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Web Apps: The Collision Of Design And Business

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© 2008 User Interface Engineering
From the UIE Web App Summit: http://webappsummit.com
Who has the best practices for web app design and what do they do to make world-class applications? Jared will share the latest research in the techniques and methodologies that can make a huge difference.
Thousands of sites have the same web app: the e-commerce checkout process. They all do essentially the same thing: exchange the site's products for the customer's money, simultaneously arranging for delivery and payment. Yet, every single one is different and despite their prevalence, frequently hard to use and frustrating. Why is this?
Creating easy-to-use and delightful applications, such as checkout, while meeting the needs of the organization is one of the most difficult challenges designers face. While many sites struggle, some design teams have learned how to do this especially well.
To open the UIE Web App Summit, Jared will share UIE's latest research on designing successful web-based applications. He'll describe the techniques and methodologies used by the best designers and the common traps they've learned to avoid.

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Web Apps: The Collision Of Design And Business

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