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Home Builders and Renovations Christchurch

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Joseph builders are Canterbury based Construction Company. We are providing Building, Renovation, Alterations, Commercial Build, Home Renovation, Home Builders Christchurch and Construction Services. We are currently registered with different builders for expand our field and work.

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Home Builders and Renovations Christchurch

  1. 1. Joseph builders are Canterbury based Construction Company. We are providing Building, Renovation, Alterations, Commercial Build, Home Renovation, Home Builders Christchurch and Construction Services. We are currently registered with different builders for expand our field and work.  Our Company prides itself on repeat business and is involved in all types of construction including: Commercial, Schools, Housing, Alterations, Historical, Dairy and other Sheds. The team at Joseph Builders can do large scale restorations, repairs and strengthening, and have also worked on a number of heritage properties. We also have the experience to work on difficult sites and period homes. We have our own full time building gangs, office staff and a full complement of excellent subcontractors to handle any work required. Whether it is a large commercial building or an insurance repair to a farm shed, please contact us to find out how we can help you. Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.
  2. 2. Building or renovating a home is one of the most expensive things that you will do. Here we explain the design and build process and what to expect. As well as being able to help you through the design process, we also offer a range of Concept Plans or can help you design your ideas. Whether starting from scratch or adding extra space, new building works are planned. Building is a complex and demanding process, there are hundreds or thousands of details in a typical project and all require thinking about, pricing and getting correct. If it is a new building it may be based upon a ‘standard plan’, which speeds the process up. On the other hand it may involve a completely new design. Elements such as the land contours, access, sun, views etc all impact upon the ideal way of preparing the design plans for your building. And for that reason, choosing the right builder is one of the most important decisions you will make. We can arrange an obligation free visit to your proposed building site to establish its suitability for your new home. If you require assistance in obtaining a suitable site for your new home, or finance, we can help and give advice on this. We then start forming a plan of your new home. Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.
  3. 3. This will take account of your lifestyle – number of rooms required, general style and, most importantly, your budget. This is the time to think about how you want to live in, and out of your house and a good checklist is essential to ensure that your home meets your current and future needs. Once we have these basics, the sketch plans are drawn up. This shows you the floor plans and how the house will look from the outside (elevations). A small fee is charged for this service to cover the designers costs. This gives you the chance to make changes, and think about materials, such as cladding and roofing. When the sketch plans are approved, we give you the cost of drawing up the final plans. Our aim is to keep this cost to a minimum, but nowadays, with conditions imposed by the New Zealand Building Act and the requirements for compliance with the New Zealand Standards, we will inevitably require the services of a registered engineer to oversee and report on the structural aspects of the proposed building. Once completed, these plans are sufficiently detailed for planning and building consent and include details such as bathroom and kitchen layouts, the positions of electrical outlets and lighting plans. During this stage you need to think about elements in your new home, heating, floor coverings, bathroom fixtures and fittings, colors - all things that can impact on the price depending on choices. Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.
  4. 4. After completion of these plans we also have enough detail to finalize the price to build your home. Before we do that we chat to you about any items you want to do or provide yourself. Some people prefer to do all their own painting and organize many fixtures themselves, whist others like to be presented with a completely finished house. Generally speaking, you will choose your builders based on three factors:  Budget and Pricing: Probably the very first thing you do when you want to renovate or build a new house is to decide on what you can afford to spend. Then you decide on what you consider are the essentials in your new home. Three bedrooms? Five? A media room? This is sometimes when your budget does not match your expectations and you need to balance the needs with the wants. Fixtures, fittings and finishes can also make a huge difference to the bottom line. One of the architects main tasks is to create plans that match your ideas and dreams, and then it's up to the builder to turn those dreams into reality. If getting tenders for their new home, some people will choose the lowest price, perhaps at the expense of quality, value and service. At Joseph Builders we will talk you through the pricing process, letting you know where you can save money and what the important things to spend money on are. We will let you know what is and isn't included in the price and to understand what you are getting for your quote. We don't undercut to secure the job and then bombard you with lots of hidden extra costs. The other thing to remember is that you cannot assume that everyone who prices your plans will deliver the same level of quality. That's why the next two points are as important as price. Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.
  5. 5.  Reputation/Ability: One of the best ways to choose a builder is through word of mouth. Talk to family, friends and neighbours about building experiences. Sometimes someone that you have in mind may not be the best choice for you, or you may hear of another recommendation. At Joseph Builders we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a number of home owners who are happy tell you how they found the experience with us. See one of our references here We don't have a show home, because we want the home we build for you to be your own custom made show home. We have the staff and a trusted list of subcontractors who will do the best job they can to make sure that you are 100% happy with the final product. As Master Builders, up front we offer you a Master Builders guarantee, which for a small amount covers you if something goes wrong.  Trust and Communication: You are about to give a very large sum of money to a builder. So you need to trust them and be sure that they are going to do the right thing. You also want to choose someone who keeps you up to date with how your build (and budget) is going. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do return emails and phone calls, no question is ever too silly and we will always listen to what you have to say. Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.
  6. 6. Building a new home is one of the best achievements of your life. It's also one of the most complicated things to be undertaken, and that's why you need a good builder. We can help you from day one to ensure that your journey through the building process is a smooth one. From coming up with a design to handing you the keys, we cover every aspect needed for your build. We have a number of concept plans available that are exclusive in Canterbury to Joseph Builders, or we can use your ideas to create what you want. If you are unsure what you would like, we offer a range of different house plans. You may see something here that you love, or use the ideas as a spring board to your own personal design. Are you tired of your run down kitchen? Do you need some extra bedrooms or living space for your expanding family? Do you have a heritage home that you would like sympathetically repaired? We can assist you with any renovation or repairs that you might need. We will do a free on site visit to assess your needs and present you with an obligation free quote for your work. If you require other trades such as plumbing or electrical, or if you require plans and consenting, we will also organize that for you so that you can enjoy a worry free building experience. Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.
  7. 7. The team at Joseph Builders is proud to offer their expertise when it comes to alterations in Canterbury and Christchurch. We are based in Canterbury with many years of experience in the construction industry. With our experience, we can offer 10 year guarantees for our workmanship and materials as we are registered Master Builders. When it comes to alterations, we recommend contacting us at the early stages, so we can help with the designing and make professional recommendations that will focus on your ideas while keeping your budget at mind. The team is comprised of specialist builders, who aim to have the highest of workmanship especially when it comes to alterations in Canterbury and Christchurch. Alterations are a great way of adding value to your property. Whether is may be the bathroom, kitchen or any other place in your property, we are able to help you. Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.
  8. 8. Joseph Builders are involved with new build and repair work on many commercial buildings. In Christchurch and Ashburton we strengthen and rebuild damaged buildings, encompassing design, engineering, geotechnical reports, consents and construction. We have the experience and ability to work closely with building owners, insurance companies if involved and councils. We are accredited with Project Management companies such as MWH Recovery and EQR. We also build new, having completed a number of different projects including new classrooms for the Ashburton Christian School, the Rakaia Gorge and Mt Somers Fire sheds and Argyle Park changing rooms. If you are wanting more information, about a new or rebuilt commercial building then please contact us to arrange a meeting. Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.
  9. 9. We are a Canterbury based construction company, and are current registered Master Builders who are able to offer up to 10 year guarantees for workmanship and materials. We have been building throughout Canterbury for 25 years as a Partnership and in 2002 formed Joseph Builders Ltd. To further expand our field of operation we took up a franchise with Lockwood Homes for the areas of Canterbury and Otago between 1996 and 2012. We have achieved various House of The Year & Meridian Sustainable Building Awards. We have built up a great relationship with a number of subcontractors who can be relied upon to deliver work of high quality. Our jobs range from small repairs through to large commercial properties and we are involved in many earthquake repairs throughout Christchurch and Canterbury. Phone: 0800 500 564 or 03 303 9830 Mobile: 0274 367 988 Email: josephbuilders@xtra.co.nz Post: 93 Hoods Rd, RD1 Ashburton, Canterbury, NZ 7771 www.josephbuilders.co.nz Copyright © 2015 Joseph Builders NZ.