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PPC & SEO Proposal from Experts

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PPC & SEO Proposal from Experts

  1. 1. Se rch Engine Optimiz tion Propos l www.s reindi .in
  2. 2. A out S re… Comp ny founded & fully owned y MAA Holdings - Indi • Pioneers in integr ted m rketing communic tions in Indi • Among the firsts to set up independent & speci lized m rketing gencies. • Dedic ted & experienced profession ls • Over dec de of experience cross c tegories in m n ging m rketing progr ms • Experience working with c tegory le ding clients www.s reindi .in
  3. 3. Our services • Inter ctive m rketing services • Direct m rketing services www.s reindi .in
  4. 4. Inter ctive m rketing services We offer n lytics driven inter ctive solutions • We site design & development • We n lytics • Se rch engine optimiz tion • Se rch engine m rketing • Em il m rketing www.s reindi .in
  5. 5. Direct m rketing services Pl n & m n ge m rketing engines th t uild one-to-one customer rel tionships Customer Acquisition Progr ms • Le d gener tion • Pre-l unch m rketing ctivities Customer Retention Progr ms • Customer cont ct progr ms • Customer / Ch nnel loy lty progr ms www.s reindi .in
  6. 6. Se rch Engine Optimiz tion Propos l www.s reindi .in
  7. 7. Go l Higher & qu lity referr ls y chieving top r nkings for v rious relev nt key phr ses in org nic se rch engine results th t Incre se qu lified tr ffic to We site. www.s reindi .in
  8. 8. 7 Step Process • Project o jectives • Site n lysis • Key word rese rch • Competitive n lysis • On p ge optimiz tion • Off p ge optimiz tion • Continuous me surement www.s reindi .in
  9. 9. Project o jectives B sed on your rief nd requirements optimiz tion project o jectives will e defined. Whether it is r nkings th t needs to e improved, num er of visitors th t needs to e incre sed, or if it is the qu lity & in turn conversions. www.s reindi .in
  10. 10. Site n lysis Validation of brief – this stage entails an assessment of site performance. We review design, l yout, n vig tion, colors, ckground, fonts, im ges, roken links, met t gs, content , html v lid tion, rowser nd resolution comp ti ility, lo ding times, se rch engine r nkings, site st tistics nd cre ting error p ges to determine next course of ction. We lso n lyze current tr ffic trends through log n lysis softw re. If not fe si le, the we site will h ve to inst ll ny industry st nd rd softw re. We will lso n lyze se rch engine positioning efore su mission. O jective here is to c rry out thorough study on current se rch engine positions nd current effective keywords/ key phr ses where the we site h s chieved consistent, respect le r nkings cross su mitted-to se rch engines. www.s reindi .in
  11. 11. Key word rese rch An lyze popul r keywords in c tegory cross m jor se rch engines. Study top 20 position holders in m jor se rch engines This process involves identifying relev nt & import nt key words for your comp ny, competition & the industry t l rge. Next steps involves optimizing the site for chosen keywords. www.s reindi .in
  12. 12. Competitive n lysis During this process, we rese rch for key words th t drive tr ffic to your competitors site, their met t gs, qu lity of content, site design, rchitecture, technology nd re djust our optimiz tion efforts. By this we c n g in gre ter insight into wh t it t kes to r nk for the keywords we re interested in r nking for, nd help us etter underst nd the steps/t ctics th t we need to employ to compete with those th t re showing up in the SERPs. www.s reindi .in
  13. 13. Content editing Once we h ve rese rched for key words, we recommend content edits to improve key word density. If required, we offer content cre tion services s well to ensure your etter results during se rch cr wls. We will do site re engineering to optimize the entire site with site content/n vig tion with ppropri te keyword weight ge www.s reindi .in
  14. 14. On p ge optimiz tion Ent ils optimiz tion efforts done intern lly on your site. • P ge optimiz tion : involves complete keyword, title, nd site description met t g optimiz tion for every p ge on your site. Also, involves lo d time optimiz tion, code v lid tion nd keyword density • Design optimiz tion : We will review your present home p ge design & inner p ges nd m ke recommend tions to ensure etter conversion r tes. • Content p ges : We dvise our clients to h ve content-rich site, we help cre te ddition l p ges with rel ted content. E ch p ge will focus on cert in key phr se. If needed, our copy writers c n cre te ddition l content for you. Along with the focus of e ch key phr se, the ultim te go l ehind these p ges is to g in in ound links from other sites nd the we site in gener l. • Inform tion rchitecture : We ex mine the org niz tion l hier rchy of site. Study topics nd c tegoriz tion th t imp cts us ility of your site. Our im is to optimize every visitors end-go l when they visit your site. www.s reindi .in
  15. 15. Off p ge optimiz tion Ent ils optimiz tion efforts done extern lly . Det ils • Su missions : We perform utom ted timed su missions to m ny m jor se rch engines (Y hoo, MSN, Google, etc.). Where M nu l Su missions re required, we will loc te, su mit, nd tr ck the st tus of e ch su mission. Since se rch engines v lue directories listings more, we c n do comprehensive directory listing for your site. • Link uilding :The more relev nt nd v lid links you h ve to your site, the higher the r nk on the se rch engine. We focus he vily on getting your site linked from other relev nt sites. Also, Cross-linking we sites is n effective w y to g in se rch engine r nking. Thus, reciproc l link p rtners nd directories help to g in your link num ers. In ddition, we will lso uild n utom ted directory system inst lled on your site th t will m n ge reciproc l links. • Other services : linking p ges y su mission of press rele ses, writing rticles, seeding of content in forums nd logs. www.s reindi .in
  16. 16. Continuous me surement Proper SEO is continuous, iter tive process. Efforts h ve to e const ntly monitored, me sured & corrected to re ch your go l. We monitor our SEO efforts with KPI’s like : • Percent referr ls from se rch engines • Se rch engine conversion • Keyword – popul rity, density, tr ffic & conversion • Me sure nd Monitor Site's Link Popul rity • Site Technic l Qu lity Metrics www.s reindi .in
  17. 17. Reporting • Performance Reports: – We will provide n Excel document which summ rizes the following items: • D te su mitted • 3-month follow-up d te • Fin l follow-up d te • Monthly Ranking Reports: – We will provide n Excel document which summ rizes the following items: • The site RL • R nk chieved • P ge Num er on which r nk is chieved www.s reindi .in
  18. 18. P y Per Click www.s reindi .in
  19. 19. Benefits of PPC • Speed – You c n chieve inst nt r nkings • Position Control – You c n chieve which ever position you w nt • Br nding: you c n h ve ttr ctive descriptions in your ds • Inst nt pd tes: Keywords c n e deleted dded or upd ted inst ntly • An lytics: ROI, Cost per le d nd cquisition c n e c lcul ted. • Product l unches: new products c n e dvertised inst ntly with PPC • R nking on Competitive terms c n e chieved inst ntly • T rgeting specific geogr phy, l ngu ges etc. www.s reindi .in
  20. 20. Process • O jective Setting nd Business Model study • PPC Keyword Rese rch • isitor Conversion An lysis • Ad Copy Cre tion • C mp ign Setup • C mp ign M n gement www.s reindi .in
  21. 21. O jective Setting nd Business Model study • nder this step we set the o jectives of the c mp ign in close consult tion with the Client nd get n in-depth underst nding of your usiness model nd usiness requirements. • Deliverables: – List of o jectives (Word Doc) – Det iled Questionn ire (Word Doc) • Once the O jectives setting nd Business Model study h ve een done, com in tion of the following PPC services is utilized. www.s reindi .in
  22. 22. Keyword Rese rch • B sed on your nswers, we'll e short-listing list of round 50-200 keywords. The initi l rese rch churns out hundreds of keywords nd we system tic lly drill down to the most efficient keywords fter deleting the ones, which re not relev nt or cost effective for your PPC C mp ign. • Deliverables: – Det iled keyword rese rch (.xls) www.s reindi .in
  23. 23. isitor Conversion An lysis • B sed on the O jectives of the C mp ign nd fin lized keywords we would e studying the suit ility of your site’s current We P ges to e the l nding p ges for the c mp ign or/ nd suggest cre tion of customized l nding p ges. In PPC, l nding p ges re import nt s they re the entry points to your we site nd determine the conversion of isitor. • Deliverables – isitor Conversion An lysis Report (.doc) www.s reindi .in
  24. 24. Ad Copy Cre tion • After studying the l nding p ges of your we site we would cre te specific ds for the fin lized keywords to ensure m ximum visi ility nd Click through R te (CTR). We would cre te customized ttr ctive d copy, which incre ses the pro ility of click from the se rch engine tr ffic. • Deliverables: – Ad copy for ll keywords for your pprov l (.doc) www.s reindi .in
  25. 25. C mp ign Setup • We would e setting your site’s c mp ign in the following Se rch Engines: – Google Adwords – Y hoo Se rch M rketing • We c n lso set up c mp igns on ddition l Se rch Engines such s MSN Ad Center, nd Business.com etc depending upon your requirements. • Deliverable – Se rch Engine C mp ign www.s reindi .in
  26. 26. C mp ign M n gement • C mp ign m n gement would involve host of different steps nd n lytic l techniques like -CTR M n gement, Bid M n gement, A/B split testing, C mp ign ROI n lysis, C mp ign Ads nd keyword twe king nd Weekly C mp ign Reporting. • Deliverables – Weekly Report – Monthly report www.s reindi .in
  27. 27. Our SP • Our Unique Customer Profiling: The potenti l udience of the client is psychologic lly profiled y our experts, for ssessing their needs during their online se rch cycle. This gives us indic tion of potenti l low- id keywords, which continue to ddress such needs. • Our Unique Visitor Conversion Analysis: Study off v rious metrics like look nd feel of site, competitor dv nt ge, e se of uying etc. sed on the Customer profile, Fin lized Keywords nd the o jectives of the c mp ign. • Industry proven experience in Keyword Research: S re h s done det iled keyword rese rch for sever l clients for v rious online m rketing c mp igns. • Dedicated account manager and team: we would h ve dedic ted te m of n working for your project. • Professional Ad copy writing for each Keyword: Our profession l copywriters would e writing the d copy of e ch d for the c mp ign fter studying v rious reports like c mp ign o jectives, isitor Conversion etc. • Campaign monitoring and tweaking on a daily basis: We would e monitoring nd m king ch nges to your c mp ign specific tion on d ily sis. www.s reindi .in
  28. 28. Interested Cont ct us: r m.k s reinid .in Mo ile: +91 9845477190 S re M rketing Services Pvt. Ltd. #2561, 16th D, M in, HAL 2nd St ge, Indir n g r, B ng lore-560008 www.s reindi .in