smart antennas microwave photonics microwave engineering rf mems and micro-systems digital beam forming microwave absorbers mimo components wideband and multiband antennas emi/emc rf nanotechnology microwave and millimetre wave systems electromagnetic interferences antenna transmitter components optical/fiber techniques antenna modelling and measurements cognitive and adaptive radio power added efficiency third order intermodulation intermodulation feed forward power amplifier reconfigurable filter carbon nanotubes nanocomposites microwave fractal ultra wideband (uwb) electromagnetics electrical signal generation radio microwave photonics mimo components 2d/3d printed rf and microwave components antenna modelling rfid technologies signal generation and modulation circuits defect detection and swept frequency nde technique near-field reflection method microwave nde sar raw data simulation. digital radio frequency memory deceptive jamming synthetic aperture radar uwb monopole semiconductor wireless microstrip antenna wlan x-band gunn oscillators microwaves notch filter modified u-slot band notch l-shaped ground plane varacter diode tunable filter defected microstripstructure ultra wideband (uwb) antenna perturbations in structure slotted ground structure ultra-wide band bandpass filters coupled line filters sfmr and hurricane tracking remote sensing airborne instrument passive microwave radiometer mic hdl operating frequency gpus floating point vector network analyzer sislr multiple-mode resonator (mmr) bandpass filter (bpf) active device slot antenna ultrawideband(uwb) voltange engineering microelectronics electronics patch antenna electronics and communication ferroelectric radiowave micro refractivity gradient refractivity relative humidity temperature 2d rf mems microwave device modelling signal generation a . frequency channel modelling and propagation wireless and cellular architectures rf and microwave phased array bond quality inspection classi boifot polarisation isolation c band compact orthomode transducer • microwave device modelling • micro-machined transmission lines and waveguides system simulation. microstip low-if multi-standard zero-if dual mode resonators passive components (filters transitions couplers etc) microwave and millimetre wave systems thz com laser scattering wafer defect gaussian beam hfss circular polarization slit. antenna. fr4 square ring x band parametric study. multiple-mode resonator (mmr ) stepped impedance stub load resonator (sislr) bandpass filter (bpf) vector network analyzer (vna) . active device. lockband ultrawideband (uwb) slot antenna.
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