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Successful Sales Transformation: 10 Best Practices for Adoption

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Successful sales transformation is impossible to achieve without a process to manage, reinforce and inspect the new initiative. Employee ownership is critical. But as a leader, you must ensure transformation is integrated throughout the organization. Behind every successful sales transformation, there’s a top sales leader driving the change. Click below for ten tips to help you maximize the adoption and reinforcement of your sales initiative:

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Successful Sales Transformation: 10 Best Practices for Adoption

  1. 1. 10 Best Practices for Adoption SALES TRANSFORMATION
  2. 2. Adoption is a mindset that companies must embrace throughout an entire change process. ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES 1 Mindset
  3. 3. 2 Involve global, cross-functional stakeholders in the analysis, design, and development of new change initiatives. ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES Alignment
  4. 4. Sales leaders should actively engage in plan development and include a core group of people to help drive the initiatives. These champions need to be committed to solving organizational issues and using their influence to drive results. 3 Executive Sponsorship ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES
  5. 5. Sales leaders and managers need to create the framework through which information and messages are interpreted at the time of delivery. 4 Executive Communication ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES
  6. 6. Sales managers who are fully engaged in learning alongside their teams ensure the best outcomes through their active participation. 5 Lead By Example ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES
  7. 7. If sales managers set clear objectives with commitments to action, every person will know what is expected of them after training and how to execute. 6 Communicate Expectations ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES
  8. 8. Leverage and integrate the new change into existing systems, tools, methodologies, processes and training. 7 Integrate ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES
  9. 9. Survey and interview participants about their experience and define potential obstacles you will need to address in the future. 8 Assess ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES
  10. 10. Measurement, inspections, review and assessment concepts should be included in your Management Operating Rhythm®. Also, make sure to monitor the use and proficiency of new methodologies. 9 Inspect ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES
  11. 11. Acknowledge and focus skill development on challenging areas, repeat the remediation cycle as required, and continue to breathe new life into change initiatives. Remediate10 ADOPTION BEST PRACTICES
  12. 12. Wait, There’s More. . .  Determine Where to Begin  Pick the Right Transformation Partner  How to Ensure Measurable Results The Right Partnership Can Pay Big Dividends Download our Sales Transformation Decision Guide