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AMA webinar on the 7 Steps to Grow Corporate Social Programs

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Jane Quigley
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AMA webinar on the 7 Steps to Grow Corporate Social Programs

  1. 1. 7 Steps to Grow Your Social Programs #7steps
  2. 2. Michael Bepko Global Online Community Manager Whole Foods @bepkoboy Patti Shea Social Comm. & Strategy Manager AARP @pattijshea Jordan Slabaugh Director of Social Media Spredfast @jordanv #7steps
  3. 3. Corporate Social Media #7steps
  4. 4. #7steps
  5. 5. 7 Steps to Grow Social Programs #7steps
  6. 6. #1 Gaining Insight About Your Social Customer #7steps
  7. 7. Diving into customer behavior Keep a pulse on the actual activities of social customers Engagement signals interest and in some cases even conversion Assess what’s working and helping gain traction #7steps
  8. 8. Assessing the relationship histories Every relationship we hold is different Find “signals” as to what’s important and meaningful to each social customer #7steps
  9. 9. #2 Adopting Social Media Company Wide #7steps
  10. 10. Internal Organization Getting your house in order is a crucial step for success Executive buy-in enables long-term success Organizing teams in a way that parallels your organization #7steps
  11. 11. Enabling Employees No company can expect stellar social without direction Policies help, not hinder Train teams on platforms, tools, communication Ongoing guidance #7steps
  12. 12. #7steps
  13. 13. #3 Operationalizing Social Media: Workflows & Processes #7steps
  14. 14. Organizing Your Social Presence No two companies organize identical internally Segment teams so: • The right people are focused on right content in right places • Segmentation by effectiveness is in place #7steps
  15. 15. Setting Roles and Coordination Plans Every employee doesn’t need access to every account Oversight is often required Approval paths are growing trend A plan for coordination and content assignment #7steps
  16. 16. #7steps
  17. 17. #4 Getting the Most of Out of Great Content #7steps
  18. 18. Planning our content proactively Think like you do on other channels: • Pre-plan Ensure time for response and engagement Assign content ahead of time #7steps
  19. 19. Leveraging content on social channels Messages shared with other channels are often relevant in social Find new and useful ways to introduce this content Old items can become new and relevant again Integrate social into larger campaign plans #7steps
  20. 20. #7steps
  21. 21. #5 Delivering Better Customer Experiences #7steps
  22. 22. Meaningful Engagement Engagement is the coveted goal of most brands Interaction shows interest, intent This differs widely by brand and company End goal: make this meaningful to your social customers #7steps
  23. 23. Interactive and creative experiences Stand out with a compelling experience that raises customer interest Tie back to other digital presences Provide value for social customers by learning what interests or compels them #7steps
  24. 24. #7steps
  25. 25. #6 Integration #7steps
  26. 26. Integrating social into other channels Capitalize on social tendencies of customers Social media should expand beyond social channels Provide social touchpoints at every interaction #7steps
  27. 27. Utilizing web analytics in social Corporate websites are the hub of on online information Websites are optimized for education and conversion Integrating with social puts a lens on relationships and correlation between activities #7steps
  28. 28. #7 Showing Social Media Impact #7steps
  29. 29. Social Impact One of the hottest topics in social Not one size fits all Based on your specific goal and objective Centralizing this data is first big step in connecting dots #7steps
  30. 30. Types of Impact Brand Awareness Brand Awareness, Community Activation, Customer Care Sales/ Lead Generation • Growth in networks • Total content • Like • Mentions by published • Comments audience • Number of posts • Retweets • Content Shared per team/ employee • Clicks • Social Impressions • Content published • Conversions to by type website • Conversions by goal • Conversations with customers #7steps
  31. 31. AARP http://bit.ly/aarppluggedin #7steps
  32. 32. Facebook.com/AARP Twitter.com/AARP #7steps
  33. 33. Pinterest.com/aarp_official Youtube.com/AARP #7steps
  34. 34. Whole Foods https://twitter.com/WholeFoods/ https://www.facebook.com/whole foods #7steps
  35. 35. Organizing Social Teams by Geo & #7steps Metro
  36. 36. Creative Experiences on Pinterest #7steps
  37. 37. Thank you! Michael Bepko Patti Shea Jordan Slabaugh Whole Foods AARP Spredfast @wholefoods @aarp @spredfast @bepkoboy @pattijshea @jordanv Today’s Slides: www.slideshare.com/spredfast #7steps