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JWT: 10 Years of 10 Trends - Executive Summary (January 2015)

Ten years ago, our agency made the pioneering move to set up what we now call JWTIntelligence with the purpose of interpreting these changes and what they mean for the future. Our latest 10 Trends report celebrates a decade of trends forecasts, exploring 10 of the most compelling macro trends identified since JWTIntelligence began its annual forecasts—trends whose impact will be felt into the near future, the ones shaping societal behaviors and attitudes.

New this year: Adding a more global perspective, the report is underpinned with JWT SONAR™ data across 12 markets. We surveyed a total of 6,063 adults aged 18-plus in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Thailand, the U.K. and the U.S. We also consulted with a range of experts and innovators, as well as our global planners and researchers.

The full report--in which we cover each trend in detail, highlighting what's driving the shift, how it's manifesting, what it means for brands and what's next--is available at www.jwtintelligence.com.

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JWT: 10 Years of 10 Trends - Executive Summary (January 2015)

  2. 2. foreword J W T Dear reader, J. Walter Thompson has always believed in the need to understand change. Not just what’s happening now, but what’s happening next. And also that insight, innovation, ideas and inspiration are more often found by throwing the net wide outside our doors, to different sectors, communities, disciplines and minds. When applied, the combination of all this knowledge can truly elevate work and lead not just to creative solutions but shrewdly plotted strategies. That’s why, 10 years ago, our agency made the pioneering move to set up what we now call JWTIntelligence with the purpose of interpreting these changes and what they mean for the future. JWTIntelligence is J. Walter Thompson’s trends forecasting, thought leadership and insight platform, and its annual 10 Trends report has become widely known for setting the agenda on trends. To celebrate 10 years of 10 Trends, this report revisits 10 of the most compelling macro trends identified since JWTIntelligence launched—trends that will impact on 2015 and beyond as they continue to unfold, the ones shaping societal mood, behaviors and attitudes. This report explores where these trends stand now and where they’re headed, with insights gleaned from a J. Walter Thompson survey of consumers across 12 markets and a spectrum of industry experts and innovators. Never has it been more important to understand change. The world is evolving at a rapid rate. Consumers are changing their behavior and adopting new services at breakneck speed, creating real challenges for businesses but also exciting opportunities. It’s our aim to identify the changes that matter, the most impactful ones, and help inspire brands to adapt and create future-ready initiatives. We hope you enjoy. Lucie Greene Worldwide Director of JWTIntelligence J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M
  3. 3. everything is retail01 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M J Shopping is shifting from an activity that takes place in physical stores or online to a value exchange that can play out in new and novel ways. Since almost anything can be a retail channel, thanks largely to mobile technology, brands must get increasingly creative in where and how they sell their goods. Where It’s Headed Everything, everywhere will become shoppable as mobile connectivity unites the digital and physical worlds, consumers develop expectations of seamless purchasing, and brands find ways to merge discovery and purchase opportunities. “WHAT’S HAPPENED OVER THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS IS THAT THE POINTS OF INTERACTION HAVE MULTIPLIED. WHAT WE WILL START TO SEE HAPPEN OVER THE NEXT COUPLE OF YEARS IS THAT THE POINT OF PURCHASE WILL START TO HAPPEN MUCH CLOSER TO THE POINT OF INTERACTION.” —APU GUPTA, CEO OF SHOPPABLE-INSTAGRAM APP CURALATE“ WHERE WE WERE IN 2013
  4. 4. J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M food as the new eco-issue02 J The environmental impact of our food choices will become a more prominent concern as stakeholders—brands, governments and activist organizations—drive awareness around the issue and rethink what kind of food is sold and how it’s made. As more regions battle with food shortages and/or spiking costs, smarter practices around food will join the stable of green “best practices.” Where It’s Headed “Sustainable”is becoming a new buzzword in food as today’s educated eater comes to better understand how food choices affect the environment and what consumers, brands and governments can do to drive positive change. WHERE WE WERE IN 2012
  5. 5. mobile device as everything hub 03 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M J As the availability of wireless broadband expands and the cost of advanced mobile phones drops, the mobile device will become the preferred hub for digital activity. Where It’s Headed Mobile devices are truly an everything hub as more things get digitized or connected and as people take to the smaller screen to watch video, spend, shop, learn, play and much more. WHERE WE WERE IN 2009
  6. 6. going private in public04 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M J In an era when living publicly is becoming the default, people are coming up with creative ways to carve out privatespacesintheirlives.Ratherthanrejectingtoday’s ubiquitous social media and sharing tools outright, we’re reaping all the benefits of maintaining a vibrant digital identity while gradually defining and managing a new notion of privacy for the 21st century. Where It’s Headed With privacy increasingly elusive, people are struggling with how to maintain a vibrant digital identity. Platforms for ephemeral, anonymous or intimate sharing are flourishing, but as a“data economy”comes to the fore, consumers will wrestle with how much to forego anonymity. WHERE WE WERE IN 2013
  7. 7. buying the experience05 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M J Experiences have overtaken objects as the “must-have” purchase. Expect more people to seek boast-worthy experiences over luxury items. Where It’s Headed As the desire to“do”rather than“have”deepens, consumers are seeking ever more shareable, unique and amplified experiences. WHERE WE WERE IN 2007 “IN THE 21ST CENTURY, EVERY PRODUCT AND BRAND NEEDS NOT ONLY A DIGITAL STRATEGY AND A SOCIAL STRATEGY BUT AN EXPERIENTIAL STRATEGY. IN THE 21ST CENTURY, THE WAY TO BUILD LOYALTY IS TO CREATE AN EXPERIENTIAL DIMENSION TO THE BRAND.” —TREVOR TRAINA, CEO OF “EXPERIENTIAL MARKETPLACE”IFONLY “
  8. 8. de-teching06 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M Where It’s Headed The more we’re immersed in technology, the more our anxiety over its effects is growing. There’s a rising sense that technology’s negative effects will outweigh the positive if we don’t find ways to use it more mindfully. “A CRUCIAL LIFE SKILL FOR THE 21ST CENTURY IS VERY SIMPLY TO BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHERE THE TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP AND WHERE IT CAN’T, AND THEN TO MAKE A VERY POSITIVE, CONSCIOUS DECISION AS TO WHETHER TO USE THE TECHNOLOGY OR NOT. MY THEORY IS THAT MOST PEOPLE TODAY DON’T DO THAT; MOST PEOPLE SLEEPWALK INTO THEIR USAGE OF TECHNOLOGY, AND AS A RESULT, THEY END UP WITH FRUSTRATION.” —DAVE COPLIN, AUTHOR OF THE RISE OF THE HUMANS AND CHIEF ENVISIONING OFFICER FOR MICROSOFT UK “ More people will choose to log off—at least temporarily—or engage in one tech activity at a time in an effort to re-engage in the offline present and/or to rewire their brains to be more effective. WHERE WE WERE IN 2011 J
  9. 9. predictive personalization07 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M Where It’s Headed Thanks to insights gleaned from Big Data analysis, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and new tools like beacons, brands are getting better at predicting what people need or want. The challenge will be to harness new data streams without setting off privacy fears and to balance predictive personalization with serendipitous discovery. As data analysis becomes more cost efficient, the science gets more sophisticated and consumers generate more measurable data than ever, brands will increasingly be able to predict customer behavior, needs or wants— and tailor offers and communications very precisely. WHERE WE WERE IN 2013 J
  10. 10. queen trumps king08 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M One of the most important factors shaping societies across the world is the rising economic and political powerofwomen.Therearestillwidespreadfundamental inequalities; but as women go further in education, become more influential in the modern workplace, and make empowering personal choices around marriage and family life, the balance is shifting in their favor. Women are gaining a fairer share of opportunities, power and money, and challenging the concept of the “man’s world.” Where It’s Headed Women are racing ahead as gender dynamics change rapidly in the home, the workplace and culture, and as determination strengthens across genders to engineer greater equality. Many in the youngest generations, meanwhile, are blurring traditional gender distinctions altogether. WHERE WE WERE IN 2008
  11. 11. retooling for an aging world 09 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M J As the world’s population grows older than it’s ever been, watch for a proliferation of products and services that cater to this demographic as they strive to live independently for as long as they can. Where It’s Headed The full impact of the demographic shift from young to old has yet to be felt: Brands will need to do much more to adapt for older consumers—a cohort that’s rebranding aging altogether. WHERE WE WERE IN 2010
  12. 12. cooperative consumption10 J W T J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M J Sharing has never been so hip. Thanks to the rise of online social networking, people are sharing just about everything,fromcarpoolingdutiestotheirlivingrooms. Where It’s Headed The sharing economy has exploded in recent years, going into new categories and gaining traction with many more consumers (while also seeing a growing backlash). Although a serious threat to some brands, others are finding creative ways to tap into this new business model and mode of consumption. WHERE WE WERE IN 2008
  13. 13. About J. Walter Thompson J.Walter Thompson, the world’s best-known marketing communications brand, has been inventing pioneering ideas for the past 150 years. Headquartered in NewYork, JWT is a true global network with more than 200 offices in over 90 countries, employing nearly 10,000 marketing professionals. JWT consistently ranks among the top agency networks in the world and continues a dominant presence in the industry by staying on the leading edge—from hiring the industry’s first female copywriter to developing award-winning branded content today. For more information, please visit www.jwt.com and follow us @JWT_Worldwide. About JWTIntelligence JWTIntelligence is a center for provocative thinking that focuses on identifying shifts in the global zeitgeist. Its aim is to bring the outside in—to help inspire ideas beyond brand, category and consumer conventions—and to identify emerging opportunities so they can be leveraged for business gain. As a part of JWT, the world’s best-known marketing communications brand, JWTIntelligence has conducted trends research and analysis across categories and geographies for a decade. For more information, please visit www.jwtintelligence.com and follow us @JWTIntelligence. To purchase 10 Years of 10 Trends, please visit JWTIntelligence.com/shop. For inquiries, email hallie.steiner@jwt.com. credits/ contact J W T I N T E L L I G E N C E . C O M J W T