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Facing bloggers block? 6 blog post ideas to kickstart your creativity

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Stuck with no ideas for your next blog post? Try these 6 ideas and kickstart your creativity!

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Facing bloggers block? 6 blog post ideas to kickstart your creativity

  1. 1. 845-750-2167  Jolynn@jolynnoblak.com     Privacy Policy Who am I? My Blog My Business Toolbox Facing Bloggers Block? 6 Blog Post Ideas To Kickstart Your Creativity by Jolynn Oblak | Jul 20, 2014 | Blog | 0 Comments We all experience bloggers block from time to time, but don’t let it stop you from giving your subscribers the content they’ve been waiting for. There’s nothing worse than a blogger who fails to post! Here are 6 ideas that’ll help you come up with blog posts worth reading. 1) Use Your Daily Life As Inspiration You might not be writing a personal blog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring personal experience into the posts you write. If you can relate personal experience to the topics you write about, then do so. Sometimes you have to get creative, but your blog posts will be more interesting as a result! 2) Google It! Why not Google the main topic of your blog and see what appears? You don’t want to copy any other blogs, of course, but one idea will often lead to another. Have a read around blogs in your niche – maybe even blogs outside of your niche – and see what they’re writing about. Either use this as inspiration for your own topics or write a direct response to what’s already out there. You can use Google blog search and use keywords to find and bookmark blogs in your niche here. 1 2 3 1 Home Who am I? Work With Jolynn My Blog My Business Toolbox Free Stuff Just for You! How to Contact Us U
  2. 2. 3) Check Your Analytics Checking your stats can leave you with a whole range of blog post ideas. Take a look at the keywords people are typing in to find your site. Chances are that some of the things they’re searching for aren’t on your blog yet. Why not use these keywords as ideas for future blog posts? You’ll also have the added benefit of knowing there’s a future audience for those posts! 4) Test Something And Post Your Results If you’re really stuck for ideas, why not give yourself a challenge and post the results? For example, in the personal development niche this could mean making a gratitude list each day and writing about the effects. Or you could try a new fitness program and write about how you’re dealing with it. In most cases, readers in any niche love to read real life case studies! 5) Use Videos Why not get surfing YouTube and see if there’s an interesting video you can share with your subscribers? Embed the video into a post where you give your own personal comments. This is a super-fast way to come up with content that’s still interesting. 6) Invite Readers To Ask Questions What better way of coming up with content that your readers will enjoy than to invite them to ask questions? Write up a quick post one day asking them what they want to know, then post a follow up a few days later with all the answers. This last method is also an excellent way to connect with your audience. Recommended by Jolynn Oblak Jolynn brings her numerous years of marketing and campaign experience to help other entrepreneurs and home business owners utilize Internet and Marketing Services to drive their products & services to a larger clientele. She shares strategies to successfully engage content and maximize opportunities for lead generation via blogs and social media. 0 Comments JolynnOblak Login Sort by Best Share Start the discussion… Be the first to comment. Subscribe Add Disqus to your site Favorite You might like: Frustrated & ready to learn the secret to lead generation & sales conversions? This is so simple, it just might shock you. - Jolynn Oblak 3 Blog Publishing Models That Will Boost Your Credibility: Establish your Blog Publishing Model Learn This 1 Easy Way To Promote Your Content & Gain Social Proof - Jolynn Oblak Jolynn Oblak- Practical tools and tips for home business owners for lead generation Disclosure In the spirit of full disclosure some of the links on this website may be affiliate links, which means we may Looking for PLR Content For Your Blog? Special Report Club Home Page Search Privacy Policy Who am I? 1 2 3 1
  3. 3. receive compensation from some of the products on our website as their thank you for sending you their way. However, we never recommend any product solely for the reason of receiving commissions. Connect with me here My Blog My Business Toolbox Copyright © 2014 | JolynnOblak - All rights reserved.    