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Forecasting Our Future: Student Connections via Social Media

  1. Forecasting Our Future StudentConnectionsViaSocialMedia! Josie Ahlquist Digital Leadership Researcher & Speaker Adjunct Faculty, Florida State University Jason Meriwether Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs! Indiana University Southeast!
  2. Learning Outcomes Meriwether & Ahlquist (2015) •  Current methods to increase social media presence for unique student affairs, enrollment management, and admission teams •  Strategies to increase student engagement in a range of social media platforms - focusing on past trends, current successes and future projections •  Methods to measure, quantify, and qualify social media activity among desired demographics •  Cultivate an eye for emerging platforms and methods for connecting with future college students.
  3. Outline •  Growing up in the Digital Age •  Social Media App Update 2015 •  Digital Listening Skills •  Social Media Strategy •  Student Affairs Technology Competency •  Resources MERIWETHER & AHLQUIST (2015)
  4. #saSOME@josieahlquist @jlmeriwether06
  5. #saSOME Twitter Introductions Name, Institution, Position and favorite holiday tradition
  6. Growing up in the ! Digital Age!
  7. High School Class of 2016" Top Apps
  8. App Update 2015-16!
  9. Know these applications
  10. Learn Explore Aware
  11. Current Usage 1.  Used by 95% of college students 2.  Student use is changing 3.  Highest ranking with videos Possible Future for Facebook 1.  Increased use for digital targeting & recruitment 2.  Expanded role in teaching & learning 3.  Live streaming
  12. Current Usage 1.  Highly used by educational professionals 1.  College admission announcements 2.  Class engagement via groups Future for Twitter 1.  Tool for student voice 2.  More classroom enhancement 3.  Strength and longevity of tool is in question
  13. Current Usage 1.  Used by 73%+ of college students 2.  Personal stories 3.  Involvement stories Possible Future for Instagram 1.  More clubs & orgs 2.  Admissions & recruitment tool 3.  Soon will have multi-user sign-in
  14. Possible Future for Snapchat 1.  Expand uses beyond negative history 2.  Easier way to find/connect with classmates 3.  Selfie faces, filters and branding Current Usage 1.  77%+ of college students use daily 2.  23% of college students say this app is easier than texting 3.  University “stories”
  15. Possible Future for YouTube 1.  Expanding course instruction 2.  Open-source university-quality curriculum 3.  Original TV and movie content 4.  Student YouTube personas featured Current Usage 1.  Youth watching more than TV 2.  YouTube celebrities 3.  Online teaching 4.  Face to face & group teaching
  16. Possible Future for Live Streaming 1.  Focus groups 2.  Class engagement & office hours 3.  Pre-assigned streams for higher ed conference sessions Current Usage 1.  Campus Tours 2.  Event Live Feeds and Twitter connection 3.  Competition is Meerkat & StreamUp
  17. Possible Future for Tumblr 1.  Telling campus stories 2.  Creating campus identity 3.  Understanding and utilizing trends Current Usage 1.  29% of college students use 2.  Recruitment tool 3.  Raw self-expression
  18. Social Media Strategy!
  19. Are you sure you are ready to get social?
  20. •  What are your goals for using social media tools? •  Who is your audience; who are you trying to reach? •  How much time can you commit? •  Can you produce quality over quantity? •  Who can you collaborate with who has an established social media presence? Do we really need to be on (fill in the blank) social media platform?  
  21. Plan Purpose Personality Pride Persistence 5 P’s Building Digital Community @josieahlquist
  22. Forecasting Social Media in 2016!
  23. Josie & Jason Predictions •  Visual content rules •  Streaming video with real time interaction •  Any new app will infuse trending content •  Increase of social media engagement research •  Digital education and leadership programs
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  28. Jason L. Meriwether! Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Affairs! Indiana University Southeast!! ! Twitter @JLMeriwether06! Josie Ahlquist Digital Leadership Researcher & Speaker Adjunct Faculty, Florida State University Twitter @JosieAhlquist Forecasting Our Future StudentConnectionsViaSocialMedia!