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Towards positive (impact) culture? First, we need to repair

Talk at Next Steps for REF event March 2021. Focus on impact literacy, institutional and individual health, and the need to repair. Full blog post available at juliebayley.blog

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Towards positive (impact) culture? First, we need to repair

  1. 1. Towards positive culture? First, we need to repair Dr Julie Bayley, CPsychol Director of Research Impact Development jbayley@lincoln.ac.uk Twitter: @JulieEBayley Blog: juliebayley.blog
  2. 2. And more this
  3. 3. Dr Anthony Atkin ARMA ‘The Protagonist’, Winter 2019 Rule complexity
  4. 4. In a survey of 174 impact professionals involved in the REF in May 2020, 58% of respondents were on fixed term contracts with 72% of these finishing on or before the REF2021 submission deadline.
  5. 5. The sector is exhausted
  6. 6. We can’t stimulate positive cultures and wellbeing until we acknowledge what’s fallen Time to stop, review, and mend
  7. 7. Strong community of practice Continued commitment to making a difference Impact part of academic consciousness Research on impact Towards the future
  8. 8. Thank you jbayley@lincoln.ac.uk Twitter: @JulieEBayley More at juliebayley.blog