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11 jane chen embrace

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11 jane chen embrace

  1. 1. First Name: ____________ Last Name: ____________ Student #: ____________ Group: ____________ Jane Chen: A warm embrace that saves lives www.ted.com Jane ChenPARAGRAPH 1 : Please close your eyes…1) What does Jane Chen ask you to imagine holding in your hands?PARAGRAPH 2 : What you see here…1) How many premature babies are born every year around the world?2) How many die each year?premature (baby)
  2. 2. PARAGRAPH 3: But the bigger problem…1) What happens if a premature baby is battling hypothermia?2) How can these problems be prevented?battling= hypothermia= prevent=PARAGRAPH 4 : That is the primary function…1) How much money does an incubator usually cost?2) Do they require electricity?3) What other solutions do people in developing countries (poor) and rural areas (no electricity) try?4) Why are these solutions not good?PARAGRAPH 5 : On one of my first trips…1) Why didn’t Sevitha take her baby to the hospital in the city?2) What happened to the baby?
  3. 3. PARAGRAPH 6 : Inspired by this story…1) What kind of incubator did Jane Chen and her team decide they were going to try to build?PARAGRAPH 7 : So, this is what we came up with…1) What does their design look like?2) What is the melting point of the wax?3) How long can it maintain one constant temperature?
  4. 4. PARAGRAPH 8 : Looks simple, but we’ve reiterated this…1) When will they launch their product?2) How much will it cost?PARAGRAPH 9 : Over the next 5 years…1) Jane Chen’s team has two big goals. What are they?2) What happens when infant mortality is reduced?infant mortality= reduce=PARAGRAPH 10 : In designing this…1) What are the basic principles that Jane and her team followed?principle=