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How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

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How much does it cost to build a mobile app? That's probably the most asked question for mobile app developers. This presentation give insight into mobile app development process and how business people/clients can get better answers by providing more information when asking for app development cost estimates.

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How much does it cost to build a mobile app?

  1. 1. How much does it cost to build a mobile app? 28.01.2015 @jki
  2. 2. contract work …! Jurģis Ķiršakmens! Mobile apps and experiences Small mobile apps team - native iOS/Android apps (& consulting) 2 developers + designer + extra people depending on project 28.01.2015 @jki
  3. 3. I have an app idea. How much it would be to build this app? 28.01.2015 @jki
  4. 4. Somewhere between €3000 and € 300 000? 28.01.2015 @jki
  5. 5. 28.01.2015 @jki
  6. 6. Design Idea Prototype Develop Launch Support Process of app development 28.01.2015 @jki
  7. 7. Let’s make a simple app! Awesome.app 28.01.2015 @jki
  8. 8. Strategy / Definition App goals and audience Explore competition What is a MVP (V1)? Platforms / devices / OS versions Legal stuff Discussion / communication 28.01.2015 @jki
  9. 9. Concept design / Prototype Main features / functionality Main user flows / navigation Basic wireframes / prototype User testing? Tools/technologies Discussion & communication 28.01.2015 @jki
  10. 10. Visual Design Better prototype with visual language Copywriting Layout(s) Colors / fonts / design elements App icon(s) User testing? Discussion & communication 28.01.2015 @jki
  11. 11. Development Environment Data model / Business logic Navigation / Screens / Transitions / UX Detailed design assets Unit tests / App testing / QA User testing! Beta versions / distribution? Discussion & communication 28.01.2015 @jki
  12. 12. Publishing/Launch Developer account / profile / keys Name/Title/Description/Keywords Screenshots/Video previews App website/Marketing/Press (Waiting for review & Resubmitting) Launch 28.01.2015 @jki
  13. 13. Support App crashes - now what? User feedback handling Framework/OS changes 28.01.2015 @jki
  14. 14. Did we included?! Analytics integration Synchronization / web API Backup & recovery Crash logging Mobile ads library In-app purchasing Piracy protection 28.01.2015 @jki
  15. 15. I have an app idea. How much days do you think it takes to build this app? Better question 28.01.2015 @jki
  16. 16. Math! Cost (estimated)
 days (estimated) * daily rate ! Days (estimated)
 qualified guess based on assumptions ! Difference in estimates
 daily rate * difference in assumptions 28.01.2015 @jki
  17. 17. I already have app design mockup. How much days do you think it takes to build this app? 28.01.2015 @jki Even better question
  18. 18. Congratulations! ! but…design mockup is not prototype Is it complete? Have you tested your design? Devices / Screens / OS versions? Platform UI conventions? etc. (see Concept/Prototype) 28.01.2015 @jki
  19. 19. One size does not fit all iPhone4 iPhone5 iPhone6 iPhone6+28.01.2015 @jki
  20. 20. Improve your design ! Apple WWDC 2014 : Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It https://developer.apple.com/videos/wwdc/2014/#223 ! Build prototype: https://popapp.in https://protosketch.uistencils.com http://www.invisionapp.com https://www.marvelapp.com https://mockingbot.com and many others ! Test! 28.01.2015 @jki
  21. 21. So… Be ready to invest your time. The better you want the app to be, the more time you should expect to invest yourself ! Strategy/Definition + Concept/Prototype is required to get accurate estimates ! If you want Concept/Prototype to be done for you 
 (with plan & estimates & assumptions & valuable input) - 
 pay for it 28.01.2015 @jki
  22. 22. Hire experience Hire student/learnerHire cheap (Elance?) 28.01.2015 @jki
  23. 23. Thanks, that’s it! Jurģis Ķiršakmens! Mobile apps and experiences Twitter @jki (or @xjki) http://jki.lv Questions / Discussion
  24. 24. I have got a really good idea for an app I wanna get made and I am will to give you 30% of what we make from the app 28.01.2015 @jki
  25. 25. 28.01.2015 @jki