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1. When you go online or look at your to do list, does it make you feel anxious?
2. When you are working on a task, have you ever forgotten what it was in the first
place you wanted to accomplish?
3. Do you always pay attention at face-to-face or online meetings?
4. Are you constantly multi-tasking or shifting your focus from task to task without
5. Do you sit at your computer for longer than 30 minutes at a time without getting
up to take a break?
6. Do you constantly check (even in the bathroom on your mobile phone) your email,
or other online service?
7. Do you ever procrastinate on priority tasks because they feel so overwhelming to
get started or complete?
8. Do you feel that you often cannot concentrate?
9. Do you get anxious if you are offline for more than a few hours?
10.Do you find yourself easily distracted by online resources or low priority work that
allows you to avoid other, pending work?
A few quick assessment questions
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Attention and Focusing Skills

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