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Julie Anne, Writer for Hire -- Resume

Julie Anne, an eight-year freelance writer for hire and producer of SEO content, now uploads her resume to Slideshare.

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Julie Anne, Writer for Hire -- Resume

  1. 1. Success Story: Eight years ago, Julie began the most exciting journey of her life. At that time, she never dreamed she could make money doing what she loves to do best – write articles, press releases, stories, etc. Julie Ann Blodgett (Julie Anne) http://www.jabsfreelance.com 1-920-265-8188 Julie@jabsfreelanceworld.com Objective Julie wants to secure at least 20 hours of writing and proofreading work in addition to her current employment. Full-time opportunities also interest her. Skills She provides the following services: SEO content and website article writing, slideshow and .pdf creation, proofreading and editing, blog management, and basic premium Wordpress setup. She also posts text, quotes and images on social media timelines. In addition, she provides sales content, newsletter announcements and copywriting text. Her Current Position From January 2013 to Present – Writer and editor for Boost Software, Incorporated Responsibilities – She writes blog posts, company announcements, product descriptions and press releases. Additionally, Julie proofreads drafts and publishes articles, and she interacts on company social media pages. She also completes virtual assistant tasks: blog posting, comment moderation and review writing. Additionally, the company’s Director of Public Relations (Erin Walsh) relies on her for project input. Professional Experience November 2005 to Present -- Julie Ann Blodgett delivered thousands pieces of content to clients on an independent basis. Past regular customers she served include Nitin Jain, Dave Jackson, Amanda Garrett, Dave Pipitone, Avery Morgan, and others. Prior to 2005, she published volunteer works in newspapers and creative publications. Completed Projects – Julie wrote blog articles, historical research projects, merchandise descriptions and product reviews. She also provided copy writing and text proofreading. Furthermore, she has also been published in a short story creative non-fiction publication, and she wrote memoirs. Topics Covered -- Health, travel, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, herbs, history, fashion, technology, hotels, destinations, flying, fishing, books, movies, music, and more. Education Publications 2013 to Present – Online writing, grammar and marketing courses in AP style 2005 to Present – Articles on The People History.com; Hundreds of website and blog articles (mostly ghostwritten with a few bylines) 1992 – 1996 -- University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (Practicum in Print Journalism and College Writing) 1989 to 1992 -- Green Bay West High School, Wisconsin (Diploma Received) 2006 -- A Cup of Comfort for Christians (Short non-fiction story) 1992 to 1996 --The Fourth Estate, UW-Green Bay (Newspaper features); Sheepshead Revue, UW-Green Bay (Poetry entries)