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The Ultimate Copywriting E-Class

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Slides for an upcoming copywriting e-class... contact me at JuhoTunkelo.com if you're interested in attending.

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The Ultimate Copywriting E-Class

  2. 2. NOT Just Another Webinar, Mentorship or ‘Course’...
  3. 3. NOT About ‘Learning To Write’ Either... (shudder)
  4. 4. NOT Even About ‘Becoming A Copywriter’ (can lead to that IF you want it to)
  5. 5. This Is ALL About ‘Getting’And Immediately Applying The Very BEST of Copy... ...For Immediate Profits!
  6. 6. “De-Mystifying Copywriting Into Its Essential Components” We’re About To Finally Break Down The Wall Between The Copywriter And The Entrepreneur...
  7. 7. Element #1: The Offer It’s Not What You Think It Is It’s The Underlying Principle Of Copy It’s What It Ultimately Leads To (So It’s Best To Know This As You Write) NOT Just About Discounts, Etc.
  8. 8. Element #2: Pricing Let’s Face It: Many Buy On Price Alone Discover The Secrets Of Pricing Right (Essential In These Times Of Thrift) When To Go Low, When To Go High...
  9. 9. Element #3: Positioning Put Yourself In A Position Where People Realize They Need You Make Sure You Stand Out In A Crowd Of Me-Too’s Your Ideal Customers Cannot In All Honesty Be Without You
  10. 10. Element #4: The Flow The Most Common Mistake That Ruins An Otherwise Well-Crafted Pitch A Complete Turnoff In Hotly Competed Markets (Online, This Is Every Market) Learn The Natural Structure And Flow Of Copy That Truly Sucks The Reader In
  11. 11. Element #5: Triggers The Fundamental Psychological Triggers That Make People Act The Relationship Triggers That Create Intimacy And The Need To Please “Know, Like, Trust” - Advanced Application Of The Uber Principle Special: How To Cultivate Followership
  12. 12. Element #6: Visuals THE Most Common Copy Turnoff Today (And Oddly The Easiest To Fix - Do It!) Who Are You Kidding - You Are Being Judged On Looks First! Get The 10 Principles Of Visual Persuasion (Not Taught By Anyone)
  13. 13. Element #7: Drama You Need To Open Fast With Drama (See How TV Shows Do ‘Cold Open’) Pull Them Into Your World And Show The Magic Inside It... Imply Transformation, Make It Enticing... Then They’ll Follow You!
  14. 14. Element #8: Personality People Buy From People -Unconsciously Respond to Like Gestures And So On... You Need To Show Up! (As Yourself) Show Them The Real You And Your Real Results... And They’ll Follow You!
  15. 15. Element #9: Bonding When You Create A Bond... You’re In Like James Bond (Insert Platitude...) Stories That Make You Relatable vs. Stories That Just Make You Boring They’ll Do Anything For You (Including Buy From You)
  16. 16. Sugar On Top: Group Q&A Sessions Your Questions Answered Via Email (Weekly Quota) Instant Messaging Access For Urgent Needs (For The Duration Of E-Class)
  17. 17. Here’s A Clue For You.
  18. 18. None Of This Is Brain Surgery.
  19. 19. I’m Sorry About That... ...But See How That Works?!
  20. 20. What You Do NOT Need You Don’t Need A Knack For Marketing You Don’t Need The Talent For Writing You Don’t Even Need Smarts...
  21. 21. All You Need Is... LOVE? Well Yes, As It Happens... :)
  22. 22. You Need To Understand These 9 Principles Of Powerful Copywriting You Need To Put Them Into Practice You Need To Develop The Ability To Weave A Message So Powerful...
  23. 23. You WILL Stop Worrying About It. (Rolling In Cash Tends To Do That... ;)
  24. 24. Here’s What I Want You To Do Next: (Buy my stuff ;)