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28. Aug 2016

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Story ramayana.india

  1. Valmiki
  2. • “the Journey of Rama” • Written by Valmiki (400)- considered as the first true poet of India • Written in a rhymed verse form called sloka, named for soka, the Sanskrit word for grief
  3. Valmiki spotted a pair of herons nesting in a tree, and witnessed the male heron being shot and killed buy a hunter. He was so affected by the female’s grief that he cursed the hunter and decided that sloka was the perfect medium for conveying the story of Rama and the separation from his wife, Sita
  4. the story
  5. King Dasaratha of Kosalas had four sons Because he prayed for it to the god Vishnu 1 2 3 4
  6. Vishnu- Vishnu is regarded as a major god in Hinduism and Indian mythology. He is thought as the preserver of the universe while two other major Hindu gods Brahma and Shiva, are regarded respectively, as the creator and destroyer of the universe.
  7. Rama • Most handsome • Strongest son of King Dasaratha And queen Kaushalya
  8. Rama met Sita • Beautiful • Talented • Virtuous Daughter of King Janaka Rama bent the bow of King Janaka and married her
  9. Manthara
  10. Queen Kaikeyi
  11. Rama was exiled to the forest for 14 years at the will of his stepmother, who wished her own son to be heir to the throne instead of Rama.
  12. Sita, his wife, and Lakshmana, his brother were also exiled with him.
  13. When Bharata learned about the evil plans of the mother, he seeks for Rama in the forest and begs him to go back and rule Aydohya. But due to Rama’s obedience to the father, he refused.
  14. Valmiki
  15. Rama and Lakshmana kill demons, including the sister of Ravana, a powerful demon with 10 heads and 20 arms who rules the island of Lanka
  16. In revenge for the killing of his sister, Ravana kidnapped Sita.
  17. Rama allies with Sugreeva, the king of the monkeys and Hanuman, the monkey general who finds Sita.
  18. She remained loyal to Rama and refuses to let anyone except Rama touch her, even help her.
  19. THEN… there was war.. Powww wooshhh TOINKK KKK
  20. Rama and the monkeys waged to war. OOPS… NOT THIS WAR
  22. Yehey! We won! Huhu Heheh..haha woooooo Bwaahhaha Oink oink
  23. Happy ending?
  24. Not yet .
  25. Rumor spread about the Sita- that she had not been faithful
  26. Sita bore two sons at the hermitage of Valmiki
  27. and it was Valmiki who took care of them even when the had returned to Ayodhya. Rama, doubted, so brought her wife to his own court
  28. Since her virtue had been in doubt, she was asked for an object to prove she had been loyal to the marriage… Suddenly…
  29. The earth opened and Earth-mother rose up and speak on behalf of Sita… then, she took her to the land of the gods. Thus Sita was taken away from her husband and the people who doubted her.