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Magical UX and the Internet of Things (dConstruct)

I gave this talk at dConstruct 2015 in Brighton, England, on 11 Sept, 2015. Complete audio of the talk: https://huffduffer.com/dConstruct/263574

Designers of the future! Set aside your sonic screwdrivers, put down those jetpacks, and step away from the holodeck. Our sci-fi visions of the future often run to the cold and technical, describing a life swallowed by screens, machines, and robot companions. We can do better; the best UX bends technology to the way we live our lives, not the reverse. We can find more humane inspiration in a different kind of fantasy—in the familiar, age-old tales of magic and myth.

“What if this thing was magic?” should be the opening question for designing any connected device. The internet of things is fundamentally about creating physical interfaces for digital systems, about blessing everyday objects, places, and people with extraordinary abilities. Sharing a rich trove of examples, designer Josh Clark explores the new interactive experiences that are possible when anything can be an interface and magic is your inspiration. Sling content between devices, bring objects to life from a distance, weave “spells” by combining speech and gesture. For designers of the future, it turns out Harry Potter is a better role model than Captain Kirk. Our challenge is not one of technology but of imagination.

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Magical UX and the Internet of Things (dConstruct)

  1. and the van astoNishiNg peRformAnce bY josH clarK Known throUghouT the worlD as @BigmeDiumjoSh
  2. ThewaNdcompaNy.cOm
  3. graB magIc bIt.Ly/Grab-Magic
  4. u anY sufFicieNtly AdvanCed tEchnoLogy iS IndisTinguIshablE From Magic arThur C. clarKe
  5. u onE goal: The cOmputEr diSappeaRs into the EnvirOnmenT alaN kay
  6. u faNtasy fulfIlls A neeD for A SimplEr, more contRollablE World. alaN kay
  7. ThewaNdcompaNy.cOm
  8. VX thE phoNe is the First maGic wanD For eVeryoNe
  9. VX thE phoNe is the First inTerneT of ThingS DevicE for everyoNe seNsors + smarTs + coNnectIvity
  10. VX avAilablE At thE Point of iNspirAtion
  11. apPle ad: “stRength” bIt.Ly/Apple-strengTh
  12. “waY out” bIt.Ly/Way-oUt-fiLm daIly sMartpHone ScreeN time: 3 hours, 16 minutEs bIt.Ly/ScreeNtime-study
  13. phoTo: eriC J. smiTh
  14. VX avAilablE At thE Point of iNspirAtion
  15. VX inTeracTion With thE Point of iNspirAtion
  16. neIman marcUs: meMory mirrOr bIt.Ly/MemorY-mirrOr
  17. doRothy bIt.Ly/Ruby-Shoes
  18. stAples Ad: “easY buttOn” bIt.Ly/StaplEs-eaSy
  19. Bt.Tn
  20. VX PhysicaL InterActioN with A DigitAl api
  21. snApshoT by prOgresSive inSuranCe ProgrEssive.cOm/auTo/SnapshOt
  22. snApshoT by prOgresSive inSuranCe ProgrEssive.cOm/auTo/SnapshOt
  23. auTomatIc bIt.Ly/AutomAtic-Video
  24. prOpellErhealTh.cOm
  25. paSsive inteRface
  26. VX auTomagicAl
  27. VX auTo MagicAl vv WM W W W M
  28. miLitary.cOm: areS sanD tabLe bIt.Ly/SandtabLe
  29. Presto.WatchhtTp:// @PrestOgestuRe
  30. happY toGether bIt.Ly/Happy-larry
  31. weArablEs thEreablEs
  32. miNoritY repoRt obLigatOry mEntion Of
  33. waYfindr bIt.Ly/WayfiNdr-deMo
  34. VX whAt if This Thing was Magic?
  35. VX deSign foR The thiNg’S EssenTial ThingneSs
  36. burJ khAlifa
  37. vessYl MyvessYl.cOm
  38. thE coLbert repoRt bIt,Ly/VessyL-colbeRt
  39. VX don’T jusT add data. Add iNsight.
  40. htTp://OmersHapira.cOm/blOg/2014/09/Its-rAininG-agaIn/
  41. VX thIs is not A ChallEnge Of teChnoloGy. it’S a cHalleNge oF ImagiNation.
  42. VX thIs is not A ChallEnge Of teChnoloGy. it’S a cHalleNge oF ImagiNation. josH clArk iS @BigmeDiumjoSh fin BigmediUm.cOm