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Schafer Corporation

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Schafer Corporation description

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Schafer Corporation

  1. 1. One Team • Your Vision • Our Mission Schafer Corporation is a leading provider of technology services and solutions for customers with missions of national significance in aerospace, national security, and in the private sector. Simply stated, our mission is to help our customers meet and exceed their goals and objectives; take care of our employees; give back to society; and live by our core values. Schafer’s contributions are focused in three major thrust areas: Our Heritage Created in 1972, Schafer Corporation began as a specialist in challenging and advanced technology development for government and industry, focusing on directed energy and electro-optics. The strength of our reputation was built on the technical excellence, dedication and teamwork of our personnel. These traits have been just as important as we have grown and expanded into a more technologically diverse company. Today, we also provide innovative engineering and technology to the military, intelligence, DHS, NASA, new commercial space companies and other industries. We’re engaged in complex, high-level missions and programs, guiding efforts such as development, modeling, simulation, communication and technology management. Our personnel frequently lead assessment teams and studies for government clients because of their in-depth expertise and independence of thought. They are known for providing effective and actionable recommendations to sponsors. Schafer became an employee owned company in 1996, building to over 500 employees through organic growth and select acquisitions. Today, it is a subsidiary of Metalmark Capital Partners. We continue to grow and expand our capabilities, including information technology, cyber, robotics, network communication and emerging technologies. SCHAFER CORPORATION Government Services Aerospace Mobility Solutions
  2. 2. One Team • Your Vision • Our Mission Every success and solution we provide to our customers is credited to our talented employees. Schafer employees make a difference, and Schafer provides benefit eligible employees with a comprehensive and competitive suite of benefits. Pay and Benefits ·· Your benefits start immediately upon hire for all plans. ·· Your dependents, including domestic partners, can be covered by our plans. ·· Please note that benefit plans vary within each organization. Retirement Plans Schafer’s retirement plan contains voluntary employee deferral (401(k) & catch-up contribution) accounts, and may include a company profit sharing contribution. Employees control their own account investments. Insurance Medical Insurance – Schafer provides employees with comprehensive health insurance coverage, including domestic partners, that contain prescription and vision benefits along with fitness and wellness incentive programs. Dental – Schafer’s Dental plan provides coverage for preventive dental care, major and minor restorative services and orthodontia. The plan provides participant with a $1500 lifetime maximum for orthodontia and a $2,000 per person annual plan maximum for all other care. Flexible Spending Accounts – Employees are eligible to defer up to $5,000 annually of pre-tax income to pay for eligible dependent care expenses. Employees participating in a traditional health plan are eligible to defer up to $2,500 for unreimbursed health care costs. Health Savings Account – Employees participating in a high deductible health plan are eligible to set up a health savings account and defer money for current and future health care expenses. Life Insurance – Schafer provides company paid life and accidental death and dismemberment insurance for all benefit eligible employees. Employees are able to purchase additional employee life, employee AD&D, spousal life, and dependent child life insurance. Leave / Holidays Leave – Employees accrue comprehensive leave to use as paid time off for vacation, personal business, and short-term illness; the amount of paid time off varies by each business sector and depends on other factors, including years of service. Holidays – Employees receive up to 10 paid holidays per year. The number of holidays is determined by business sector and customer requirements. Additional Leave Benefits – Schafer provides employees with time off for Juror service, Military Leave and qualified Family Medical Leaves of Absence. Addition Benefits Educational Assistance – Schafer provides educational assistance benefits for degree programs and job related course work through accredited colleges and universities. Commuter Choice Benefits — Employees who incur costs associated with commuting to and from work are eligible to defer up to $130 per month of pre-tax income for mass transit expenses and up to $245 per month of pre-tax income for qualified parking expenses. Disability Insurance – Schafer provides company paid short and long-term disability benefits to assist employees in the event that they are out of work because of a disability. BENEFITS
  3. 3. One Team • Your Vision • Our Mission Schafer’s Government Services Sector (GSS) is focused on the pursuit of the technological future and we bring this innovation and advanced capabilities to federal government agencies. From elite acumen in science and engineering to expert proficiency in program management, finance and operations, we deliver a full arsenal of Advisory & Assistance Services (A&AS). We achieve our high level of success by teaming up the best specialists with the best project managers. Through constant engagement with end users and government, we are able to optimize user experience while proactively responding to evolving conditions and goals of missions. This is why our clients trust us to their most demanding challenges. Our capabilities are comprised of: GOVERNMENT SERVICES Technology & Development Our wide range of technical expertise in science, engineering, integration,and acquisitionenablesdelivery ofadvancedtechnologies on time, on budget, and within desired performance criteria. Analysis & Planning Our deep analytical capabilities and highly specialized expertise provide the necessary information to ensure that our clients are efficiently using funds to both complete missions and support future budget proposals. Information Technology Management Our IT professionals provide an elevated level of technical and pragmatic expertise that enables CIOs to meet agency requirements.
  4. 4. One Team • Your Vision • Our Mission GOVERNMENT SERVICES Intelligence & Cyber Security Our experts within National Security work closely with the Intelligence Community to rigorously protect against emerging cyber threats. Laboratory & Scientific Support Our laboratories possess some of the brightest scientists, engineers, technicians and administrative staff who provide support within nuclear engineering and physics, polymer and materials science, as well as other advanced fields and help determine the best manufacturing materials and methods. Operation Support Our scientific, engineering and technical assistance (SETA) team help develop an integrated operating environment resulting in enhanced information sharing, analytical capabilities, training, exercise, program assistance and technical outreach. Communications Our team combines multidisciplinary expertise to manage information exchange while conforming to client objectives and master plans.
  5. 5. One Team • Your Vision • Our Mission For four decades, Schafer has been a dominant leader in advanced concept development, system design, analysis and prototyping of aerospace capabilities for the military and civilian communities. The Aerospace Sector brings innovative and agile expertise with a global presence, unique capabilities, and hands-on experience to support the most complex aerospace applications. We are proud to be part of Government, Industry, and Commercial teams that are delivering essential capabilities satisfying critical national security and civilian needs. Our capabilities are comprised of: AEROSPACE Space Superiority We are a leader in developing cutting edge technological advances that push the State- of-the-Art in ground and space-based Electro-Optical Space Situational Awareness capabilities. We provide low cost solutions supporting Space Object Identification, Characterization, Exploitation, and Metric (positional) data. This data is relied upon by the Joint Space Operations Center, Combatant Commands and Intelligence Agencies. Commercial Space We provide subject matter expertise to several commercial and civil space companies and our support includes design, development and analyses of liquid rocket guidance systems, structures, propulsion, testing and operations. In addition this expertise includes the planning and execution of Systems Engineering and Integration of launch vehicles, launch vehicle stages and spacecraft. Directed Energy The foundation of Schafer, the Directed Energy group, has researched and developed laser weapons for the Department of Defense since 1972. Our scientists and engineers have experience in the theoretical constructs, systems design, hardware development, modeling and simulation, systems integration, and field testing of these devices. Counter-space Analysis Our highly motivated scientist and engineers are improving current techniques and applying new ones to better characterize and discriminate space objects. In partnership with the Air Force and NASA, we are developing virtual databases and analysis methods that contribute to change detection, custody, and threat indications that can be used to develop courses of action for specific events.
  6. 6. One Team • Your Vision • Our Mission AEROSPACE Missile Defense Schafer is a key contributor to the Nation’s Ballistic Missile Defense mission supporting battle management, as well as command control and communication efforts. Our services have focused on weapon system development and deployment, battle management systems, and range operations. NASA Engineering Services Our engineers at NASA provide expertise in design and development of ground systems as well as project office support in the form of Earned Value Management (EVMS) and program planning and control. Test & Evaluation Test and evaluation is a critical step towards transitioning technology to the battlefield as we continue to evaluate today’s systems for tomorrow’s operations. Schafer has a long heritage supporting advanced system integration, and test and evaluation efforts. Science, Engineering & Analysis Our Subject Matter Expert staff’s expertise reflects diverse disciplines contributing to all phases of research, development, assembly, integration, test, deployment and operations. These scientists, engineers, technicians, analyst, and support staff are recognized experts dedicated to meeting national security objectives.
  7. 7. One Team • Your Vision • Our Mission Schafer’s Mobility Solutions Sector (Asynchrony) is focused on application development, mobile computing, systems and sensor integration, enterprise architecture, and tactical collaboration. Asynchrony delivers solutions ranging from back-end government middleware to front-end applications and full-scale, commercial Cloud infrastructures. Asynchrony is comprised of highly-motivated experts focused on developing well-designed, usable software backed by hard- core tech and engineering whose mission is to create high- impact software solutions. Our capabilities are comprised of: MOBILITY SOLUTIONS Mobility The main challenge for enterprises is to simply figure out how to integrate mobile devices into their current business processes and IT systems. Asynchrony helps companies define and create the building blocks of their corporate mobile strategy. We then develop custom apps that securely integrate with legacy systems and business processes. Software Development Today’s technology and business environments change so fast that solutions created by software projects can be obsolete by the time they’re delivered. Asynchrony’s software development capabilities are driven through ongoing customer involvement that spans the entire project lifecycle. Utilizing agile software development techniques, we continuously deliver working software throughout the entire life of a project. Architecture & Integration Asynchrony takes an iterative approach to Enterprise Architecture, prioritized by evolving business needs and technical requirements. Instead of year-long project plans, weekly iterations allow architecture to emerge through a series of small increments. This approach results in usable architectural artifacts that are delivered rapidly and frequently.
  8. 8. One Team • Your Vision • Our Mission MOBILITY SOLUTIONS Agile Transformation & Training Asynchrony offers a comprehensive agile transformation program that provides technical training, coaching and mentoring, and supports the integration of the new methodology into the entire Enterprise. Our program is based on over a decade of successful agile software delivery supporting Enterprise (portfolio) level and program (multi-team) level transformations in commercial, non-profit and government organizations. UX & Design Asynchrony has a dedicated team of designers and front-end engineers to ensure all delivered applications exceed customer expectations. The team’s focus is to deliver a user experience (UX) at a high-level of excellence to each and every project. In order to accomplish this, the Asynchrony UX Team focuses primarily in the areas of core competencies, human factors, agile process and brand + marketing. Tactical Collaboration On-demand communication and access to pertinent information is essential to both warfighters and civilian response teams, even when at the network edge or off-grid. Asynchrony has been architecting and developing tactical collaboration tools that meet the Warfighters’ challenging networking and security requirements for more than a decade.