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Brand equity

  1. Creating Brand Equity 10 Marketing Management A South Asian Perspective, 13 th ed
  2. The Role of Brands Identify the maker Simplify product handling Organize accounting Offer legal protection
  3. The Role of Brands Signify quality Create barriers to entry Serve as a competitive advantage Secure price premium
  4. BAV Key Components Differentiation Degree to which a brand is seen different Energy Brand’s Sense of Momentum Relevance Breadth of brand’s appeal Esteem How well the brand is respected Knowledge How familiar and intimate consumers are Brand Strength Brand Stature
  5. Power Grid Brand Strength Brand Stature Up-coming / Niche Low earning / High Potential Leaders High earning / High Potential Declining Leaders High earning / Low Potential Eroded / Commoditized Seriously Challenged New / Underdeveloped
  6. Figure 10.3 Brand Dynamics Pyramid Presence Relevance Performance Advantage Bonding Strong Relationship Weak Relationship
  7. Aaker Model Brand Identity Extended Identity Elements Brand Essence Core Identity Elements
  8. Figure 10.3 Brand Resonance Pyramid
  9. Drivers of Brand Equity Brand Elements Marketing Activities Meaning Transference
  10. Brand Knowledge Knowledge Thoughts Experiences Beliefs Images Feelings
  11. Brand Elements Elements Slogans Brand names URLs Logos Symbols Characters
  12. Designing Holistic Marketing Activities Personalization Integration Internalization
  13. Figure 10.4 Secondary Sources of Brand Knowledge
  14. Measuring Brand Equity Brand Audits Brand Tracking Brand Valuation
  15. Table 10.2 The 10 Most Valuable Brands $22.13 Mercedes-Benz $27.50 McDonald’s $27.85 Disney $27.94 Toyota $30.13 Nokia $38.32 Intel $48.91 GE $56.20 IBM $56.93 Microsoft $67.00 Coca-Cola 2006 Brand Value (Billions) Brand
  16. Managing Brand Equity Brand Reinforcement Brand Revitalization Brand Crises
  17. Devising a Branding Strategy Develop new brand elements Apply existing brand elements Use a combination of old and new
  18. Brand Naming Individual names Blanket family names Separate family names Corporate name-individual name combo
  19. Brand Roles in a Brand Portfolio Flankers Low-end Entry-level High-end Prestige Cash Cows

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