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Meditation explained scientifically - Preksha Dhyan

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Meditation and stress management. Preksha Dhyan - Health care - Do you want to improve concentration? Operational efficiency.

You know if your mind is wandering you need to spend more time doing a task. Learn proven and scientific techniques to train your mind and increase your operational efficiency.

Do you experience stress?
In today’s competitive world it is necessary to be Plus One than others. In the process lots of tension is developed in the mind. This tension results in high blood pressure, insomnia, and other psychosomatic Diseases. Learn how to release tension by a proven relaxation technique known as Kayotsarg.

Today IQ is not enough but EQ is also important to develop your personality. Emotional Quotient or EQ is all about measuring emotions. Learn how you can acquire virtues and good habits and get rid of negative emotions by a proven technique of Anupreksha or Contemplation Meditation.

Here are YouTube video lectures playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnNHe9ScRwOJN8fFil8ietXyoZbcWzZzf

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