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Research is the Prequel to Market Strategy

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Directing Market Strategy begins with Understanding the Customer and the Market. Actionable Customer Insights are the foundation of a Winning Strategy

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Research is the Prequel to Market Strategy

  1. 1. CP Lights Camera Action Directing Marketing Strategy (The Prequel: Research) Prof. Remigio Joseph A. De Ungria (Bong) Strategic & Marketing Management Department Ateneo Graduate School of Business
  2. 2. CP Lights Camera Action Understanding the customer and the market.... Showed a video of different quantitative research methods: (1) Focus Group Discussion (2) Observed Shopping (3) Accompanied Shopping (4) Guerilla interview (5) One on One Interview (6) Home visits (7) Diaries Each method has its pros and cons- and are best used in combination with other quali and quanti methods. Objective is to derive actionable customer insights as basis for marketing strategy...
  3. 3. CP Lights Camera Action Customer understanding helps Sample of New Product Development: Swing 3
  4. 4. CP Lights Camera Action Save time, money and effort. Sample of New Product Development: Swing 4
  5. 5. CP Lights Camera Action Many products don’t match… Sample of New Product Development: Swing 5
  6. 6. CP Lights Camera Action What the customer wants… Sample of New Product Development: Swing 6
  7. 7. CP Lights Camera Action Observed Day 1
  8. 8. CP Lights Camera Action Listened to GM Greg Banzon 1. Impact of going public in 2014 a. Full disclosure b. Funds raised c. Profit YTD +44% d. Great public expectation 2. Challenges a. How to Sustain? b. What to do to gain/ protect leadership 3. Capabilities need to increase
  9. 9. CP Lights Camera Action Checked the website...
  10. 10. CP Lights Camera Action Your brands...
  11. 11. CP Lights Camera Action Your vision and mission
  12. 12. CP Lights Camera Action How much do you know your company? 1 Group Answer for each question
  13. 13. CP Lights Camera Action Group Competition: Using the 2014 Annual Report as basis, 5 questions were asked.. The range of questions covered the topline, bottomline, market share, competitive positioning and operational complexity of the company based on publicly available information. Most groups scored 2 of 5. The top group scored 3 of 5.
  14. 14. CP Lights Camera Action The major change in 2014... P3 Billion raised
  15. 15. CP Lights Camera Action Checked out your 2014 annual report...
  16. 16. CP Lights Camera Action 30% Meat share in total company revenues
  17. 17. CP Lights Camera Action Through 270,000 outlets...
  18. 18. CP Lights Camera Action Dominant 87% in canned tuna
  19. 19. CP Lights Camera Action
  20. 20. CP Lights Camera Action
  21. 21. CP Lights Camera Action Gross profit of P 5.4B from sales of P20 Billion
  22. 22. CP Lights Camera Action Even researched how your stock performed...
  23. 23. CP Lights Camera Action Downloaded, dated and labeled 62 videos and TVCs from Youtube
  24. 24. CP Lights Camera Action Did pre-work to get to know you better (superhero video)...
  25. 25. CP Lights Camera Action Provide CFPI stakeholders (YOU) Structure/ Framework To Craft Brand Strategies Asked Module Objectives
  26. 26. CP Lights Camera Action And Asked again... Additional “customer” musts: For Non- CFPI brands- Case Studies For CFPI brands Market leader – defend share & expand category Not market leader – how to compete vs leaders (Bear Brand, TJ Hotdogs, Mega Sardines)
  27. 27. CP Lights Camera Action Learnings from non-CFPI brands 1. Famous brands we know: • Apple vs Samsung • Facebook vs Twitter • Google vs Yahoo 2. From my 28 years of working with different brands...
  28. 28. CP Lights Camera Action 5 Key Actions - Market Research as Prequel to Market Stratgy 1. Observe the Customer in Action 2. Listen to key decision-makers and influencers 3. Analyze publicly available data 4. Ask the customer. Then, ask again. 5. Validate/ integrate with own experience