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Abi Jones : Visual Resume

Hi, I'm Abi Jones. I'm also an interaction designer. I figured that checking out a visual resume would be a lot more fun than reading my Linkedin profile, so here you go!

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Abi Jones : Visual Resume

  1. Hi, I’m Abi Jones I’m an Interaction Designer
  2. EXPERIENCE Loomis Group ! San F Senior Information Architect! May This is my visual résumé Design user experiences, develop information architectures, and determine design strateg and online applications. Mentor and manage resourcing for a Jr. Information Architect an Specialist. Notable projects: interaction design for Shopping.com Shoes Segment, user exp for Ferrari Racing registration and email campaign system, complete information architec interaction design for StubHub’s affiliate advertising platform and dynamic ad-building American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence! Wash Assistant Manager, Information Design! Jan. 2 Information Architect! Jan. 2 Developed research-based information architecture and interactive elements for performa teacher certification tools. Created and presented developer-facing products for applicati including interaction-focused paper and HTML prototypes, navigation schematics, and p Translated usability research into portfolio system improvements resulting in a significan call-center requests. Mine Safety and Health Administration! Fairfa Instructional Designer! No. Bullet. Points. Sept. Collaborated with subject matter experts to develop a Section-508 compliant web-based l for underground coal mine supervisors. Conducted task and content analysis, designed p
  3. I work here (San Francisco) I live here (Menlo Park)
  4. Some days I work from home. The Snuggie was a gift.
  5. At Loomis Group I design websites and applications
  6. for these companies...
  7. so people will buy tickets,
  8. or develop smartbooks,
  9. or race Ferraris.
  10. Before I was in advertising
  11. I designed and developed online tools for teacher certification
  12. created online safety and leadership courses for coal mine supervisors
  13. and taught 3rd grade.
  14. Interested in my formal education?
  15. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Seattle University
  16. and a master’s degree in Instructional Technology from George Mason University.
  17. I’m great at
  18. wireframing on the train it doesn’t mean I like it
  19. understanding the technical realities of complex projects
  20. integrating delight into experiences
  21. setting things on fire
  22. But don’t just take my word for it
  23. Three things you should know about @jonesabi as a designer: insightful, witty, gracious. Evan Jacobs Founder, IDrankThis.com An incredibly dedicated, thoughtful and knowledgeable person who is great to work with. Dave Saba President, American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence ...yet another person commented about the readability, aesthetics, and user-friendliness of our website. I cannot thank you enough for rescuing us from our old site! Chris Myers Asch Co-Founder, United States Public Service Academy
  24. Right now I’m most interested in
  25. game design
  26. designing for social experiences
  27. and industrial design.
  28. And when I’m not designing I
  29. Run 5ks
  30. volunteer with BayCHI
  31. teach kids how to read
  32. and throw Frito Pie parties.
  33. Want to meet me?
  34. Get in touch abi@jonesabi.com @jonesabi More info linkedin.com/in/jonesabi jonesabi.com/work
  35. Photo Credits: all attributable photos via Flickr Hills Building: thomashawk/12236169 Lady Gaga Ticket: joshpuetz/4541964922 Ferrari 250 GTE/TRC: chakrauk/3987211948 Education Barcode Graffiti: linden23/3105409743 Coal Miners: library_of_congress/2163044835 Gumdrop Prism: judybaxter/2614613280 eLearning Books: catspyjamasnz/2640482391 Turkish Delight: avlxyz/3060374925 Speech Bubble: marcwathieu/2979568085 Knight Rider: _tim/36924593 Post-its: pulguita/2868952310 Sewing Machine: observethebanana/511122386 Race Number: darinhercules/476319142 BayCHI Workshop: nancyf/4480343701 Frito Pie: winemegup/3457119025 Rotary Phone: marblegravy/505623095