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How to give your blog content life beyond your blog

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Wondering how to make your blog content viral? Do you need a marketing and promotions plan for your blog? Learn how you can give your blog content life outside of your blog

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How to give your blog content life beyond your blog

  1. 1. How to Give your Blog Content Life Beyond your Blog. Blog Content and Promotion Tips for Newbie Bloggers By Jolynn Oblak http://www.jolynnoblak.com/blog-content-and- promotions/ Are you a new blogger hoping to get leads and make money with your blog? Do you struggle with knowing how to do this? Having good content is important, which is why its a primary concern for bloggers. This is especially true if you have a goal of marking money with your blog. So the question is, what can you do to have the best odds for your content getting seen across multiple platforms? Here is my list of top blog content and promotions must have’s and must do’s: 1. Know your target market: Do your research on your niche well in advance of starting your blog as you need to align your skills with the needs of your target market. Visit forums, your competition and observe what people are sharing and having problems with. Take a look at my blog post on how to identify your target market needs and pain points to create compelling value propositions and taglines. 2. Have a point: Neil Patel recently posted an article on Entrepreneur.com about the ingredients of a good blog post. One of his tips was to make sure your blog post has a point. Know what your goal is before you start writing and sketch out your plan in an outline. Also, always have a call to action at the end of your blog post that offers value to your reader. You can read more of Neil’s suggestions here. 3. Write compelling, information packed content that your target market is craving: Write compelling, information packed content that your target market is craving I know, it seems easy to say but hard to do for a newbie blogger-but its not impossible and it takes some time and planning. Spend time interacting (email, social media groups) with your target market, you should be asking a very simple question “what are your struggling with in your ______ (business, life, etc.- depending on
  2. 2. your niche) and how can I help you?” You can make this fun too and use your list to get this kind of feedback by creating a survey and contest. You can create a quick survey in surveymonkey and offer them a valuable prize for answering your survey. I do this also for people who unsubscribe from my list-I want to know why they are leaving and what information they expected to get from me that I wasn’t able to supply. Read my blog post here where I give you 7 steps to make your blog content go viral. If you get stuck on ideas for content, check out this blog post at entrepreneur.com where they offer up 5 content pieces you can create in under 5 minutes. I really enjoyed reading a recent copyblogger post on 5 simple ways to open your blog post with a bang. I used one of their suggestions for this blog post. 4. Headlines: Make them catchy, Think about your reader and what they are searching for. Make the title elicit emotions and actions and peek curiosity. The more you do this, the more likely they are to share it within their social networks. For more information on the do’s and don’t of headline creation and to jump-start your creativity visit Sarha Goliger’s post at Hubspot where she shares how to attract more clicks to your blog posts. 5. Pick Stunning Images: A recent study done by BuzzSumo found that the top emotions that viral posts with images invoked were awe, laughter and amusement. Images posts on Facebook and Twitter do twice as well as posts with no images. So ALWAYS put time into finding the right image. Visit my business resources page for image resource creating tools that you can use to do this. BuzzSumo studied over 1000 million social posts and article shares to find out what content gets shared the most and why. Check out the article here to get all their suggestions. 6. Promote! Promote! Promote! Don’t think you work is done once you push the publish button. Now you need to spend about 80% of your effort in promoting your blog post on the internet Rob Salmon at Torchbox recently stated that “content isn’t king, promotion is”, so don’t let your hard work in putting together good content end with less than desirable results! You must spend the time to develop and execute a marketing promotion plan to amplify your content and get it seen by your target market. I have documented my blog marketing and promotion plan and the resources I use. I also added in additional resources and ideas for you to consider when promoting your content. I suggest choosing one day a week where you create content, and then spend the next 2-3 days planning and executing your blog promotion campaign. To download my blog marketing and promotion plan and checklist, click here