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From paper to digital

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Steps to consider when moving from paper to digital in any business. Solutions presented have been developed by TC Inc. and or Networking team. Steps provided should work on just about any environment and allows for expansion while minimizing growing pains.

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From paper to digital

  1. 1. From Paper to DigitalAn Evolution of Products and ServicesTaino Consultants IncDr. Jose I. Delgado
  2. 2. Solution & Evolution
  3. 3. • Paper Facts – the average company
  4. 4. • Paper Facts – the average companyContinuation
  5. 5. • Digitize/scanDocument imaging is theconversion of paperdocuments into electronicdocuments. Once stored onyour desktop computer or ourApplications Service Providerthese documents can beretrieved effortlessly inseconds.
  6. 6. A Document Management System is a softwarethat allows you to manipulate files as if theywere paper documents.A Document Management System is a softwarethat allows you to manipulate files as if theywere paper documents.DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMDOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Enhance the security of files; Accessibility of files across the World via Internet connection; Cost efficient retention guidelines alternative;Exonerate staff from dependence on others to locate files; Reduce the amount of time users have to spend managing paper; Reduce the volume of generated paper by 50%....
  7. 7. Electronic Forms• Industry Specific• Template driven• May feed and be fed by database• Most current example – Electronic HealthRecord
  8. 8. Doculinx
  9. 9. Technical Basics• Application software development tools used to construct systemGeneric code editor and the SQL Server management interface• Database software tools usedDoculinx can operate on any MS SQL Server Version, but was originallydeveloped on MS SQL Server 2000• Reporting software toolsAll reporting that is not part of the common package can be doneusing Crystal Reports, but custom reporting development is acommon enhancement request through customer support.
  10. 10. Interfaces• ÜberMover : file mover that enablesorganizations to move data from various sourcesto various destinations using an array of fileformats and transfer protocols.• ÜberXchange: enables health systems toexchange information securely to both internaland external trading partners, such as the CDC,health information exchanges (HIE), state publichealth laboratories, and the Nationwide HealthInformation Network (NHIN).
  11. 11. Compliance Software• Independent Product• Designed to assist customers with complianceissues required by legislation– Policies and Procedures– Action Items– PDF fillable forms
  12. 12. Uber University• Online technical courses• Provides certification in technical subjects• Course length vary from 30 minutes to hours• Customer flexibility– Time and date– Number of courses
  13. 13. Underlying Issues• Security• Portability• Audit trail• Controlled Access• Redundancy• Accessibility
  14. 14. Summary• Transitions are difficult• Start with the basics• Consider Universal Interactions• Training is key• Document– How to: Policies and Procedures– Actions taken: Forms
  15. 15. Dr. Jose I. Delgado, Presidentwww.TainoConsultants.comDrDelgado@tainoconsultants.com