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Admin Hacks for Users and Admins Sanity

  1. ADMIN HACKS FOR USERS (AND YOUR) SANITY Keith Brooks CEO, B2BWhisperer @lotusevangelist Blog: June 12, 2019
  2. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 2 KEITH BROOKS  Ex Lotus EMEA  IBM Champion for 7 years  IBM RedbooksThought Leader  Lazy Administrator that has presented at Social Connections, Lotusphere,Think, Connect, Connected, Engage, SUTOL,TheView Admin and now NCUG 2
  3. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 3 TOPICS FORTODAY Choices and their Outcomes Changing Path Locations Running a Local Server Console Hacking the RnR (Rooms and Resources)Template Agents Links to Know
  4. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 4 CHOICES LEADTO ISSUES Remove their choices, you have less problems Location Documents? Most users only need 1, remove the rest at setup Notes Ports? OnlyTCPIP ID Files? Don’t confuse them with backups or anything
  5. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 5 CHANGING PATH LOCATIONS
  6. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 6 CHANGING PATH LOCATIONS Change theTemporary Folder Add the Notes.ini variable "NOTES_TEMPDIR" to specify the NotesTemporary directory The "NOTES_TEMPDIR" value must reference the full path to the temporary directory.The value must point to a "temp" directory (e.g., Notes_tempdir=C:temp; not Notes_tempdir=C:test)  Notes also appends its own folder to the end of the path, so it will end up being something like C:testtempNotesFCEE85
  7. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 7 CHANGING NOTES.INI LOCATION Windows service Edit –Want notes.ini someplace else? 1. Change properties to: C:LotusNotesnotes.exe "=C:LotusNotesnotes.ini“ 2. Next change the service startup code, Star-Run “regedit” 3. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServices. 4. Find the service you want to redirect, locate the ImagePath subkey and change that value. 5. Copy the notes.ini to the new location and delete the old one
  8. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 8 R8.5.3 MOVINGTHE FTI (FULLTEXT INDEX) We have the FTBasePath=d:full_text option placed in the Notes.ini on the server You will need to restart the server for the setting to take effect. No more running out of disk space because of indices Nor performance issues You need 2.5x the size of your largest file for temporary space so server side tasks can all run properly.
  9. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 9 R10 SEPARATINGVIEWS FROMTHE NSF  Enable transactional logging in the Server document in the Domino directory.  Add NIFNSFEnable=1Copy into notes.ini setting on the IBM Domino server, then restart the server:  Optional:The .NDX files are stored in the Domino data directory, by default.To specify a different location, add the following notes.ini setting: NIFBasePath=pathCopy  To use this feature, databases must be ODS version 51 or higher.To upgrade all databases to at least this version, add one of the following settings:  CREATE_R9_DATABASES=1Copy or CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1Copy  Enable the feature on specific databases:  To enable separate view indexes on an existing database, run the following compact command on the server: load compact -c -nifnsf on xxxxx.nsf Copy  To enable separate view indexes on all databases created in the future, add the following notes.ini setting:CREATE_NIFNSF_DATABASES=1Copy  Restart the server.
  10. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 10 UPGRADING / MIGRATINGTO NOTES R10 SmartUpgrade for older clients not on R9 is your non- manual way to upgrade the clients Panagenda’s Marvel Client Essentials (FREE)is the best way to go if on R9. Now will upgrade you to 10.0.1 Fix Pack 2 Also Marvel Client ($) itself can help upgrade Sametime and so many other things you should talk to them about a site license for your servers
  11. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 11 NEED A SERVER CONSOLE? Old trick but still works! Click File -> Preferences ->Toolbar -> Customize Click on New and select Button Under 'Button caption text', type a name (Rconsole) Click on Command & Functions button to select Commands SelectAdminRemoteConsole and click on Paste button Click on OK and then click SaveToolbar and click on OK.
  12. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 12 ROOMS AND RESOURCES DATABASE The form could use an update of new fields for when making a reservation:  Transportation required/options (Bus,Taxi, Uber,Van, Handicapped)  Food Services (How many people, hot/cold, dietary options, quantities, offsite/onsite)  OnTime has extended their awesome calendaring product with a Catering option!  Map location orWaze Link option lookups when required  Location Options, instead of a blank line (Building name/#, floor)
  13. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 13 OOTB RESOURCESTEMPLATE Has not changed since last century (R4/5) Not very user, or Administrator, friendly Not HTTP accessible  Not yet available in Connections Cloud (On “short” list to get done…)
  14. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 14 OOTB RESOURCETEMPLATE AGENTS Only Agent that a user can use is Upgrade None of the IBMTechnotes Lotusscript fixes have ever been added to the RnR template! HCL is here, please let them know we need an update
  15. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 15 PRACTICAL RESOURCE ADDITIONS  Conflicts view added (Technotes)  DST added for specific country/asset issues  Export Reservations because AAs need help  Tradeshows, you are not limited to your offices, careful of Time Zones!  Multiple views of Information (BY…)  Resources by Location is very helpful  Suggest you edit the columns in the views to allow sorting Download my RnRTemplate with all of this built in from my server at
  16. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 16 RESOURCE AGENTS ADDED  Update Resource Owner  Delete Bad Profile Document  Export to Excel  Find the bad profile with Notes Collector  Fix Room  Force Delete  Update Resource Name  And there are more out there, these are just the ones I use frequently Download my RnRTemplate with all of this built in from my server at
  17. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 17 LINKSYOU NEED!  The Lotus Sandbox,TreasureTrove of scripts, database templates and History   The Nifty 50Templates (R3/R4 era)   Speed up your Clients  windows-7-8-81-or-linux  All-in-oneAdminTool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving   The OOO (Out of Office) DiagnosticTool   Download my RnRTemplate with all of theViews andAgents included
  18. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 18 REVIEWTOPICS Choices and their Outcomes Changing Path Locations Running a Local Server Console Hacking the RnR (Rooms and Resources)Template Agents Links to Know
  19. Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist 19 THANKYOU Keith Brooks CEO, B2B Whisperer @lotusevangelist Blog: