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A Spatial Journey

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A lecture for Alumni and Honour Students at Erasumus University, Rotterdam School of Management. 20 feb 2018. https://goo.gl/6b4UMe

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A Spatial Journey

  1. 1. Location Intelligence A Spatial Journey, @JwvanEck Frontiers in BIM, Erasmus U RSM, 21 February 2018
  2. 2. “interpersonal channels are more important than mass-media channels for later adaptors than for earlier adopters”. Pag. 50. Chapter 2. A History of Diffusion Research.
  3. 3. “As an industry, geospatial services generate US$400 billion in revenue per year.” Prepared by AlphaBeta for Google
  4. 4. Where location adds value From government to business How to take advantage
  5. 5. Tipping points
  6. 6. Tipping points– in hindsight Aerial photography Computers Web GPS Mobile devices All leading to the datafication of our world
  7. 7. Along that journey – from .. .. “government only” to significant other (“business”) .. pins on a map to spatial dashboards .. business to business, to include business to consumers .. static data to real-time and ever moving maps .. working solo, to working in enterprises and ecosystems .. data scarcity to data abundance
  8. 8. “Maps are mandatory for government” It is hard if not impossible to build and maintain infrastructures, health systems, cities, property,.. without the help of GIS
  9. 9. A Living Atlas
  10. 10. Storify the map
  11. 11. Where location adds value From government to business How to take advantage
  12. 12. “Location has become omnipresent” So many social media tools use location. Whether we realise it, or not
  13. 13. “Maps are becoming less optional for business” My suspicion: strategic advantages in firms are less likely to get shared to competing firms From where assets are To where they may be build To why they are there To where they are now
  14. 14. Commercial (Real estate, Retail, Banking/Finance, Marketing, Sales)
  15. 15. Where location adds value From government to business How to take advantage
  16. 16. Geospatial outookreport 2017
  17. 17. “Monitor relevant trends, explore your data options, strategise..!” Come explore with us, it has been a great spatial journey so far!
  18. 18. Visualise your data Enable spatial analytics On dynamic data In order to drive decisions First experimental Than a structured approach
  19. 19. Location Strategy Location Strategy Assess & Plan Initial Operating Capability Operate & Expand Measure & Revisit Strategy Launch your location platform
  20. 20. Decision Support Gain situational awareness, and enable information-driven decision making Analytics Discover, quantify, and predict trends and patterns to improve outcomes Data Management Collect, organize, and maintain accurate locations and details about assets and resources Field Mobility Manage and enable a mobile workforce to collect and access information in the field Constituent Engagement Communicate and collaborate with citizens and external communities of interest Sharing & Collaboration Empower everyone to easily discover, use, make, and share geographic information Mapping & Visualization Understand locations and relationships with maps and visual representations Monitoring Track, manage, and monitor assets and resources in real-time Design & Planning Evaluate alternative solutions and create optimal designs Business functions to support
  21. 21. Where location adds value In many business processes, in ecosystems, in between firms From government to business How to take advantage Different patterns of diffusion Following consumers expectations With an experimental, followed by a structured approach
  22. 22. Further reading • The language of spatial analysis, Esri, 2013, (pdf) • Jumpstart your spatial analytics, Esri, (pdf) • Future Trends in Geospatial Information Management: the five to ten year vision, UN-GGIM, 2015 (pdf) • The economic impact of geospatial services, AlphaBeta for Google, 2016 (link) • Global Geospatial Industry Outlook, GeoSpatial Media, 2017 (pdf)