line that bends twice or less, can be eliminated. Eliminate all the blocks on screen within the time limit to clear the stage, and get higher scores the quicker you are. Eliminating blocks in quick succession will trigger combos, and the longer they continue, the more points the player will score. By achieving 10 combos, players will enter Fever mode, in which even different blocks can be paired and eliminated. COMPANY SERVICE
  36. 36. Dryad was founded in May 2012 with the goal of introducing a brand new genre of combined TCG/RPG. The team launched its first mobile TCG Legionz, seizing 1st place within 3 days, 9th place of earning in T-Store, and have been growing since. Legionz has been equally successful in the English-speaking regions thanks to its prior success in Korea. Their latest title, ‘Yo! Villains’ was officially released in September 2015. Yo! Villains A casual mobile strategic game dealing with the adventures of villains to save the world fell into chaos caused by the resurrection of King of the devil. ‘Yo! Villains’ is combines the fun of strategic play with a variety of skills and synastry balance for hero types, providing essential elements of RPG including a player-vs-player (PvP) mode and a character creation system. With rich contents, user can enjoy being a new ruler of Etera by crushing the Deven Empire all the while fending off other player's Gulid. COMPANY SERVICE
  37. 37. O’ol Blue was started by CEO Nam Suk Kim and the key developers who brought the award-winning MMORPG ‘C9’ to Korean gamers in 2009. O’ol Blue released ‘Mighty Quest,’ a game that combines the fun of RPG and puzzles to a character collection game. O’ol blue has a great development experience through ‘Mighty Quest’ and is p repairing for a new mobile action RPG for this year. Follow-up investment of 2 million was made in August 2014, they aims to launch the next mobile RPG in the first half of 2016. Currently developing the side-scrolling action RPG ‘Hunter Hunter’, which is scheduled to launch in the Chinese market in the first half of this year. COMPANY SERVICE
  38. 38. Dubaki was founded by the team behind successes including the mobile 3D MMORPG ‘Dragon Mist’ and the large-scale mobile shooting game ‘Air Hunter,’ which won praise when WeMade Entertainment showcased it at the E3 Expo and the G-Star Global Game Exhibition. Dubaki Soft won the ‘Startup Game Prize’ in ‘2014 Korea Game Awards’. At the same time, they have successfully reached an agreement and signed on the publishing contract with 'Ourpalm‘, one of the biggest publisher in China. With its latest 1 million follow-up investment, the team is currently developing a new mobile game. Recently has signed a global publishing agreement with Nexon for its next MMORPG ‘Giant’, which will be released in the second half of the year. COMPANY SERVICE
  39. 39. The Valcon team is made up of six game developers who spent many years working together to develop MMORPG titles at Nexon and XL Games. April 2015, Valcon launched a new type of mobile defense game, Bugmon Defense. Bugmon Defense is a mobile defense game with enhanced moving control and skill system. Simple action of dragging makes it possible for the game to emerge from previous defense genre by transforming the static contents into the battle. Reinforced control supports diverse strategies, while tailored system provides missions based on different levels of players. Continuous motivation occurs through growth and PVP system equipped in the game. COMPANY SERVICE
  40. 40. The Cherry Bugs team consists of six experienced developers who worked together at WeMade Entertainment. The team is lead by the chief executive officer ‘Chul Ho Jung’, who was a Section Chief of WeMade Entertainment’s graphics department with 120 graphic designers. His PC game ‘The Boss’ won the Grand Prize at the 2003 Korea Game Awards. Its latest title ‘Quick Boy’ was soft launched in 4 countries in December 2015, ‘Quick Boy’ is a mobile adventure game that gives players delivery missions that require evading zombies to reach destinations. In ‘Quick Boy’, every time a player has reached a destination, he is given a new delivery mission and is required to leave for another destination. The game provides adventurous and thrilling features including various landscapes and barriers. COMPANY SERVICE
  41. 41. Red Sahara was founded by key members who formerly worked together at Webzen Games, building a strong sense of teamwork and creating successful large-scale games over the course of 4 years. Red Sahara launched a mobile strategy RPG titled ‘Immortal Warrior’ in April 2014 , which was once ranked #8 top grossing game in the Kakao Game Platform and #6 top grossing app in the Google Play Store without publisher support or active marketing. In March 2016, Redsahara launched its latest game ‘Immortal Warrior Ⅱ:Winners’. ‘Immortal WarriorⅡ:Winners’ is Red Sahara's latest game launched in March 2016. The game successfully recruited a pre-reservation of 80 million people, then became instant success after launching into market - ranked top 20 grossing apps in the Google Play Store within 2 days. ‘Immortal WarriorⅡ:Winners’ have received high remarks for capturing fun, immersive experience of a traditional RPG in a mobile game. Players are to collect and cultivate 250 heroes and employ differentiated fighting strategies. COMPANY SERVICE
  42. 42. Howling Soft was founded by key members who formerly worked together at Game High, building a strong sense of teamwork and creating successful #1 FPS Game in Korea called ‘Sudden Attack”. After launching mobile FPS ‘7DAYS’ of zombie concept successfully, Howling Soft launched a mobile FPS game titled ‘Sand Storm’ in September 2014. Sand Storm is a military defense FPS game based on 3D, and has fascinating graphic created based on real weapons like AKM, FAMAS, AWEM and great sound reminding of actual warfare. It maximizes convenience by using the mobile-optimized interface and serves the same sense of immersion as online FPS so that users can enjoy the hitting sense and tension of FPS by using mobile phones which was formerly delivered only by PCs. Over 1million+ users have signed up for pre-release order, and the game took #1 in ranking on the very first day of launch. COMPANY SERVICE
  43. 43. CoCoon Games was founded by key members who formerly worked together at Paprika Lab, acquired by GREE. They launched a mobile strategy RPG (tribal wars) games titled ‘Songs of War’ in November 2014. - JeongWook Lee, CEO: former Paprika Lab COO - Kimun Song, CTO : Former Paprika Lab CTO, Lead Programmer at Nexon - SangYub Lee, CPO : Former Liveops Manager at Kabam. Paprika Lab Graphic Designer The Tribal war game, ‘Songs of war’ is a strategic fantasy game with the concept of the middle age offering dynamic fun of a hero system and tribe wars via mobile phone. Its goal is to be a representative tribe-war-type mobile game nationally with the enforguilds cement on the element encouraging group competition of satisfying national users. Song of War provides large-scale real-time wars between blood alliances, where the amount transportation with other components can be controlled. COMPANY SERVICE
  44. 44. BlackBeard was founded by former key members of Activision Blizzard and NC Soft. The company is set to develop a sci-fi mobile game, ‘Dystopia’ which is to be launched this year. Konwoo Kang,who is CEO in BlackBeard,had participated in planning and development of ‘Blade&Soul’ which is among the greatest hits game of NC Soft. Other team members also have several years of experience in game development with each other. ‘Dystopia’, planned to be released within this year, is a high quality sci-fi action RPG game based on the story about the invasion by aliens and the battle against them in the year 2120. The game has a unique control system which overcomes the limits coming from mobile devices, providing a greater sense of maneuverability. Also the game’s outstanding graphics produce greater level of engagement for users. The game aims to support multi-platform including mobile, online and console and on the basis of that, ‘Dystopia’ will eventually pursue global expansion. COMPANY SERVICE
  45. 45. The A-33 Studio team is led by the chief executive officer ‘Kim Dong Sun’ who was in charge of the development, launch and operation of ‘Counter Strike Online’ which is one of the top 3 online FPS games in Korea. The team consists of developers who have worked together for ‘CS Online’ and ‘Combat Arms’ at Nexon, one of the top online game makers in the world. Based on their experiences on development and live operation of online FPS games, the team is building a mobile FPS game with an emphasis on strategic aspects. A new control scheme will be applied to the game in order to overcome the common limitations caused by the nature of mobile devices. The game will be launched by the first half of 2016. COMPANY SERVICE
  46. 46. Supreme Games is made up of members with more than 10 years of experience in Korea’s top game makers including Webzen, Neowiz, and NC-Soft. With talent from various fields and actual experience in launching and developing well known title game of MMORPG, the team is close to perfection. In addition, the team’s talent is brightest in the art and animation division, which is one of the core competencies in developing Action RPG. Thus, completing a harmony between three elements: program, planning and graphic. The uniqueness of PROJECT TOP comes from one-button smart action feature that enables various actions appropriate for each situations, with real time weapon changing system and extreme combo skills. With users who want to play while riding public transportation, the game provides vertical screen mode that requires only one hand to play. Also, various party play contents are available, which will strengthen its social features and enable players to cooperate and help each other grow. They have accomplished the development of the prototype, and plan to launch the game in early 2016. COMPANY SERVICE
  47. 47. KoKomo is comprised of experienced team members who have successfully developed, launched and operated various online games including “Lineage2“, the first 3D MMORPG in Korea which has been loved by many users for more than 10 years, and NCSoft’s flagship MMO title “Blade&Soul“. Contrary to today's trend in the game market which is inclined towards TCG and other midcore RPG games, KoKoMo would like to focus on hardcore RPG genre which remains as blue ocean. They are aiming to develop a flagship mobile MMORPG game that can also target gamers in Asia, who have similar characteristics and interests to gamers in Korea. ‘OverLord’ focuses on a special theme “space” where users can freely create autonomous game contents of their own. Players can locate characters possessed in a game, in certain blocks, create and facilitate fields, dungeon and villages on them. These blocks gather around a group, which again connects with those of other players and consequently a small world of its own is created. Active Persistent World of ‘OverLord’ perfectly differentiate itself from other games, where users can clear game missions, with AI, friends or guild. The game is planned to launch in the first half of 2016 with the support of Kakao Game S, COMPANY SERVICE
  48. 48. The paranoid joy team is led by the chief executive officer ‘Kang Ji Hoon’ who was a former representative of ‘Webzen Ymir games’. The team consists of key members who have worked together at Neowiz Games, Webzen, Ymir, acquired by Webzen. Their mobile turn based strategy RPG titled ‘Demigod War’ was officially launched in late 2014, now it is available in about 132 countries. They recently unveiled latest mobile SPRG 'Yoda‘ in the Indian market in March this year. ‘Demigod War’ is SRPG based on various mythologies where newly interpreted mythological heroes can be collected, strengthened, and evolved. The game features over 950 units, various stages, unique high- quality art, item system and 300 dungeon maps that connects to a solid story without repetitive play and delivers differentiated RPG fun with the distinctive social factor. After starting a global service in April 2015, it has gained popularity with global users. COMPANY SERVICE
  49. 49. Kong Doo company Is games MCN(Multi Channel Network) specialist startup. Kong Doo Company Professional is Korea’s premier gaming MCN originally starting with StarCraft gamers Hong Jin Ho and Kim Taek Young. For the currently popular e-Sport, the company has taken on 50 gamers as part of the channel crew. 3.6 million follow-up investment was made from K Cube Ventures, STIC Investment and Partners Investment. With well-known internet broadcasting and VOD service platform such as Afreeca TV and Youtube, Kong Doo introduce gaming and eSports live streaming of its crew members, and offers support to crew member of the various leagues and events, for branding and marketing. In 2016, Kong Doo Company is expanding its Chinese market business and promoting to open ‘Kong Doo Academy’ specialized in pro-gaming and MCN. COMPANY SERVICE
  50. 50. Salt Lab is made up of key members of ‘Red duck’, the developer of popular online FPS <A.V.A> and <Metro conflict>, which received three awards at the 2007 Korea Game Award. Most of the members have more than 10 years of experience in developing and operating FPS genre. Salt lab is developing first mobile FPS games designed using unreal engine 4. Aiming for other mobile shooting games, the game will feature rich option of both PvE and PvP gameplay, and also allows the gamer to play from either a first- or third-person perspective. Based on mature story and finest graphics offered by unreal engine, they pursues high-end mobile FPS game for global market. The game will be officially released in 2017. COMPANY SERVICE
  51. 51. Affinity is comprised of key personnel who experienced a number of hit games at ‘Joy City’ and ‘Nexon’. C.E.O Song In-Soo, a former representative of ‘Joy City‘, has spent the past 14 years at ‘Joy City’ leveraging his background in development, producing and overall game business. ‘Historia’ is an ancient western history-themed role-playing RPG game that globally launched in May 2015. The story of ‘Historia’ is based on forming legions by collecting heroes derived from ancient mythology. The game was featured ‘recommended apps’ in the global Google Play store with its unique advantage. Affinity will launch a new mobile game in the second half of this year. COMPANY SERVICE
  52. 52. Nerd Games was founded by key members who have 10 years of experience to develop ‘Lineage 2’ and ‘Tera’ in NC Soft and Bluehole Studio where all the members formerly worked together. The team is currently making mobile mini AOS game backed with various experiences to develop, launch and service for MMORPG and mobile RPG. Crusader is mobile lively siege-warfare game with Disney-like heroes targeting ‘Star craft-generation’ who likes numerous characters and real time action. The concept of AOS with numerous playable characters, users can enjoy enrich collection & growth system and strategic play with skill of various heroes. The game will be opened in the local market this year and will be launched globally next year. COMPANY SERVICE
  53. 53. Family CEO Day is a monthly networking event for K Cube Ventures’ family companies.  Executives share advice & discuss opportunities for cooperation  Contributes to Korea’s startup ecosystem as a forum for knowledge sharing & networking K Cube family companies have access to an innovative online & mobile platform where they can:  Share their best practices and past experiences  Make more efficient and effective executive decisions through opinion sharing
  54. 54. K Cube Ventures provides our family with diverse opportunities for business collaboration through our wide network of industry experts including investors, incubators, startups and media outlets. We also: We also provide advice for expansion in Asia and overseas networking, Assist with HR, PR and management issues such as tax, legal and accounting matters We offer numerous lectures of professionals in certain areas, willing to provide practical information for startups. Thus we aim to form a meaningful network which can satisfy the need of individual startups.
  55. 55. is an venture capital firm founded in April 2012 with the vision of harnessing the power of startups to change our world. Brian Kim, the creator of Korea’s icon of innovation, Kakao, founded K Cube Ventures together with Jimmy Rim, known for his investments in internet, mobile and gaming startups including SundayToz, the maker of Anipang. Thus far, K Cube has invested in about 60 companies and will continue to invest in startups in categories such as data analysis technology, social and commerce. (Between $100 thousand to $1.5 million per startup on average.) March 2015 Kakao acquired 100% of K Cube Ventures truly achieving the strategic cooperation for business know-hows and active investment. K Cube Ventures believes that early stage startups not only need financial support, but also experienced mentors. To this end, K Cube Ventures assists startups in the areas of business development, networking, team building, strategy consulting, investment & financial affairs, HR & PR and management. In addition, K Cube is committed to sustaining the active networking and knowledge sharing that exist among our startups through our unique family culture and contributing to the development of Korea’s startup ecosystem.
  56. 56. • Current: Chairman, K Cube Ventures Chairman, Kakao • Previous: CEO, NHN Corporation Founder, Hangame • B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Seoul National University • Current: CEO, Kakao • Previous: CEO, K Cube Ventures Principal, Softbank Ventures Consultant, Boston Consulting Group Strategy Manager, NHN Corporation • B.S. in Industrial Engineering from KAIST
  57. 57. • Current: Partner, K Cube Ventures • Previous: General Manager, Naver / Manager of Strategy and Business Development, eBay Inc. / Consultant, Boston Consultant Group • M.B.A. from University of Michigan • B.A. in Department of French Language and Literature/Business Administration from Yonsei University • Current: Partner, K Cube Ventures • Previous: Co-Founder & Executive, Idea Works / Associate, VirtualTek /Manager, SK Communication / Manager, CJ Corporation • M.A. in Graduate School of Information From Yonsei University • B.S. in Nuclear Engineering in from Seoul National University • Current: Partner, K Cube Ventures • Previous: CEO Staff Planning&Coordination Team NC Soft / Executive Director, NC Soft • M.A. & B.S in Civil Engineering from KAIST • Current: CEO, K Cube Ventures • Previous: Partner, K Cube Ventures Executive Director, Solmine Communications, LLC / investment principal, SoftBank Ventures Korea / senior associate at CJ Venture Investment. • B.S. in Business Administration from Sogang University.
  58. 58. K Cube Ventures invests in internet, mobile, game and tech startups. We believe that we can provide our best support to startups that are in our field of expertise. The seed stage to the growth stage. K Cube Ventures proceed from the initial investment in startups to invest on a $1.5 million level scale. Between $100 thousand and $1 million per startup on average. We not only provide financial investment, but also give startups access to K Cube’s network and business insights. We give assistance for needs such as recruitment, entry into global markets, creating partnerships with large companies and public relations. K Cube Ventures takes a minority stake in the company without securities or guarantees. We invest with the goal of a venture exit through an IPO or M&A within 7-9 years. K Cube Ventures aims to become a startup’s best friend. We want to be the first people that a gifted entrepreneur or team will call when they consider doing a startup. We also want to help cultivate the Korean startup ecosystem through our active early stage investment and our ultimate goal is to assist startups that will create innovation on a global scale.