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Mobile app development: The global facts and truths

  1. Mobile app development: The global facts and truths
  2. When we time-travel from the years when computer used to be the most intriguing wonder to through innovative trajectory to the present moment when mobiles are influencing the way we live life, you will realize that we have traced quite an epic journey. And what an exhilarating ride it is! The first model of computer was discovered almost 60 years ago, and elapse of these many years showed us that when size gets compact, things get even more exciting. Remember that giant screen with intricate jumble of transistors and wires? What a relief it is to feel such a mammoth world reduced to a palm-fit digital device! So we are going to talk about that mini magic called mobile that has changed the way we touch, feel and sense the world around us, and even beyond.
  3. Mobile means a world to us! If you own a Smartphone, you keep carrying around the most agile version of computer that treats you with the power to minimize the distance between you and people and things lying far from you. As the time progressed, these mini digital computers became more affordable and handy with introduction of tablets, smart watches, fitness bands, Smart home, robotics, Automatic Energy optimizers and much more. So if you are thinking to quit technology from your lifestyle, it is something next to impossible.
  4. You go everywhere (be it shopping malls, multiplexes, coffee shops or amusement parks and clubs); you will never fail to observe people fumbling with their smart devices. Mobiles are used for most of human needs: communication, research, transactions, banking, entertainment and gaming and virtual hangouts. What is more interesting is the fact that mobile alone with only internet connection is not enough. With different apps coming into mobile market every day, witty quips like ‘there is an app for that’ don’t seem exaggerated now.
  5. The mobile app development market means opportunities galore The growth of mobile apps is also opening up whole new opportunities for mobile app developers who with their expertise and detailed research build apps that define the trends and appeal to specific group of people. As the demand for mobile apps soared, companies that own the operating systems feel the need to open their platforms for mobile app developers to build the apps that can be downloaded by more than usual number of users. This presented an opportunity for both OS companies as well as individual developers who leverage their development skills to earn more independently through publishing apps in popular app stores like Google play store and Apple store.
  6. Apple opened its SDK to iPhone app developers in 2008 and the result is an estimation of 1.5 million apps published to the Apple App store. In the same way, Android SDK was made available to Android developers in 2007, which reflected in form of nearly 1.6 million apps on Google Play store. Eventually, Microsoft made their resources available in 2000 under the name of PocketPC to get nearly 340000 apps on Windows app store.
  7. The good news for mobile app developers All these instances of mobile OS companies becoming magnanimous for mobile app development process demonstrate that the market for apps building is ample. As a result, there is an unbelievable rush in mobile app development jobs and Developers who make those apps gain a big deal out of it. This scenario is not going to fade any time soon. Business feel especially inspired to mobilize their marketing operations and promote their products by building tailor-made apps. Their usual web presence is not adequate to engage customers and their mobile websites must be able to fit the mobile screen since people are using internet services more often via their mobile devices.
  8. Mobile App building platforms and innovations The most popular kings in the app development platforms are iOS and Android. Hence, most of the development jobs fall into the lap of either Android developers or iPhone specialist. Whatever platform you choose for your business, you can be conscious of highly competent mobile app developers whose creativity, strategy and analytical research give you a real-time advantage. Native apps and Hybrid apps are two kinds of apps used to establish optimal user engagement based on its reach.
  9. Native apps are developed for a particular device and its OS and has the caliber to avail available device-specific software and hardware like camera, GPS, scanner, compass, people of contacts, social accounts and many more. Hybrid applications are a blend of both native and web applications allowing developers to rely on technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript to build hybrid app for mobile devices. Here developers can use cross-platform coding that is configured to work on different platforms. In Android development, Java, C++ are the most preferred languages to build native apps. Since C++ is faster than Java, it is used by Android developers in combination with Java to boost the performance of the app.
  10. In case of iOS apps, iPhone developers can use Objective C, C++ and C languages to build the app. The combination of several languages is the choice of any developer as it helps push the speed and performance of the app. Appple’s Swift has transforms the mobile app development and is faster than any other language. Launched in 2014, it has been said to push the performance of processing speed hardware devices. The number of platforms used for building hybrid apps are: •Phonegap •Mobile Angular UI •Ionic •Intel XDK •Titanium •Sencha Touch Kendo UI
  11. The Hybrid app development is glorious among development companies and Hybrid mobile app developers because one can build and launch the app without altering anything about its code base or need to learn different technologies and languages. However, when it comes to experiencing the app performance, hybrid apps are unable to overwhelm the reach and influence of Native apps. Originally posted by :
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