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How to get volunteers to like you2

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How to get volunteers to like you2

  1. 1. How to make a Facebook Page
  2. 2.  Jo Williams  Volunteer Coordinator  Wehr Nature Center, Franklin, WI  Jo.williams@ces.uwex.edu  Pat Fojut  Director  Nature in the Parks, Franklin, WI  Patricia.fojut@ces.uwex.edu
  3. 3.  Introduce Facebook accounts, pages, profiles and groups  Learn how to set up an account and create and manage a page and a group  Learn how to protect your privacy  See examples of accounts, pages and groups  Explore how to integrate a Facebook page with a Web page/Blogs
  4. 4.  Who has a Facebook Account?  Topped 800 million users as of July 2011
  5. 5.  Who has been on Facebook in the last month?  …the last week?  …today?  50% are on Facebook each day
  6. 6.  Have it on your smartphone?  350 million use mobile devises
  7. 7.  Only one account per person  Business Account or Personal Profile  Searches
  8. 8.  Pagesfrom either a Personal Profile/Timeline or a Business Account  Groups from a Personal Profile/Timeline
  9. 9.  Information and posts are visible to everyone, even people not on Facebook  People have to have a personal profile to “like” a page  Audience is everyone/anyone  Administrators can share posts  Posts are shared with people who have “liked” the page  Friends can post to site  Can not edit or change name or username  Multiple administrators
  10. 10.  Setting can be open or private  Audience is limited in size  Members receive posts automatically  Members have to be invited by administrator  Posts are visible to members only  Only members can post
  11. 11.  Open to anyone  Limited membership  They receive posts  Only members receive after “liking “ the site posts  Can set options so  Only members can anyone can post post  Good way to promote  Good for small group an working on project or organization, group, c sharing a goal ause or brand
  12. 12.  Go to “Create a Page” site
  13. 13.  Shorter URL  25 “LIKES”  As close to public name as possible  Only alpha and period  Not transferable  Meet Facebook standards
  14. 14.  Upload to albums  Use for profile  Not larger than 15 MB  Profile photo limited to 4 MB
  15. 15.  Privacy Settings  Customize settings to control how you connect with friends and friends of friends.  Make sure to review and control tags on your content.  Review who your audience is and control past posts or even block people or apps.  Account Settings  Select a username carefully.  Make it easy for friends to find you with URL address.  Linked accounts make it convenient to use and post pictures.  Security Settings  Let’s you costumize how you manage activity on the organization facebook page with notifications and login controls.  Under account Settings, look for Security on left column.  Choose to enable or disable notifications, browsing and approvals including a password if you choose.
  16. 16.  Tags-Links to photos and status updates  Settings & control  How to create pages  From either type of account  Sharing posts  Archived posts  Community pages  Link from profile to general & interesting topics  No Author – no newsfeeds
  17. 17. Edit your pages Edit page url address apps
  18. 18.  Select the Event App after clicking on Edit Page  A variety of ways to share events  Events help your friends /fans stay informed. Help center answers your questions Facebook events can be exported
  19. 19.  Badges on web pages and blogs
  20. 20.  Badges on web pages and blogs  Find badges and buttons through Help Center plug-ins.  Must be in profile setting to add plug-ins.  Follow step-by step directions including Copy (Ctrl C) the code.  Move to the administration of website to Paste(Ctrl V) the code.  Learn to be familiar with your website/blog software.  Links for sharing  Starting at the website, click on share plug-ins to create a post on Facebook.  The code is copied for you when you share the link.  Explore other plug-ins  Try out other plug-ins to customize you connections.  Facepile usually looks nice.
  21. 21.  Links to/from web pages and blogs
  22. 22. While the University of Wisconsin Colleges and University of Wisconsin – Extension, Milwaukee County Parks and Wehr Nature Center do not regularly review content posted to social media sites, the administration shall have the right to remove any content from any official site for any reason, including but not limited to content General Information deemed threatening, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy laws, or otherwise injurious or illegal. Public opinions/comments posted on this site do not necessarily reflect those of UW-Extension/UW Colleges, Milwaukee County Parks or Wehr Nature Center.
  23. 23. To like your Facebook page

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  • Show the basics so they are confident in creating pages for their organizations aswell as their personal use.
  • The number is continuing to grow, even though there are people who are eliminating their accounts.
  • Many people are on everyday. That is one reason to keep your page fresh and new to encourage return visits.
  • Vocabulary can be confusing and keeps changing. Remember fans and fan pages, now they are friends who “like” a Page. Some call a personal account a profile. They are different. Can only have one or the other. A Business account can be changed into a personal account, but a personal account can’t be changed into a business account. Today. Who knows in the future.
  • Look at a personal account/profile
  • This view shows the wall, the top bar where you can edit settings. You can see what it looks like to a friend. The public (anyone with a Facebook Account) can always see your name and your profile photo. You can limit who sees your other information.
  • This view shows the kind of information that is listed. I have it set that there is some information like phone number and birth date that are only visible to me. Notice the search bar. I can search for other people or businesses. Can have mutiple administrators, but they have to use the same email & account to administer the page.
  • Ets see how a business account looks.
  • This is the wall, what other people on facebook can see.
  • Yes you see a search bar, but it is not part of this business account it is from my account. We are looking at this business account from my personal account, see my name at the top bar? A business acount can not conduct a search. Youhave to determine what the account will be used for then decidde which is best for you; a personal account or a business acount. Are you using it to socialize or advertize?
  • A Page is made in an account. A page can be viewed by someone who does not have a Facebook account. They can’t “like” it or post to it, but they can see the wall. A group can be made in a personal account, but not in a business account.
  • Wall and posts
  • Information section . See disclaimer
  • There is only one view. No information section.
  • You can have a number of groups.
  • Decide what your goals are. I wanted a way to communicate with the volunteers and to also attract new volunteers. That is why I chose to make a page. I want to socialize with the volunteers, staff and other professionals and that is why I a chose a personal account over a business account.
  • This has changed recently. Used to be a spot on the personal wall to click on. Now have to go into account setting and under the help center to find create a page. After you get to this page you need to know which category you wan to use. I used organization.
  • A form opens and you just type the information in. Be careful as you can not change the category later.
  • This is how you switchbetween the account and the page. You can’t make any account changes while in the page view. You have to switch back to the account view.
  • After you have had 25 “LIKES” you can get a username. It makes it easier for people to find you on the internet.but again this can’t be changed. Be careful to make sure you are in the page when you want to create the username for the page.
  • Insights is one of the apps you can get for your page. It is easy to add these to the page. The help Center is great.
  • Thinks to think about when downloading photos. Photos tell a story and make your page more interesting.
  • Youcan’t keep people from viewing your profile phot. That is why I don’t use a photo of myself, but my favorite fish instead. When you set up your account or page the setting are open for everyone. You need to go in a customize them to what you want.
  • S many different settings.
  • My experience with the volunteer page.