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Android 2.3 Introduction

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Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Platform Introduction and analytics.

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Android 2.3 Introduction

  1. 1. Connect your device to application
  2. 2. Android 2.3IntroductionKan-Ru Chen
  3. 3. Agenda Platform Highlights Whos Who Project Changes Build Requirement Rumors
  4. 4. Platform Highlights
  5. 5. User-Visible ChangesUI refinements for simplicity and speedFaster, more intuitive text inputOne-touch word selection and copy/pasteImproved power managementControl over applicationsNew ways of communicating, organizing
  6. 6. Enhancements for GamingPerformance Cocurrent garbage collector Faster event dispatch Updated video driversGyroscope and other new sensorsOpenSL|ESNative ActivityStorage Manager
  7. 7. New Forms of CommunicationInternet telephony Full SIP VoIP protocol stackNear Field Communications (NFC)
  8. 8. Rich MultimediaMixable audio effects New audio effects APISupport for new media formats VP8 codec and WebM container format AAC encoding and AMR encodingAccess to multiple cameras New API allows developers to access any cameras
  9. 9. New Platform TechnologiesMedia Framework Stagefright fully replaces OpenCore VP8 codec and WebM container format AAC encoding and AMR wideband encoding (sw.)Linux Kernel Upgraded to 2.6.35Networking SIP stack, configurable by device manufacturer NFC, configurable by device manufacturer Updated BlueZ stack
  10. 10. New Platform TechnologiesDalvik VM Concurrent garbage collector Further JIT optimizations StrictMode debuggingCore libraries Expanded I18N support Faster Formater and number formating Compressed HTTP response (40% off) New collections and utilities APIs
  11. 11. Whos Who 4204 google.com 17 openbossa.org 1354 android.com 11 nxp.com 11 linux.org.tw 98 sonyericsson.com 10 ti.com 71 gmail.com 10 acer.com.tw 39 codeaurora.org 8 themaw.net 39 samsung.com 8 garmin.com 38 intel.com 7 snpe.rs 7 motorola.com 32 nokia.com 7 mc.pp.se 32 holtmann.org 7 googlemail.com 29 0xlab.org 5 invensense.com 25 trusted-logic.com 4 mirbsd.org(The numbers are commits since Froyo release)
  12. 12. Whos Who3 windriver.com 1 stericsson.com 1 signove.com3 realvnc.com 1 saftware.de2 teleca.com 1 richlowe.net2 sharp.co.jp 1 pv.com 1 promwad.com2 nvidia.com 1 pcc.me.uk2 motoya.co.jp 1 padovan.org2 lge.com 1 osbeck.com 1 nii.net2 broadcom.com 1 martin.st1 yahoo-inc.com 1 ilovelinux.de1 xs4all.nl 1 happydroid.com 1 droidmod.org1 wdsglobal.com 1 cpeterso.com1 uwevoelker.de 1 big.or.jp1 strongswan.org 1 arm.com
  13. 13. Whos WhoEric Fischer (207) Translation UpdatesXavier Ducrohet (189) ADT, CTS, SDK, etc. Trade Federation!Dianne Hackborn (171) Battery Accounting Applications Manager Native Activity Watermark, sys.boot_comleted
  14. 14. Whos WhoRaphael Moll (150) SDK Manager, ADT, etcHung-ying Tyan (138) SIP StackMathias Agopian (138) Gaphics, HALDavid Digit Turner (137) NDK, Toolchain, etc
  15. 15. Whos WhoKenny Root (137) OBB Files Shared Storage ManagementAndreas Huber (125) Media Framework, Stagefright, OpenMAXBrian Muramatsu (125) Compatibility Test Suite
  16. 16. Whos WhoBrett Chabot (122) Test Framework Wifi WPA-PSK supportElliott Hughes (113) Low-level Framework OptimizationJesse Wilson (113) HTTP code enhancement Support dalvikvm on a Linux x86 host
  17. 17. Whos WhoBrian Carlstrom (111) Tracking merge of dalvik-dev to gingerbread Cryptographic Framework UpdateBrad Fitzpatrick (105) Native daemons StrictModeJean-Baptiste Queru (104) Build system
  18. 18. Project Changes
  19. 19. Disappeared ProjectsNot supported device device/htc/dream device/htc/dream-sapphire device/htc/sapphireReplaced by new framework external/opencore frameworks/polices/baseReplaced by new Apps packages/apps/AlarmClock packages/apps/IM
  20. 20. Newly Added ProjectsNew device Moved device/samsung/crespo frameworks/base/policyNew library hardware/qcom/media libcore external/chromium external/jsilver Misc. external/libgsm packages/apps/Nfc external/libnfc-nxp packages/apps/Tag external/libvpx system/media external/nist-sip tools/tradefederation external/oauth
  21. 21. Build Requirement
  22. 22. Build RequirementNew Mailing List android-building@googlegroups.comJDK 1.612 GB of disk spacePlenty of RAM There are benefits up to at least 12 GBNew Toolchain Works well for ARMv7, sometimes generate broken ARMv5 code
  23. 23. Rumors
  24. 24. Rumors/TruthNexus S fastboot oem unlock/lockExt4 migration Meego uses BtrfsHoneycomb Current build number is GRH
  25. 25. Q&A
  26. 26. http://0xlab.org