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Award turf supplies help to prepare new lawns in sydney

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Preparing a new lawn? or need help to makeover your existing garden, we at Award Turf Supplies help you all the ways. For more details visit us.

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Award turf supplies help to prepare new lawns in sydney

  1. 1. Award Turf Supplies- Help To Prepare New Lawns in Sydney Contact Us For More Information Phone: +(02) 4576-6173
  2. 2. About Award Turf Supplies Award Turf Supplies is a family owned business, and operated over 40 years of combined farming history in Freemans Reach, NSW. Our turf farm is operated on 100 acres of land located on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. We at Award Turf Supplies offer you first class turf services, we also help you to prepare new lawns by the help of our experts. We offer complete variety of turf including- Buffalo Grass, Couch Grass, Kikuyu Grass, Matilda Turf and Wintergreen Couch Turf and New Lawns Sydney Service. Award Turf Supplies is the one stop solution for Green, healthy and beautifully developed turf and lawns.
  3. 3. To prepare a beautiful lawn we help you from the choosing the turf variety to the complete turf installation- Our expert turf service person clean the space where you want you turf After that they properly prepare that place and remove unnecessary objects Cont… How We Help You
  4. 4. Before seeding or sodding, it's important to thoroughly work the soil. Amend poor soils, such as heavy clay, by adding organic matter. Sources include compost, rotted manure, peat, and quality topsoil should clean propely. Cont… How We Help You
  5. 5. When preparing the soil, it's important to establish a favorable final grade. Rough grading should include removal of any rock or other debris. Avoid burying construction debris, as this could cause problems for the grass later. Cont… How We Help You
  6. 6. Contact Us 448, Freemans Reach Rd, Freemans Reach, NSW, Australia E-mail: info@awardturfsupplies.com.au Website: http://www.awardturfsupplies.com.au/
  7. 7. Thank You