Balancing the Work from Home Lifestyle

14. Nov 2013

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Balancing the Work from Home Lifestyle

  1. November 11 & 12, 2013 Julie Kittredge Business Services Advisor
  2. You are your own boss! You can …  call the shots  have a flexible work schedule  work around other responsibilities  follow your dreams  save money But …
  3. But …  You wonder where the time     went at the end of the day Your to do list looks the same as it did yesterday You’re spending too much time on social media You’re operating on a day to day basis without a plan Working from home is starting to feel unproductive and around the clock. A little planning can help
  4. Determine your best work times  Create set business hours.  Is your house quiet between 10 -1? That is your work time.  Is it evenings between 8pm – 11pm?  Is it early mornings 5am – 7am?  Pick your time. Stick to it. Protect it.  At the end of the day, put the work away.  Don’t fall into the trap of working more hours than you would at a regular job (exception: start-up mode)  Realistically, productive hours are about 4-5 per day. During those hours, sit and work. Show Up.
  5. Get Organized  Schedule everything!!  Laundry  Meals  Grocery shopping  Email times, social media times  Marketing day, Finance Day, Bank/Post office day  Set aside one morning for social media/marketing tasks. Hootsuite  Dedicate one morning per week to stay on top of finances. Quickbooks
  6. Productivity Tools      The secret to productivity: Don’t do so much. We tend to think we can accomplish so much more than is realistic. Multitasking is not productive work. Plan for your morning, then your afternoon. Respond to emails and messages quickly. (Schedule your email time)  Use voicemail to screen calls.  Don’t let the urgent take over the important.  Apps for blocking out the internet on your computer  Anti-social $15  Leechblock – Free Firefox addon  Freedom $10
  7. Planning ahead  Set goals for your business.  What five things need to be accomplished in the next  Three months?  What is the first step, and then the next step.  Have a marketing or editorial plan  This is your guide to what you need to be working on.  Don’t let inspiration take you on a rabbit trail  Avoid getting overwhelmed or distracted.
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  9. Create Routines or Rituals  It’s mental programming for getting in the groove.  Your brain will sense it’s time to get into work mode  For example: Work hours 9-2     Get the kids off to school Turn on classical music Get your cup of tea Sit to do the tasks you’ve planned ahead for the day
  10. TIP:: Do not check email first!  “Checking Email” sets you up for the endless cycle of internet cyber space  Spend the first hour accomplishing the first most important thing on your list. This will create momentum for the rest of your day AND it will give you a sense of productivity – if nothing else is accomplished for the rest of the day – you will have accomplished this one most important thing.  Fun article about what successful people do during the first hour of their workday here.
  11. Just SHOW UP  Half the battle is gluing your butt to the chair and beginning.  Set a timer for 30 minutes, and just begin one thing.  When you show up, 9 times out of 10 you will create something.
  12. Reward Hard Work  You’ve set the timer. You worked two hours.  You’ve earned a break. Take a breather. Eat lunch.  Reward yourself 10 minutes of _______.  Go for a walk  Get a cup of tea Then get back at it. Set the timer again.
  13. Beat Isolation  Stay connected and professional  Join local organizations or networking groups  Chamber of commerce  Organize a coffee day with other local business owners for networking   Library programs
  14. Take work away from the house  Way too many distractions at home. Head out for the first or second half of your day  Good for desk work  Email  Writing a newsletter  Brainstorming goals  Schedule an out of the house work morning @  The library  A Coffee shop  A Bookstore
  15. Avoid burnout – you cannot do it ALL.  Develop a niche. You don’t have to service every inquiry that comes you way. Who do you REALLY want to serve?  Good book on the subject Worth Every Penny, by Sara Petty and Erin Verbeck  Stay true to your business vision and your priorities.  Say No: You’ll have to say no to some activities in order to make time for your business.  Schedule time with your spouse or significant other.  Schedule time to take care of you.
  16. Take Care of YOU  Determine your daily non-negotables.  Exercise: It increases your energy and mental clarity  Eat healthfully: be intentional about your lunch – avoid snacking or skipping meals  Schedule once a month lunch with friends  Attend inspiring workshops and conferences  Pursue ongoing learning:  Learn4Life (for AH cardholders only)  Ed2Go (for everyone else)
  17. Last thing of the day Write down 6 things you must accomplish the next day.
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