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Marketing Strategy Bread and Beyond Pakistan

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Marketing Strategy Bread and Beyond Pakistan

  2. 2. Introduction  Subsidiary of Dawn bread  Signifies quality and freshness in bread.  First mover advantage of live bakery.  Satisfies customers on the bases of quality and professionalism.  Offer world class products to food service industry.
  3. 3.  Create natural preference for products among customers on the base of value of money and most importantly taste and quality.
  4. 4. History  Dawn came into existence in 1979.  First plan installed in Karachi in 1981.  Supplier of highly innovated products in terms of technology and industry trends.  Got lead and planned to open first ever live bakery in Pakistan
  5. 5. Mission Statement  Committed to serve freshly baked assortments  Committed to provides healthy and safest products  Strives to deliver international trends in Pakistan  struggling in updating every grocery store to have a fresh live bakery of any size.
  6. 6. Product Line  Bread  Cookies  Muffins  Cakes  Sandwich  Brownie  Tart  Pastries
  7. 7. Marketing Strategy
  8. 8. Segmentation and Target market  Psychographic Segmentation  Demographic Segmentation  Geographic Segmentation  Behavioral segmentation
  9. 9. Expanding target market  opening a flagship outlets
  10. 10. Threads from competitors  Jalal Sons is the strongest competitor  non-branded producers of backing industry
  11. 11. Threats and opportunity for price  market trends  price-cutting  Price war  Pakistan wheat harvest
  12. 12. Market Penetration  Display case  Create a loyalty program  Create a baking good of the month
  13. 13. Market Development  Buy advertisement in that town’s magazine  Connect online with local town bloggers
  14. 14. Alternative Channels  Sell through your website  Selling bulk goods to local businesses and community events  Sell through distributors or grocery stores
  15. 15. Product Development  Develop new bakery items  Develop a “cupcake of the month” and introduce a newly developed cupcake each month.  Develop a monthly subscription to “cupcake of the month
  16. 16. New Product for new customers  Unbaked products  Wedding cakes and birthday cakes  Seek out a niche market and develop a line of baking goods just for them
  17. 17. PROMOTIONAL PLAN • Television • Print media • Facebook • Billboards • Flex • Pos material
  18. 18. TELEVISION  AD broadcasted  Our message is for the whole year as no seasonal or event requirement is present.  AD broadcasted throughout the day  Television captures more audiance http://breadbeyond.com
  19. 19. FLEX  We will use flexes to attract our customers and to promote our products in different places. http://breadbeyond.com
  20. 20. PRINT MEDIA  Many retailers prefer advertising in local newspaper  The perception rate is high because the reader can get more than one impact from the same message  Brochures inform, posters inspire and packaging validates the customer's buying decision http://breadbeyond.com
  21. 21. FACEBOOK  Social media, as a modern marketing tool, offers opportunities to reach larger audiences in an interactive way.  Facebook page attract our customers by posting different things where customer can see what new products we are going to launch in market, http://breadbeyond.com
  22. 22. BILLBOARDS  We are using billboards in Lahore. Karachi Islamabad they will be repeated in different areas of these cities.  Prime locations http://breadbeyond.com
  23. 23. POS MATERIAL  We are displaying our product in different grocery stores in different areas of cities  We are displaying our product in different grocery stores in different areas of cities
  24. 24. POS MATERIAL  We are using different point of sales materials such as  Posters  Shelf talkers  Table tents  Banners  Signs
  25. 25. According to NOMAN HUSSAIN the Director :  Bread & beyond is highly aware of the need for appealing products which satisfy our strong customer base.  We introduced the concept of live bakery for the first time in Pakistan.  Our past, present, and future long-term commitment to the industry and to each of our customers.
  26. 26.  We offer world class products to the food service industry.  The services of cooking consultants and Bakers of International repute to bring innovation in our products.  Our ultimate aim is to retain the Company customers and create natural preference for our products.
  27. 27.  Now after successfully opening of our products plants all over the nation it was time to move on.  One of the most upcoming trends was frozen bakery products.  This is where we got our lead and planned to open the first every live bakery in Pakistan.  Now B&B has successfully installed sites in all over Pakistan.
  28. 28. We are committed in:  Providing the customers the most possible freshly baked assortment.  Providing the safest and healthy product and it starts from auditing our raw material suppliers.  Creating awareness toward safe and healthy products.  Creating the new attitude and onsite production of our products.
  29. 29.  Our efficient R&D is always on a look out on the newest trends in Bakery world.
  30. 30.  We are struggling in updating every grocery store in Pakistan to have a fresh live bakery of any size.  The introduction of frozen assortment helps the customer minimize their expenses on baking.
  31. 31. Promotional Plan  Below the line promotions  Above the line promotions  Through the line promotions
  32. 32. Below the line promotions involves a range of methods which can be targeted at specific groups of customers. Like:  Sales Promotions  Direct mail  Public relations  Customer newsletters and magazines  E-Mail
  33. 33. Above the line promotions Includes the use of advertising to reach a mass audience. Advertising like:  Television  Radio
  34. 34. Through the line Promotions  marketing campaign that combines both above the line and below the line.