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Personal Development - Grade 11 Day 1

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Personal Development - Grade 11 Day 1 - "Knowing Oneself: Understanding Oneself during Middle and Late Adolescence"

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Personal Development - Grade 11 Day 1

  1. 1. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Knowing Oneself: Understanding Oneself During Middle and Late Adolescence
  2. 2. THE PERPETUALITE… believes in the motto, “Character Building is Nation Building”.
  3. 3. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course makes senior high school students aware of the developmental stage that they are in, for them to better understand themselves and the significant people around them as they make important career decisions as adolescents.
  4. 4. CONTENT STANDARD The learners demonstrate an understanding of himself/ herself during, middle, and late adolescence.
  5. 5. PERFORMANCE STANDARD The learners shall be able to conduct self-exploration and simple disclosure.
  6. 6. KNOWLEDGE The learners.. define self-awareness, identity and personality; identify the stages of adolescent development.
  7. 7. SKILLS The learners.. maintain a journal wherein one can develop his/her intrapersonal skills and conduct self-exploration; share their unique characteristics, habits and experiences to others.
  8. 8. ATTITUDES The learners... accept one’s personal strengths and limitations; recognize the importance of self-knowledge as a vital tool for character formation and nation building; realize the value of self-exploration and self-expression; express openness and respect for others.
  9. 9. PREPARED BY: