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Rady Childresn Hospital Auxiliary Social media strategy proposal

  1. Social Media Strategy Onur Baspinar Nancy Flanagan Blumenfeld Jennifer Juckett Alan Melgarejo May Nakamura Barbara Zubillaga March 2010
  2. Technographics
  3. Objectives
  4. Technologies
  5. Facebook – Add a Fan Page
  6. Success Stories
  7. This Page is a resource for non-profits and other organizations for social good. Facebook built it to help you harness the power of Facebook and bring positive change to the world. USE IT!
  8. Measure Engagement - Insights
  10. Welcome to Stay Classy
  11. Develop your Social Media Identity
  12. Online awareness - Offline events
  13. Positioning and simplicity make it an ideal choice
  14. So, how cheap is StayClassy?
  15. Blog
  16. Blog with a purpose…
  17. YouTube
  18. Create a YouTube channel for the Hospital, the Foundation and the Auxiliary and post and tag all videos
  19. Flickr
  20. Promote your Social Connections
  21. Summary
  22. Recommended
  23. Not recommended

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  1. Outreach and Info sharing Current and Potential supporters and donors Pages are indexed by Google (Groups are not) Open to more people Less like a private club More opportunity for awareness
  2. The largest cause on Facebook is the Race to End Cancer.  The cause was started by Michelle Miles, a 19-year old girl from Arkansas who wanted to help her local children’s hospital.  Michelle started the cause by inviting her Facebook friends, who invited their friends, and so on and the cause has now grown to over 5.9 million members.  The community has donated over $60,000 to the cause’s nonprofit beneficiary, the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. A small nonprofit with just 3% overhead and an all-volunteer staff, Love Without Boundaries provides medical care to orphans in China in hopes of readying them for adoption.  In 2008, the organization out-competed a number of larger, better-funded non-profits to win the Causes Giving Challenge.  Over the course of the 50-day challenge, the organization raised $144,898 from 4,115 donors.  Its staff, many of whom signed up for Facebook in order to join the challenge, used the organization’s incredible stories and touching photos to bring in thousands of new donors and reach tens of thousands of Facebook users who had never before heard of their small non-profit.  Love Without Boundaries used every dollar of the $50,000 prize for heart surgeries that saved 10 babies’ lives.
  3. Resources!
  4. Create a new cause and have it support your campaign Invite your friends to support the cause Tell your cause with photos and video Use your cause to get media coverage Involve friends and supporters – the Cause app puts a donation / fundraising score card on the persons page Promote awareness about Fundraising events and invite people
  5. Insights tool will measure: Total consumption Wall Posts Likes Discussion Posts Comments Locale Breakdown Demographic Info With the new Insights tool you can track total interactions on your page including media consumption and interactions per post, as well as the number of fans who have hidden you from their stream. The total interactions metric captures all of the feedback Pages receive from Facebook users. This number measures the aggregate count of Wall posts, Likes, Discussion posts and comments on any content such as photos, videos, notes or links in the past 7 days. The goal of the metric is to provide an updated snapshot into how fans are engaging with your Page’s content. Also useful, the locale breakdown and demographic information offers you access to detailed data about your fan base in an effective way that isn’t available on any other site. One of the most important new metrics to pay attention to is your post quality score. That score measures how engaging your posts have been to users in the last 7 days. Posts that generate a high number of interactions (such as comments or Likes) per fan will improve the post quality score. Posts that do not draw interactions from fans will lower the post quality score. By understanding your activity and performance, fan response, trends and comparisons, you are better equipped to improve your presence on Facebook and elsewhere. Overall, these new metrics should help you understand what is resonating with your audience. You can access the Insights Portal for you page by clicking on the ‘View Insights’ link beneath your profile picture.
  6. In the nonprofit world, a healthy pipeline is critical to success. young members are key to the vitality and future an organization $200,000 in direct donations NICHE Award growth new want your success
  7. msn facebook
  8. Similar organization
  9. Top contributers,,,find energizers
  10. Biggest event- Charity Jam started as pub crawl