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My body

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My body

  1. 1.  Our body works likea machine with thehelp of variousorgans present in it.Our body consists ofmany systems. Asystem is a group oforgans that work fora particularfunction.
  2. 2.  All living things takein oxygen and giveout carbon-dioxide.This process is calledbreathing. Theprocess of breathingtakes placecontinuously withoutany rest. If thisprocess stops formore than twominutes the livingbeing dies.
  3. 3. NoseWindpipeLungs
  4. 4. The air enters our body throughnose. The nose is connected tolungs by windpipe. The lungscirculates oxygen to all thebody parts. Blood also collectscarbon-dioxide from all thebody parts of the body andbrings it to the lungs.
  5. 5. Skeletal system makes aframework of the body. Itgives us shape andsupport. The skeletalframework also protectthe inner delicate organs.
  6. 6. SkullBackboneThe rib-cageThe limbs
  7. 7.  It is made up ofeight flat bones.The skull protectsthe most delicateorgan, the brain.There are twojaws- upper andlower. The lowerjaw is movable.The movement oflower helps us toeat, talk or laugh.
  8. 8.  The backbone isconnected to theskull. It is made upof thirty-threesmall bones. Itprotects our spinalcord. These smallbones giveflexibility to ourback.
  9. 9.  There are twelvepairs of ribs forming acage around thedelicate organs likeheart and lungs. Thelast two pairs of ribsare called floatingribs as they areconnected to thebackbone only andnot to the breastbone.
  10. 10.  The fore limbs arejoined to the spine byshoulder girdles andcollar bone. The hind limbs bearthe weight of thewhole body. Theupper part of the hindlimbs is made up ofthe longest bone inour body, femur. Thefemur is connectedto lower two bones atknee.
  11. 11. A place where two bonesmeet is called a jointHINGEJOINTBALL ANDSOCIET JOINTPIVOT JOINTGLINDINGJOINT

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