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Backups are the BOMB!

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Presentation about the fundamentals of data backups — and a rather dramatic example of why you simply must back up your stuff.

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Backups are the BOMB!

  1. 1. Backups are the BOMB!
 Jochen Wolters @jochenWolters
  2. 2. got backup?
  3. 3. 17 Sep. 2012
 2:40 pm
  4. 4. “… WW II bomb … backyard … store … will call you back!” — Mom
  5. 5. ½ h – 144 h
  6. 6. 100 % all files backed up
  7. 7. 17 Sep. 2012
 11:06 pm
  8. 8. boom.
  9. 9. Photo by Thomas Sartingen. Used with kind permission.
  10. 10. Photo by Thomas Sartingen. Used with kind permission.Photo by Thomas Sartingen. Used with kind permission.
  11. 11. Photo by Thomas Sartingen. Used with kind permission.
  12. 12. Images from Flickr: 111 emergency, Ian Roland, Danny McL, Liam Higgins, turtlemom4bacon, Sebastian Hillig Kids and Pets TheftCatastrophe System Failure PEBMAC Loss one fine day, you will lose data
  13. 13. let’s talk about backups
  14. 14. All of my files are … … regularly copied to … … reliable storage. forgot the balance sheets every once in a while old drive will die in a week All of my files are … … regularly copied to … … reliable storage.
  15. 15. all “backups” are
 not created equal
  16. 16. A RealBackupA Backup
  17. 17. A RealBackupA Real Backup
  18. 18. A Real Backup is an… automatically managed set of redundant copies of your complete data stored in multiple, off-site locations. : complete off-site automatic redundant A Real Backup is
  19. 19. A Real Backup is complete off-site automatic redundant : ■ ■ ■ ■
  20. 20. manual copying automatic • redundant • complete • off-site let the software do the work
  21. 21. single copy automatic • redundant • complete • off-site make multiple copies
  22. 22. hand-picked automatic • redundant • complete • off-site back up everything
  23. 23. single location automatic • redundant • complete • off-site Home $ Bank Office Online Home store data in off-site locations & &&
  24. 24. ! real got backup?
  25. 25. File ArchiveDisk Clone vs.
  26. 26. File ArchiveDisk Clone “mirrors” entire disk copies individual files overwrites
 changed files stores additional copies
 of changed files contains
 one snapshot
 of each file contains
 multiple versions
 of each file
  27. 27. File ArchiveDisk Clone & single snapshot multiple versions
 of entire disk of each file overwrites file history retains file history instant access delayed access fast(er) full restore slow(er) full restore bootable not bootable
 back to work in minutes complete restore may take hours …make great companions.
  28. 28. File ArchiveDisk Clone literally everything all user files hard disk hard disk, server, cloud
 multi-I/O strongly advised multi-I/O nice-to-have
 check partitioning for boot support partitioning scheme irrelevant cable cable, (w-)lan, internet ≥ 1 × source capacity ≥ 2½ × source capacity
 ideally 1½ × source capacity ideally unlimited very fast slow(ish) over network
 use disk seeding for initial backup
  29. 29. File ArchiveDisk Clone Shirt Pocket “SuperDuper!”
  30. 30. File ArchiveDisk Clone Shirt Pocket “SuperDuper!”
  31. 31. File ArchiveDisk Clone Code42 “CrashPlan”
  32. 32. File ArchiveDisk Clone Code42 “CrashPlan”
  33. 33. File ArchiveDisk Clone Code42 “CrashPlan”
  34. 34. planned:
 automatic clone and file archive automatic
 file archive manual clone on portable HD manual clone on desktop HD stored in bank vault (one of two) stored with laptop Jochen’s backup setup
  35. 35. pick a strategy for yourself how valuable is your data? is your data “recreatable?” how much downtime can you afford?
  36. 36. oh, and one more thing…
  37. 37. test your backups!test
  38. 38. Disk Clones → boot computer from clone
 launch some applications
 open some files File Archives → restore some files & apps
 launch restored apps
 open restored files test your backups! ¹ to new locations —
 do not overwrite the originals! ¹

  39. 39. now go forth and 
 back up your stuff! understand the fundamentals choose a strategy and implement it keep an eye on your backup system rotate media off-site test your backups enjoy