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Emerging Leaders's Playbook

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Managing People and Relationships

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Emerging Leaders's Playbook

  1. Networked Leadership Development and Practical Skills for Emerging Leaders Module 5: Facilitating and Managing Groups of People How To Design and Facilitate Effective Meetings October 6, 2015 Beth Kanter, Instructor
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  4. Networked Leadership Development and Practical Skills for Emerging Leaders Module 5: Facilitating and Managing Groups of People How To Design and Facilitate Effective Meetings October 6, 2015 Beth Kanter, Instructor
  5. The Team Beth Kanter The Playbook Stephanie Rudat Peer Learning Facilitators
  6. • Be ready to do the homework • Review with your mentor • Connect w/ accountability buddy Topics OUTCOMES • Ask questions in chat • More discussion during pods on 10/27! • Continued discussion Facebook Group FRAMING Agenda Homework Share (5 minutes) The Hook (10 minutes) Designing and Facilitating Effective Meetings (15 minutes) Tips for Virtual/Online Meetings (10 minutes) Wrap Up/Homework (5 minutes) #netlead http://networked-emerging-leaders.wikispaces.com/ Agenda: SMARTer Professional Networking
  7. Homework Share: Module 4
  9. Learning Objective: How To Run A Good Meeting
  10. The Hook …..
  11. Think and Write What makes a meeting productive and valuable use of your time? Type your answer into the chat ….
  12. Think and Write What makes a meeting a complete waste of your time? Type your answer into the chat ….
  13. What are effective meetings? Mutual Understanding Full Participation Clear Outcomes Shared Ownership Effective Meetings bring people together to figure out how to get something done
  14. The Basic Recipe for Designing An Effective Meeting
  15. Do you really need a meeting in the first place? Healthy and Productive Meetings http://www.bethkanter.org/meetings-research/
  16. Purpose, Outcome, Process • Purpose – What is the purpose of the meeting? Why is this important? • Outcome – What do you hope to achieve? What is the desired result of this meeting? • Process – Is a meeting the best way to achieve this? And if so, what kind of meeting? Who should be involved, and what role will they play? A free- for all brainstorm followed by a prioritization? A divvying up of tasks? A go-around where everyone shares ideas? Source: Rockwood Leadership Institute 8 Secrets to Productive Meetings http://miriambarnard.com/8-secrets-better-productive-meetings-person-online/ Page 31
  17. Invite the Right People and Keep It Small
  18. Agenda: Use Your Meeting Time Efficiently
  19. Respect People’s Time • Limit amount of meeting time • Use scheduling tools to find the best time to meet • Send reminders and pre-reading materials
  20. Establish and Reinforce Guidelines
  21. Confirm and Assign Roles • Timekeeper • Recorder • Facilitator
  22. Meeting Anatomy • POP • AGENDA • WHO Plan • GUIDELINES • ROLES Confirm • WARM UP Hook • DISCUSS TOPIC Combust • MAKE DECISIONS Meaning • NEXT STEPS Action • DEADLINES Follow Up Inspired by Andrea Kihlstedt
  23. Avoid A Parade of Reports
  24. Have A Great Meeting! • Use your listening skills • Keep running list of decisions and action items • Stick to the agenda • Everyone participates • Summarize and assign action steps at the end • Thank people • End on a high note
  25. Begin and End on Time! Source: David Gray
  26. Get Your Notes Out Promptly! Tip: Bullet point action notes!
  27. Tips for Virtual Meetings • Iron fist facilitation, especially conference calls without an online chat • Assign a “bridge” moderator for combined in-person and online meetings • Be prepared for tech glitches and have a plan • Keep people in engaged and focused
  28. Homework Reading 8 Secrets for Productive Meetings http://miriambarnard.com/8-secrets-better-productive-meetings- person-online/ Tools for Running Effective Meetings https://www.aamc.org/members/gfa/faculty_vitae/148582/team_mee tings.html Six Power Tips for Virtual Meetings http://www.bethkanter.org/virtual-meetings/ Facilitating Virtual Meetings http://www.bethkanter.org/meetings-sticky-notes/ Healthy and Productive Meetings http://www.bethkanter.org/meetings-research/ Design and Facilitate A Meeting – Use the worksheet
  29. Next Steps and Reminders Coaching Pods #1: October 27th at 1:00 pm PST #2: October 27th at 1:30 pm PST Learning Culmination: Nov. 17th Check in with your mentor Connect with your accountability buddy Check the Facebook Group Reach out with any questions!