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Macro trend insights- The Great Escape

Amid the paradox of reality vs surreal, mundane vs magnificent, existence vs exiticity, truth vs fable the urban-exhausted human species across the world are seeking a 'Great Escape'. The escape from everything that's not humanly, escape from abstractism of a pandemic, and escape from being 'locked' in a glassbox. Here we present you the macro trend insight from #VisioNxt Trend Insights Lab. The TGE indeed is going to define who we are and what we will become.

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Macro trend insights- The Great Escape

  1. 1. Trend insights 2021/22 01.01.2021 Macro directions that will impact post pandemic world
  2. 2. Hope. Escape to Nature. Freedom / TGE
  3. 3. LVMH ad campaign
  4. 4. Lazy Oaf's Fish Tank Collection
  5. 5. Latitude Run®
  6. 6. The 'MONSTER X' Portable Power Supply Has a 1,300Wh Capacity The Aiper Flash 150W
  7. 7. The ‘escape pods’
  8. 8. Spacedman, is designed specifically for travelling during and post-Covid-19
  9. 9. craghoppers insect shield Craghopper's NosiLife anti-insect clothing claims 90% effectiveness against insect bites.
  10. 10. 'Go.C' personal hand sanitizer dispenser
  11. 11. The 'PumPiX' Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Packs 100 Doses of Disinfectant
  12. 12. In this unprecedented time, VisioNxt team stands with Indian manufacturers and sellers to provide free insights. No agency ever provided well researched definite direction to the support Indian industry (in global and domestic perspective). NIFT VisioNxt has developed this report keeping the expertise, craftsmanship and cultural plurality of this nation in mind. Team hopes that our industry will channel them into a positive direction and get benefitted. Team VisioNxt www.visionxt.in
  13. 13. + 91 9176655090 Dr. Kaustav SenGupta Dr. Shalini Sood Sehgal Director Insights , VisioNxt Director Creatives, VisoNxt Contact us: Mail id: shalini.sud@nift.ac.in , kaustav.sengupta@nift.ac.in Handfone: +91 9871122249, +91 9176655090 VisioNxt Insights and Forecasting Lab, India Insights reports I AI enabled Fashion forecasts for India I Deep Dive workshops