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Experimenting with mobile technologies in libraries

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Presentation for CoFHE 2011 conference with numerous examples of mobile technologies being used in libraries. All resources available at: http://www.delicious.com/tag/cofhemobapps

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Experimenting with mobile technologies in libraries

  1. 1. Experimenting with mobile technologies in libraries Jo Alcock @joeyanne
  2. 2. Why should you get serious about mobile web? 2011 even moreso!
  3. 3. What skills do m-librarians need? • IT Skills • Personal traits • User focus • Communication • Collaboration • Research and developmentKate Davis and Prof. Helen Partridge at #mlib11
  4. 4. What knowledge does an m-librarian need?• Different mobile devices• Basics of using mobile software• QR codes• Location services• Augmented reality
  5. 5. Mobile technologies in libraries• Library content on mobile devices (books, articles)• Library services from mobile devices (enquiries, statistics, collection management, circulation)• Mobile specific content/ services (location services, QR codes, augmented reality)
  6. 6. Library content on mobile devicesE-books, electronic articles, digitised materials...
  7. 7. Library services from mobile devices Enquiry support, finding resources, circulation, collecting statistics, room booking...
  8. 8. SMS enq uiriesState Library of Ohio
  9. 9. SMS tipsUniversity of Huddersfield Library
  10. 10. Mob cata ile logu eKeele University Library
  11. 11. Rov enq ing uirie sUniversity of Warwick Library
  12. 12. Mob circ ile ulat ionDC Public Library
  13. 13. Loa mob ning ile d evic esCreekview High School Library
  14. 14. Col libra lectin ry s g tatis ticsUniversity of Warwick Library
  15. 15. Col libra lectin ry s g tatis ticsNorth Carolina State Library
  16. 16. Other experiments• Room booking by mobile (incorporating QR code outside room to check availability and book if free)• Paperless online weeding (using iPad in the stacks to colour code stock as "dusty" and withdraw from catalogue if necessary)
  17. 17. Mobile specific content/servicesQR codes, location services, augmented reality
  18. 18. London School of Economics Library
  19. 19. Charles Darwin University Library
  20. 20. The Wallace Center/Rochester Institute of Technology
  21. 21. Staffordshire University Library
  22. 22. University of Huddersfield Library
  23. 23. University of Bedfordshire Library
  24. 24. Delaware District County Library
  25. 25. Aberystwyth University Library
  26. 26. University of Bedfordshire Library
  27. 27. Oak Park Public Library
  28. 28. University of Warwick Library
  29. 29. University of Sheffield
  30. 30. Miami University, Ohio
  31. 31. Great, but... =
  32. 32. Some of this doesnt cost money! • QR codes • Location apps (e.g. Foursquare, SCVNGR) • Barcode scanning apps • Open source software • Some mobile OPACs* • Refworks/EBSCO**free with existing subscriptions
  33. 33. What do we need to do?
  34. 34. What do users want?Charles Darwin University Library
  35. 35. Points to take away• Aim for high impact, low cost• Dont over invest• Utilise free resources • Animoto (video creation) • bit.ly (URL shortener with statistics) • ZBar (barcode reader) • Kaywa (QR code generator)• Be flexible and adaptable to users needs
  36. 36. Resources available:http://www.delicious.com/tag/cofhemobapps