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Evaluation summary ict event 12 march

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Feedback from Scottish CILT event Listen, Speak, Read, Write Web! on 12th March 2011 at Jordanhill Campus, Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

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Evaluation summary ict event 12 march

  1. 1. Evaluation Summary – National ICT event: Listen, Speak, Read, Write Web! Jordanhill Campus, 12 March 2011Number of attendees: 17 Evaluations returned: 171. Where did you hear about this event? Scottish CILT website 4 Other websites or sources: QIO/LA/ML contact 2 Moyra Richardson – Cluster Modern Languages Other websites 1 West Lothian WLC ML Co-ordinator Mailshot 0 School website Scottish CILT news bulletin 4 Colleague Newsletter 2 Email from Network Co-ordinator CPD Find 0 Other 42. What did you learn in these sessions? (a) Session 1: Promoting listening and speaking skills with ICT • Great using Audacity and Cue Prompter and Levelator x 2. • Tools for recording, editing, building up conversation. Linking to a Voki. • I use Audacity a lot myself, but see the potential of using it with pupils, especially in combination with Cue Prompter. Voki will be a superb way for pupils in my classes to make their own blogs much more fun! • How Audacity could be used as an AifL strategy. Great for pupils to record speaking, playback and self-assess and help improve in future speakings, etc. • Great tools for making language lessons more interactive and especially getting pupils to speak more in the FL, without the threat of speaking in front of the whole class. • How to use Audacity properly, how to use Voki as an additional teaching and learning tool. • Ways to promote independent learning. How to make learning, listening and speaking skills fun and easier. • How to use Audacity and Cue Prompter – both seem like excellent resources. Voki also looks very appealing. • Lots!! Audacity, MP3 files, Voki. • Audacity – knew about this but Joe refreshed my knowledge of it. Loved to hear about Cue Prompter and Levelator – have found it really fascinating and got me fired up – great Joe! Voki, wow my kids will love this. • Excellent session! Really looking forward to trying out Voki with my pupils! • Lots! How to use Audacity, Cue Prompter, Levelator and Voki (a bit unsure about Voicethread). • All of these – Audacity, Voki etc were new to me; I will undoubtedly try them out. • Got some great ideas which I intend to use in my classes this week! The software we use will really engage the kids. It was a very enjoyable session and I am looking forward to using the ideas in school. • How to record speaking on computer and manipulate using Audacity. Leading on Languages
  2. 2. • I learned how to use Audacity to promote/develop speaking and how to create a Voki, this was really useful and I think with practice these will be a welcome addition in the MFL class. (b) Session 2: Improving reading and writing using technology • Yes I can see myself using Wordle and Teacher’s pet and Domo Animate. • Carton animation, post it wall collaboration activities (ideal for self assessment), Teacher’s Pet and Word-Cloud. • How to use Wallwisher, Domo Animate and bits on Wordle + Teacher’s Pet x 4. • Domo animate will be a superb way of getting pupils to be more creative with dialogues they are creating; perhaps use for end of module tasks and also give opportunity to learn for Int1/SG role plays. Wall wisher - I think I’ll now use this once a week as homework tasks, rather than my usual ‘exit ticket’ system. Brilliant! • Some great time saving tools (Teacher’s Pet) and ways of involving pupils/parents more in the learning (Wallwisher). • I loved the teacher’s pet tools – a great time saver. • Making cartoons. • Some excellent techniques and websites. • Really good – use of sticky notes for sharing comments online. • Wallwisher – really impressed by this website, looks great and I’m sure the kids will love it. Domo Animate also looks quite fun. • This really was so informative and I’m leaving with lots of fresh ideas. I’m hoping to use Wallwisher right away and think every teacher should be given Teacher’s Pet as a graduation present. • Teacher’s Pet and Domo Animate should be good to use with classes. Wallwisher – should hopefully capture their interest. • Thoroughly enjoyed this – particularly animations.3. What do you think about the mode of delivery and would you like to see more/less of the following? • Workshops - More x 4. - Good being hands on. - Excellent. - Great to be hands on – will hopefully remember it all! - Loved hands on workshop. - These are very good. Working together with others I really learn from. Need hands on too. - Really clear but maybe a bit lost sometimes. - I felt that we were a little rushed and some of the explanation was quite rushed at times. It was hard to follow the explanation and take notes at the same time – perhaps this was just due to a late start. It was all good information though. - Excellent content, sometimes a little fast, but all information is there, so just a case of trying it out. - Good. - Great – enough staff to help, comfortable space. • Networking opportunities - Just right - More x 3. - Good. - Networking is perfect, sharing ideas and knowledge. Leading on Languages
  3. 3. - Very good ideas. - Very nice atmosphere and a chance to chat at lunch and make contacts. - Good to meet others from around the country. • Presentations/talks - More x 4. - Good. - Very clear and informative. - Very good. - Approachable – easy to ask questions. - All = It was all ideal. Great as it was.4. Next Steps In what way will you use what you learned? • Will try Voki with S2-S4 classes. Wordle with S4 to develop reading, that’s a start. • All areas of teacher training. • I will use the Audacity tool to help with speaking preparation. The Wallwisher would be excellent for brainstorming ideas for short essays for the higher course for example. • Homework, writing folios, sharing resources in department. • Definitely going to use Audacity straight away in class. • To support all my Modern Language classes. To share with my DL group and then with whole school. • Will aim to start with Wallwisher and then try to bring in Audacity for speaking practice. • Back to class – will definitely be trying these out. • Hoping to begin with using Wallwisher, Voki and Teacher’s Pet this week and will try to use the rest also. • I will hopefully target one class to begin with and use them as my guinea pigs once I am familiar and confident with the concepts I will spread this fun stuff to other classes. By using the one class to start with, I can also look out any problem areas. • I’ll have to play around at home, but am looking forward to using Audacity and Voki with primary classes. • Showcase to small group/workshop and try out each tool with my class and share on GLOW (hopefully). • Practice at home and then use in class – hopefully! • I will use software in class to enhance lessons. • In my everyday classroom activities. To promote the use of Glow-post homework. Leading on Languages
  4. 4. Any other comments:• Very enjoyable course.• Thank you! Well done!• Excellent catering, excellent practical experience – I’m ready to go! Well worth braving the snow for – many thanks.• I was self funded on this course (a long story!) and was very keen to ‘get my monies worth’, I feel I did. I will try everything here and I’m buzzing with new ideas – Joe’s enthusiasm is infectious – so many new ideas picked up from the others too. This is exactly what I was looking for, and more!!• Some parts were a bit fast for me – I needed more practice! Very worthwhile day. Thanks!• All in all, this was a very informative session and we were introduced to a huge amount of inspiring material. The pace was generally good and it was quite easy to keep up but we could perhaps have had more time for the morning stuff. This was a bit rushed.• Will have to contact Joe about embedding these resources.• Excellent and valuable day. Worth travelling in the snow for!• I really enjoyed today. The fact that it was ‘hands – on’ and done in small bits with a very patient instructor helped greatly. Enjoyable and useful. Thank you!• Really worthwhile! Thank you all!• Venue (ie room) a little big or at least the screen was too small to see all the time – really my only complaint. Otherwise excellent – thanks!• Good course well worth giving up my Saturday for. Great hands on with a very knowledgeable presenter as I am not the most patient person with IT!• I would be interested in learning how to create a blog/wiki for MFL. It would be very helpful to have a day like today with an expert in the room to guide us through the process – a kind of step forward from today. Would also be interested in podcasting. Scottish CILT Room C317, Crawfurd Building Jordanhill Campus University of Strathclyde Tel: 0141 950 3369; Fax: 0141 950 3181 Email: scilt@strath.ac.uk; Website: www.strath.ac.uk/scilt Leading on Languages