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A bright future for GNOME
Xan LópezJuan José Sánchez
How is GNOME doing?
Good things
Open development         +   Free Software         = Level playing field
15 years of experience  delivering software
Modern UX for everybody:          simple          usable        accessible    internationalized
Powerful and mature core technologies          (GNOME platform)
GNOME 3 is awesome!
Bad things
Focus on the traditional desktop
Lack of direction and vision
Stop energy
Lack of corporate involvementFragmentation / Freeloaders      Limited resources
Bad developer story
Brain drain / Losing users
iOS / Android  They have the marketBut not everyone is happy
Other open alternatives failing(Maemo, Moblin, Limo, Meego,...)Tizen? OpenWebOS? FirefoxOS?
We need A PLAN
More GNOME 3More focus on mobileGNOME as an OS/distro
An ambitious plan for 3.8 - 3.12           Roadmap
GNOME 3.12 = GNOME 4.0 = GNOME OS           March 2014
Shell + Core apps mature and polished (4.0)
Touch enabled mobile UX (4.0)     GNOME on tablets
OS / Installer / Updater (4.0)Q&A / Buildbots (4.0)
SDK (4.x)
Distribution channels and support for:          Native applications (4.x)Web (hosted and packaged) applications (4.x)
HW available with GNOME 4.x preinstalled (4.x)
Enable (new) sustainability models
Hardware related business modelsCloud servicesApp storeSupport / Consultancy
We need to discuss and define this plan
BoardDesign teamRelease teamModule maintainersGNOME companies and volunteers
Lets make it happenAnd start during this GUADEC
Come to the GNOME OS BoF/hackfest(30th of July, room 2.1a, 10am)Talk to us!
Make no little plans. They have no magic to stirmens blood and probably will not themselves berealized.Daniel Burnham
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Other open alternatives failing(Maemo, Moblin, A bright future for GNOME

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Other open alternatives failing(Maemo, Moblin, Limo, Meego,...)Tizen? OpenWebOS? FirefoxOS?

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