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Mark Frankel: An 'open invitation' to a new beat

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Slides from a talk at newsrewired, 11 July in London

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Mark Frankel: An 'open invitation' to a new beat

  1. 1. An ‘open invitation’ to a new beat Journalists on social Media, messaging and online communities
  2. 2. Key themes Discovery Trust Ethics Those who inhabit these networks are looking for stories to find them in their news feed The biggest impediment for journalists in this space is establishing trust The ethical challenges for journalists seeking to participate openly or undercover in these groups & communities are very real
  3. 3. How easy and appropriate is it for journalists to join groups and communities intent on peer-to-peer online discussion? What issues and barriers are there in journalists building meaningful connections in these online spaces? How much of what can be observed in these forums would a journalist wish to use or relay to colleagues for publication or broadcast
  4. 4. 2018 Reuters Digital News Report 201 News Report
  5. 5. Some subreddit communities of note: r/bestof r/news r/worldnews r/politics r/PoliticalDiscussion r/science r/tech r/todayilearned r/Depthub r/AskReddit r/askscience r/relationships r/2xchromosomes r/communitychat r/inthenews Beyond ‘lurking’
  6. 6. Takeaways Be clear about why you’re there? Do you need to be undercover, on a VPN? Diversity of newsroom is essential for access & building trust Find my full report on Medium: https://medium.com/@markfrankel29