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Social crm

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A presentation I did for the Danish Direct Marketing Association (Huset Markedsføring) on 31/12/13 on the subject Social CRM. The presentation was a part of a day dedicated to CRM (CRM for en dag)

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Social crm

  1. 1. SOCIAL CRM Event: CRM for en dag 31/01/2013 Kasper Risbjerg, Social Business Manager @ IBM | Twitter: @kasperrisbjerg | LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kasperrisbjerg/ | Email: risbjerg@dk.ibm.com
  2. 2. THE NEXT WEB
  3. 3. “Nearly 25% of people aged 18-34 use social media to comment on what they like/dislike about a storyline while watching TV”“Adults aged 35-44 are the most likely to discuss televisionprogramming with their social connections”
  4. 4. GENERATION C •  Definition: “Generation C, where C stands for connectedness, is not define by demographics, but by their adoption of technology and social networks that contribute to a digital lifestyle” •  86% share brand experiences online •  36% have purchased a product the same week their friend recommended it •  65% are offline less than an hour a day •  Consists of gen.Y, X and the baby boomers Source: Edelman Digital
  5. 5. GENERATION C Connected Online Traditional
  6. 6. KEY CHARACTERISTICS OFYOUR SOCIAL CONSUMER •  Shared experiences •  An Audience with an Audience of Audiences •  News don t break they tweet •  Social objects •  Personal brand •  Platform-savvy •  Addicted to feedback loops •  Wants to be treated like an individual and to be remembered •  Wants brand to listen, engage and respond quickly •  Immune or elusive to traditional advertisement
  8. 8. SOCIAL CRM We ve moved from the transaction to the interaction with customers,though we haven t eliminated the transaction – or the data associatedwith it... Social CRM focuses on engaging the customer in a collaborativeconversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trustedand transparent business environment. It s (i.e. Social CRM is) thecompany s response to the customer s ownership of the conversation. - Paul Greenberg, the Godfather of CRM
  9. 9. THE EVOLUTION FROM CRM TO SOCIAL CRMSource: http://econsultancy.com/dk/blog/9783-traditional-crm-vs-social-crm-infographic
  10. 10. SOCIAL CRM USE CASESSource: Altimeter Group
  11. 11. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH LISTENING “Finding your prospects’ and customers’ watering holes" • Where are the customers? • What are their needs? • Who do they listen to? • How did Purell Hand Sanitizer predict a flu? Source: http://adage.com/article/global-news/flu-fever-fuels-sanitizer-sales-lots-tweets/136426/
  12. 12. RAPID SOCIAL SALES RESPONSECatching a lead in mid-air
  13. 13. RAPID SOCIAL RESPONSE“Defending the brand” •  People see themselves in the critic •  Everyone is busy so don’t use that as an excuse •  Don’t ask people to mail you if you’re busy •  Facebook enhances bad products and experiences - so why have a presence there? •  So how to respond? Source: http://www.kommunikationsforum.dk/artikler/telenor-i-socialmediestorm
  14. 14. INNOVATION INSIGHTS“Catching innovation trends right under your nose" • How are my customers using my product? • Why aren’t people using my product? • What are the trends? • How did Fiskars experience a 3x increase in sales?
  15. 15. Source: Chess Media Group
  16. 16. KEY POINTS•  Listening with Intent •  What are people saying or seeking to improve what they’re doing today? •  Designing the Experience •  Social media represents a series of open windows to engage •  Paying It Forward •  Customers feel a sense of appreciation for those who help and provide value. •  The Power to Tell •  Make your customers the hero by helping them see what they can accomplish simply by aligning with you.
  17. 17. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF•  Have you mapped your customer s decision journey in a digital age? •  What is the experience you would want your customer to have at every touchpoint? •  How do you need to organize to create that experience?
  18. 18. Thank you Connect with me on Twitter: @kasperrisbjerg Future Events LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ 18/2: Social Media Week Copenhagen: kasperrisbjerg/ Employeesinasthe social media sphere advocates brandWebsite: kasperrisbjerg.dk 18/2: Social Media WeekEmail: risbjerg@dk.ibm.com Copenhagen: Data for ikke-nørder More information at socialmediaweek.org/copenhagen